About Alexander and DAYTRADINGz.com

Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Alexander Voigt. I am the founder of DAYTRADINGz.com

​In 1999 I started my career in the financial business. Looking back this was the only logical consequence based on my previous experiences. The excitement about money has accompanied me since my childhood and is present until today.

At the beginning I started trading the financial markets next to my job in financial services.

At this time the Online Brokerage Business was at its very beginning.

Therefore, back then I placed my first buy and sell orders in person inside a bank while talking to banker.

Alexander - Daytradingz.com

After the order was placed it took some minutes before the order was confirmed.  A few days later I received the transaction statements printout via regular postal service.

Sounds strange?

Yes, it was if you compare it to today's situation. Meanwhile, trading online within a fraction of a second has become standard.

​Financial Markets and Information Technology

The financial markets still fascinate me in the same way as they did on my first trading days.

I also enjoy being always up to date concerning developments in Information Technology.

This combination enabled me to early automate my trading processes. At the beginning I extensively worked with MS-Excel, analyzing historical price developments and trying to predict the future.

Well, no one can predict the future. But I was able to put me in a comfortable situation with the right mind set.

I was realistic enough to switch from trying to predict the future to optimizing my trading processes.

This was the time I started to work with NinjaTrader trading software. I wrote my own lines of code, created semi- and full automated trading strategies and really enjoyed auto execution of my trades.

Buying and selling stocks without the stress of manually executing the trade itself is by far the best thing day traders can experience. No mistakes based on a bad mindset, no mistakes due to fat finger keystrokes.

Just managing the trades while trading semi-automatic or even lean back and let the computer do all the work. What a great feeling.

And then, I went out of ideas of what strategies I could code. Candlesticks - ok. Trading patterns - done. What’s next?

This was the time I heard about Trade-Ideas.com and their product Trade Ideas Pro the first time. ​

​With Trade Ideas Pro there were no limits in generating ideas anymore. 

​Best of all, Trade-Ideas have so called "Trade Ideas custom formulas" where I can create my own scans with simple formulas.

It is more MS-Excel style than C#.

I already wrote more than 100 custom formulas, for simple stock scans, layouts and list functionalities up to the unique real-time candlestick scanner.

It is obvious, that I really like this trading software. I know that there are other people writing about Trade-Ideas but it is hard to find someone else with almost 10 years Trade-Ideas background outside the Trade-Ideas company itself 😉

I think my Trade Ideas Review is the most detailed and honest review you will find throughout the web.

The website DAYTRADINGz.com

Parallel to my career in the financial business I started blogging and discovered that I enjoy creating websites, too.

Thus, DAYTRADINGz.com is the unification of all things I wrote about.


Here you will find valuable information about trading and financial topics in general. 

You find online brokerage reviews, trading educator reviews and trading tool reviews.

All of them are written from a beginners perspective instead of using pure technical jargon.

I think this gives you the highest added value and makes it comprehensible.