Asia Forex Mentor Review

Asia Forex Mentor by Ezekiel Chew offers first-class forex trading education and webinars.

Alexander Voigt

By Alexander Voigt | Updated September 29, 2023

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The review guides you through Ezekiel Chew’s best forex trading course. See the Asia Forex Mentor Academy One Core Program and Golden Eye Group from a user’s perspective.

What Is Asia Forex Mentor?

Asia Forex Mentor was founded by Ezekiel Chew in 2008, with its headquarters in Singapore. His project started slowly, and Ezekiel taught some close friends how he trades forex.

The small group grew into a little community to fine-tune the teaching style and trading methods. At some point, the project grew so fast that he even started physical live classes. Finally, trading institutions and banks asked him to coach their team.

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asia forex mentor review

Asia Forex Mentor Trading Course Structure

Today, Ezekiel Chew wrapped all the educational content into one product called the AFM Proprietary One Core Program.

AFP One Core Program Details

The One Core program is an online training program where Ezekiel Chew teaches retail traders how to trade the forex market. It includes trade management methods, chart reading, and trading skills improvements he uses.

More features:

  • Trading strategy development
  • Risk reward ratio components

The course helps forex traders gain profound trading knowledge. It enables students to define a trading system, interpret the forex market correctly, and steadily grow the account.

The Asia Forex Mentor trading program currently consists of 26 chapters. It belongs to the forex trading courses that can be used as a home study program.

The content is all available online at At the same time, the website blog is hosted under

asia forex mentor trading course

Here is the entire training program curriculum:

  1. Intro
  2. MT4 Setup
  3. Forex and MT4 Basics
  4. Price Action
  5. Entries, Stoploss and Exits
  6. Business Behind Trading
  7. Chart Reading
  8. Strategies Overview
  9. Strategies – Buying at the Lows | Retracement
  10. Strategies – Buying at Highs | Breakout
  11. Strategies – Reversals
  12. Strategies – Price Action Patterns
  13. Strategies – Top Down Approach
  14. Road to Millions Formula
  15. Trade Management Methods
  16. Correlated Pairs
  17. Fundamental Analysis
  18. Advance Methods
  19. Spread
  20. AFM Proprietary Point Calculation System
  21. Lifestyle Trading
  22. Proprietary Trading Plan (100 Trades Blueprint)
  23. Trading Psychology
  24. 1 Full Year of “Live Trading”
  25. Tracking (20 Trades Set)
  26. Plan Forward – Roadmap to Success


A forex trading program should start with an introduction. So does the Core Program with a 12-minute intro video. Here, Ezekiel Chew explains what students can expect in the various chapters of the forex course.

Let me tell you more about the content within the respective trading course chapters.

Price Action

The price action videos focus on a couple of important candlesticks and their meaning. Asia Forex Mentor students learn how to interpret them correctly. You see Ezekiel Chew in the videos. He starts by visualizing the candlestick formations and then shows you the setups by using the trading platform.

Entries, Stoploss, Exits

In this trade management section, Ezekiel explains how he handles the entries, stop losses and exits in his trading. The videos have a total length of about 1 hour. This is an important section for Asia Forex Mentor students.

Business Behind Trading

The content of this forex trading course chapter is not about starting a trading business. Instead, it concerns risk-reward ratios and more trade management principles (e.g., lot size calculation).

The intention is to teach you, as an aspiring forex trader in the One Core Program, to treat forex trading like running a business.

You always have to define the risk for any move you make.

The forex industry is full of promises on how much money you can make, but the point is that everything is relative, and potential gains are only one side. Thus, forex traders have to protect their assets, and proper trade management helps to succeed.

Chart Reading

The One Core Program chart reading course is comprehensive and consists of 9 videos. Ezekiel covers everything from:

  • Fibonacci tools
  • Elliot Wave theories
  • Trendlines
  • Exponential moving averages
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Stochastic
  • MACD

He also talks about the meaning of higher highs and lower lows and the support and importance of resistance levels.

Trading Strategies

The trading strategies part of the trading course is the most complex one, and the chapters are separated into:

  1. Retracements
  2. Breakouts
  3. Reversals
  4. Trading Patterns

Each video is about 15-20 minutes long. In most parts of the trading course, Ezekiel starts with a white paper. From here, he builds up the idea of each strategy step by step, explaining the theory of all strategies.

After that, he switches to an actual chart within his trading platform. This way, he ensures the correct transition from the theory to finding those patterns on a chart.

There is also a strategy introduction video on how the market moves and two other videos about price action bars and rejection areas.

Asia Forex Mentor Road to Millions Formula

In this section, Ezekiel explains his philosophy: “When I win, I win big, and when I lose, I lose small,” and defines free trade.

Trade Management Methods

This section of the One Core Program explains the set-and-forget concept and a proprietary automotive stop-loss tool. It also goes a bit more in detail about the free trade concept and explains the differences between big and small stop loss levels.

Fundamental Analysis and Advanced Methods

In the following chapters, Ezekiel helps traders understand fundamental analysis. He also provides insights on how to increase the win rate and explains divergence concepts and the meaning of a spread.

Asia Forex Mentor Proprietary Point Calculation System

Ezekiel explains the point system calculation method. Also, he presents the 7-point checklist for entries and the 6-point checklist for stop loss levels.

Trading Psychology, Live Trading, and the Roadmap to Success

The final chapters of the forex course cover trading psychology and the benefits of bar-by-bar backtesting. Ezekiel also lines out some ideas regarding trading journals. He closes the course with his interpretation of the roadmap to success in trading the forex market.

Asia Forex Mentor Golden Eye Group

The Asia Forex Mentor Golden Eye Group is a weekly video series. Here, Ezekiel talks every Sunday about his market interpretation and expectations for the next week. As a subscriber, you’ll receive an email once a new video is online, and you have access to the entire archive with all videos back to May 2018.

Asia Forex Mentor Course Costs

The Asia Forex Mentor One Core Proprietary Program costs $997 upfront. Signing up for weekly video services is also possible, which costs $118 per month.

Special Offer: Right now, you can either take a $57 discount or subscribe for a 7 day free trial where you pay the full price of $997 after the trial.

Asia Forex Mentor Summary

Asia Forex Mentor is a helpful forex trading course and a superior choice for beginners. The course structure is optimal, and Asia Forex Mentor has a solid reputation in Asia.

Benzinga nominated the Asia Forex Mentor One Core Program as the best forex trading course. In addition, Investopedia featured it as the best comprehensive course offering. The program can be tested for 7 days, or a discount of about 5% is provided here if you pay immediately.


  • Educational videos covering all essential aspects of forex trading
  • Good combination of theory and trading platform visualization within the videos
  • The course can be tested for 7 days by students


  • The trading psychology section is a bit short
  • Only one forex course available

Who Is Asia Forex Mentor Best For?

Asia Forex Mentor is best for forex traders in Asia looking to improve their trading careers by learning all basic concepts. The duration of all educational videos is about 19 hours, so it is realistic to go through the course within 1 week.

Is forex trading profitable?

Yes. Forex trading is profitable, but it has to be done right. A trading course helps to understand the essential aspects of risk management better.

Who is Ezekiel Chew?

Ezekiel Chew founded Asia Forex Mentor and teaches his students how to interpret and trade forex markets.

Is Asia Forex Mentor legit?

Asia Forex Mentor is a legit business and has existed since 2008. Ezekiel says that the One Core Program is the same system he trained the banks and used to make six figures per trade.

How can I find a good forex mentor?

A good forex mentor teaches you easy-to-understand methods and good visualization skills. Ignoring marketing aspects is crucial; instead, traders should listen to gut feelings.



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