Alexander Voigt, CEO

Alexander Voigt

Founder, CEO, Lead Writer, Day Trader & Investor


Alexander Voigt has over 20 years of experience analyzing and trading the financial markets. He wrote for Benzinga and and has been quoted on leading financial websites such as Business, and Forbes.


​In 1999, Alexander Voigt started his career in the financial business. The excitement about finance has accompanied him since childhood and is present until today.

When he started day trading, he had to call his broker by phone to place buy and sell orders, while today, trading in real-time by using an online broker has become common.

The involvements in trading technologies are fascinating. Alexander continuously tests new trading platforms and services to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and shares his experiences with traders and investors.

Alexander's areas of expertise are day trading, swing trading, and investing in stocks, options and futures.


Alexander has a degree in the commercial sector and is continuously learning by reviewing the best trading-related products and services. He also actively participates in financial markets, which are one of the strictest educators one can think of.

Alexander enjoys sharing his experiences, knowledge and review- findings by writing insightful articles about day trading-related topics.