Benzinga Pro Discount, Promo & Coupon Code (65% Off)

If you are ready to sign up for Benzinga Pro at a discounted price by using a Benzinga Pro Coupon, this collection of the best promo codes, best coupons and discounts for Benzinga Pro is for you.

Benzinga Pro is a powerful tool for investors, swing traders and active day traders relying on real-time news, fundamental data, SEC filings and technical analysis.

Benzinga Pro Coupons, Discounts, Promo Codes
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Benzinga Pro

Best Benzinga Pro Coupon

Benzinga offers various sales throughout the year. Below you find a table with the best working promo codes applied to each link that automatically reduces the price by 30% on all monthly, quarterly and annual plans.

I test the discounts frequently and update the list based on the latest promotions.

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Benzinga Pro Coupon Codes: Monthly Plans
Subscription Type Monthly Discount
Benzinga Pro Essential Plan 30% Off Coupon (before $197.00 | now $137.90)
Benzinga Pro Options Mentorship 30% Off Coupon (before $457 | now $319.90)
Benzinga Pro Coupon Codes: Annual Plans
Subscription Type Annual Discount
Benzinga Pro Essential Plan 30% Off Coupon (before $1,998 | now $1,397.90)
Benzinga Pro Options Mentorship 30% Off Coupon (before $4,572 | now $3,199)
Benzinga Pro Free Trial + Discount Combi Offer
Subscription Type Annual Discount
Free Trial & Discount 14-Day Free Trial (exclusive discount offer from Benzinga during the free trial period included.)

Important: The links go directly to the Benzinga website. At the top, you will see the regular pricing, where you select your billing period. The discount is applied automatically, and you will see the discounted price at the bottom of the page in the “Your Order” section. There you find the regular price, billing period, discount and reduced price before purchasing.

Below you find a detailed description of all the discounts, coupons and promo codes.

Benzinga Pro Coupon Codes

All-Year Lifetime Deal

Here is the best lifetime deal with a discount of 35% Off for any Benzinga Pro subscription available at any time without coupon code expiration for all readers. The Benzinga Pro coupon works on the memberships Basic, Essential and even for the Benzinga Options Mentorship subscription on all subscription durations. That means that you can use this Benzinga Pro coupon for just every Benzinga Pro subscription type and contract duration, and even the recurring payments will be discounted.

The Basic plan is okay to test Benzinga Pro with delayed data, but the Essentials plan provides most traders and investors with the best value. At the same time, the Options Mentorship includes full access to extensive education and learning materials, plus guidance from Nic Chahine.

Status: Coupon ACTIVE

Payments and Discounts BZ Pro Basic
Benzinga Pro Basic Plan
Benzinga Pro Essential Plan 30% Off
Benzinga Pro Options Plan 30% Off

How the Benzinga Coupon Code Works

Now, let’s talk about how the Benzinga Pro coupon works.

  1. Within each table, all possible combinations of each Benzinga Pro plan discounts are listed.
  2. Decide what plan and billing cycle you want to use
  3. Click on the link of your favorite subscription to apply the discount automatically
  4. Provide the information needed for the signup
  5. Enter your payment details and finalize the signup process

Benzinga Discount Codes Valid for The First Subscription Period (month, quarter, year)

Above, we’ve summarized the highest discounts for each subscription type and the promotion that runs all year long with a 30% lifetime discount. Below you find offers that come in during the year and are sometimes only valid for a couple of days and valid for the first month, quarter or year.

Benzinga Pro Happy Fall Sale 50% Off on Essentials and Options Mentorship

New subscribers to Benzinga Pro Essential Plan and the Benzinga Pro Options Mentorship (includes Benzinga Pro access) get a discount of 50% off.

Click on your preferred subscription below to automatically apply the Benzinga Pro 50% coupon:


Payments and Discounts BZ Pro Basic
Benzinga Pro Essential Plan 50% Off
Benzinga Pro Options Plan 50% Off

Benzinga Pro 50% Off Basic Plan

The Benzinga Basic subscription is an entry-level subscription and includes access to the stock screener, newsfeed, chat and the calendar suite. It usually costs $99 per month, $297 per quarter, or $948 per year, but with the 50% Benzinga Pro promo code, you can reduce the price by up to $474 in the first year. Remember that the Benzinga Pro 50% off code is only valid for the first payment circle. Once the first month, quarter or year is over, you pay the price that’s valid then. However, the chances are that you may receive a discount offer again.


Payments and Discounts BZ Pro Basic
Benzinga Pro Basic Plan 50% Off

Benzinga Pro 40% Off Discount

In June, Benzinga ran a promotion with a 40% discount, and the discount still works. It is valid for the Benzinga Essentials and the Benzinga Options Mentorship subscription and reduces the price for the first subscription period. However, this is not a permanent discount, so your subscription will renew for the official list price once the first payment circle ends.

Status: Discount EXPIRED

Payments and Discounts BZ Pro Basic
Benzinga Pro Essential Plan 40% Off
Benzinga Pro Options Plan 40% Off

Benzinga August Promotion: 35% Off

Officially until the end of August 2021, but maybe even a bit longer, new subscribers get a 35% discount on all Essentials and Options Mentorship plans with Nic Chahine. The 35% off August promotion can not be used for the cheapest Essential plan.


Payments and Discounts BZ Pro Basic
Benzinga Pro Essential Plan 35% Off
Benzinga Pro Options Plan 35% Off

Benzinga Promo Codes

Sometimes, Benzinga publishes promo codes for a limited time that only repeat rarely. Below you find expired special offers with Benzinga Pro Promo Codes. I will update the page once those promotions are back.

Benzinga Pro 1 Month for Just $9.97

In September 2021, Benzinga launched a special promotion. Benzinga Pro subscribers could sign up for one full month paying only $9.97 in the first month instead of $177 for the Essential plan. That was a saving of nearly 95% off.

Some of the benefits of subscribing to Benzinga Pro are

  • Find lightning-fast news in the Newsfeed Chat with the community and get ideas
  • Find the biggest gainers and losers with Movers
  • Filter for stocks using Screener and Scanner
  • Hear key headlines and breaking news with Squawk
  • Apply technical analysis with the Details tool & charts
  • And so much more!


Benzinga Subscription Plans Comparison

Benzinga offers three types of membership plans and three types of payment circles.

The membership plan defines the unlocked Benzinga Pro features, while the payment circle defines how often you pay and at what time you can cancel your subscription.

Benzinga Pro Basic

Benzinga Pro Basic is the beginner-level subscription of Benzinga Pro. Only a few coupon codes and discounts work on this plan. The Basic plan comes with access to the dashboard, symbol details, fund details, the calendar, newsfeed, screener, chat, watchlists, movers, and all of that with detailed quotes.

The Pro plan is available as a monthly, quarterly and annual subscription. Those who use one of the Benzinga discount codes mentioned on this site for a yearly subscription get an additional discount of 20% on top of the other savings.

Benzinga Pro Essential

Benzinga Pro Essential is the most popular Benzinga Pro subscription, and nearly all promo codes, discounts, and coupons work with this one. The Essential subscription has everything that the Basic has, plus full newsfeed access, audio squawk, newsdesk chat functionality, sentiment indicators, and, most importantly, a real-time news feed for day traders.

The Essential plan is available as a monthly, quarterly and annual subscription. Traders and investors using one of the Benzinga coupons mentioned on this site for an annual subscription receive an additional discount of 34% on top of the other savings with the Essential subscriptions.

Benzinga Options Mentorship

The Benzinga Options Mentorship subscribers have full access to all features and functionalities as in the Benzinga Pro Essential subscription plus exclusive trading mentorship and education from leading trader Nic Chahine, access to the options inner circle trading chat room and access to the regular market overview with trading strategies.

The Options Mentorship is only available on a monthly and annual basis. Quarterly payments are not possible with this plan. Those using a Benzinga promo code linked on this site for the annual subscription get the discount mentioned plus, another 16-17% savings on top.

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