Ally Invest Review 2018 (5 Important Things You Need to Know)

Have you come across Ally Invest?  Would you like to know more about Ally Invest and the services this platform might offer you? We have compiled the most important things you need to know.

Ally Invest is a web based online broker offering a streaming HTML 5 platform. Access is possible for users of all levels – from beginners to professional traders, and everyone in between.

You have a choice of many different managed and self-directed investment products for day trading. You can use the platform and your account with your computer, your laptop and with all kinds of mobile devices, among them tablet apps for iPhone and Android.

This gives you access to your portfolio and account everywhere, any time - to manage your account and to execute your trades ideas across the devices of your choice.

Using highly advance charting tools and calculators Ally Invest promises to improve your trade ideas and give you more opportunities to take better advantage of your investments.

We have checked the platform to find out how the promise translates into reality.



​What does the website of Ally Invest look like – and is it user-friendly?

At a first glance the platform of Ally Invest looks appealing and convincing, thanks to  a clear structure, user-friendly navigation and uncomplicated access to the information you are looking for. The important information is easily found. It seems transparency is a big plus on this platform.

ally - invest with us

ally - invest with us


The user-friendly structure of the platform might be the result of long experience in the business. After all, Ally has been around for almost 100 years. The company presents itself as being completely focused on their customers and their individual needs. Therefore they constantly update their services to provide a smooth user experience.

Customer Service

Their customer service has been awarded prices and distinguishes Ally Invest from others in the same market. The promise that experienced brokers will be available to answer all of the investors' questions on a 24/7 base is one of the impressive pros of the platform.

Risk Awareness

Another issue in favor of Ally Invest is that they give all investors the advice only to start trading after reading the brochure “Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options” available for download directly on the website. It is stated quite clearly that options investors may lose their complete investment.

Of course this should be clear, but few companies bother to spell it out in advance like this.


Aside of the caution interested users are invited to check out Ally Invest's background at the FINRA's Broker Check.

Thus the first impression is an overall positive one. The next step shall be to see what kinds of services Ally Invest is offering and what these services cost.

​Ally Invest – Products, costs and tools

To start with another advantage, Ally Invest offers some free education to help traders improve on their skills. The platform gives free access to a collection of articles about market trends and investment strategies that many will find helpful.
The tools that Ally Invest offers seem to include everything you need for well informed trading decisions:

Streaming Charts:  ​Ally Invest provides six different kinds of charts including mountain, bar, candlestick and line for more than 90 different kinds of chart studies and drawing tools to analyze the stocks' performance, for example the performance of stocks, indices and ETFs.

 Users may adjust the settings to their personal preferences and use interactive charts for studies and prices.

Profit / Loss Calculator: ​A helpful tool be completely aware of the realistic profit and loss potential of an option trade before it is placed. It shows how the result may change because of fluctuations in time and volatility.

Market and Company Snapshots: A tool to show what is going on in the market, especially regarding securities. It contains market news and stats, detailed metrics and detailed insight into companies worth watching.

Probability Calculator: Helpful for using the implied volatility to see the probability of reaching a target, to use before placing an order.

Option Chains: ​Highly advanced option chains make it easier to execute trades including complex multi-leg spreads.

Watch-Lists: ​Watch-lists to follow the market data and the tabs on certain groups of securities.

Market Data: ​All kinds of data of the company of choice, llike charts, quotes, dividend data, low and high prices, news, overall options summaries, peer performance comparisons, historical quotes and more.

​With all of these, Ally Invest promises to provide do-it-yourself investors with the best tools and market research to enable them to make their own decisions – well informed decisions with a high possibility to be successful.

As for services and costs, there are two main groups of products that Ally Invest offers.

The first group of services is called Self-Directed Trading and is meant for hands-on investors.

Ally Invest presents this service with the statement that their trading fees are among the lowest in the market and that there will be no hidden fees and no account opening minimum.

The service includes unlimited access to the highly advanced tools mentioned above - for a detailed analysis of the market and for in-depth research that support all kinds of investment strategies a trader may choose.

For do-it-yourself investors, this service contains a big variety of products for the following investments:

  • ​Stocks
  • ​Options
  • ​Bonds
  • check-square-o
  • ​Mutual Funds
  • ​Futures
  • ​Forex

​Whoever is interested to try this impressive range of possibilities the prices are the following:

Standard Pricing

  • ​for stock and ETF trades: $ 4.95
  • ​for option trades: $ 0.65 per contract plus $ 4.95 base

Volume / Balance Pricing

  • ​with the average of a daily balance of $ 100,000 and 30 trades per quarter or more
  • ​for stock and ETF trades: $ 3.95
  • ​for option trades: $ 0.50 per contract plus $ 3.95 base

​The second group of services is the so-called Ally Invest Managed Portfolio – these are automated investments managed in a professional way.

ally - automated investing

ally - automated investing

This offers automated investments that are managed in a professional way.

​Within these services Ally Invest recommends and manages a professionally created portfolio that is adjusted to the investor’s individual goals, personal risk tolerance and time limits.

In this case, the technological tools of Ally Invest will monitor and re-balance the account automatically.

ally - managed portfolio

ally - managed portfolio

Ally Managed Portfolios

​The Managed Portfolios can be tried with a minimum investment of $ 2,500.
Ally Invest promises low costs compared with other offers and diversified exchange-trades funds (ETFs).

The price models for these services are:

Annual Advisory Fee:​ 0.30 % for all balances

Estimate Your Monthly Fee: with an account balance of $ 50,000 this costs $ 12.50 per month

Pricing is quite transparent. For any further questions, Ally Invest invites you to call the customer service on 24/7 and/or consult the detailed FAQ section.

Several awards are cited to prove the performance of Ally Invest:

  • ​Best in Class “Commissions & Fees” by in 2016
  • ​4 Stars-Rating by Barron's from 2007 – 2016
  • ​Best in Class “Offerings & Investments” by in 2016
  • check-square-o
    Customer Service – Award by in 2015

SIPC Account Protection

Another point in favor that none of the other providers seem to offer is the account protection at Ally Invest.

​As a member of the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation), Ally Invest guarantees that customer claims up to $ 500,000, including a maximum value of $ 250,000 for cash claims, are covered.

This is possible because the SIPC protects your funds should Ally Invest fail. Please not that this does not cover possible losses due to the investor’s strategy!

The platform provides a direct link leading to detailed information about the SIPC protection.

In addition to this, Ally Invest has a coverage of up to $ 37.5 million that includes up to $ 900,000 in cash with an aggregate cap of $ 150 million. And even though this should be clear, Ally Invest adds the information that this protection does not cover futures and forex trading.

​Ally Invest – A personal summary

The user friendly look of this well-structured platform gives a very favorable impression. The website provides all relevant basic information an investor might look for to find out if the service would fit his or her needs. For further questions there is a FAQ section and a 24/7 customer service.

Another plus is the compatibility with all kinds of end devices, especially mobiles.

The choice of different services is another advantage, as the investor gets to choose to handle the portfolio by himself or let Ally Invest take care of it.

Not to forget that the fact that this investment company exists for about 100 years, provides account protection and is very straightforward about reminding traders of the risks.

An excellent overall impression. To sum it up once again:

  • ​a well structured, user friendly platform
  • ​Ally being in the business for about 100 years, with a lot of experience and          with satisfied customers
  • ​the 24/7-customer service
  • full access with all kinds of mobile devices
  • free material for education
  • ​information about possible risks
  • account protection
  • ​website navigation is a bit tricky

​If you have read to the end, chances are your interested has been roused. If you are willing to give it a try, check it out for yourself: