5 Best Crypto Newsletters of 2024 [Free & Paid]

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This article lists the best cryptocurrency newsletters for crypto traders, investors and crypto technology enthusiasts. We list the best free resources for top news, excellent insights, the latest trends and explain the benefits of paid crypto newsletters with insights into their offering and pricing.

What is a Crypto Newsletter?

Crypto newsletters help subscribers gain an edge in crypto investing and stay ahead of the curve. The cryptocurrency market is continuously evolving, and staying up with the latest trends is crucial for investors and technology enthusiasts.

Many crypto investors know about the best cryptocurrency apps and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. But there is much more to explore in the crypto space by reading the latest cryptocurrency news, technologies and trends. The following list of the best cryptocurrency newsletters includes:

  • Our favorite weekly newsletter.
  • The best crypto newsletter for beginners.
  • Crypto investment newsletters covering technical analysis and market sentiment.

Best Cryptocurrency Newsletters

Without any further ado, let’s get into the details about the best cryptocurrency newsletters of the year.

1. The Pomp Letter by Anthony Pompliano: Best Substack Newsletter

Anthony Pompliano reaches over 190,000 investors with his crypto newsletter. The Pomp Letter provides detailed coverage of finance, technology and specific crypto assets like Bitcoin.

He says that even some of the most legendary Wall Street investors belong to his audience. His subscriber growth proves that cryptocurrencies become more and more popular each quarter. In Q1 2019, Anthony had 14,000 subscribers. In Q1 2020, 41,000 and Q1 2021 even 150,000, and it’s still growing.

Two different subscription types are possible. The free Pomp Letter is issued as a weekly newsletter. The paid subscription includes five letters per week with recent rends, private conversations with industry leaders, archive and community access for $100 per year or $10 per month.

Those who prefer listening to the latest cryptocurrency space news can also check out one of the best crypto podcasts, the Pomp Podcast on Spotify, Apple and various other players.

2. OpenSea: Best Non fungible tokens Newsletter

OpenSea offers a monthly newsletter where subscribers hear more about the latest updates from OpenSea and various non fungible token projects. But the newsletter is not only about OpenSea related news. It’s also about news regarding decentralized applications and general trends across the crypto space.

This newsletter is handy for NFT investors and NFT creators who see potential in the constant growth of NFT marketplaces. Some NFTs sold for millions of dollars, so it’s definitely a trend to keep an eye on. So ask yourself the question – Why do companies like Coinbase invest millions to get their NFT marketplace online as fast as possible? The answer to the question is simple. There is money to be made, and the demand is massive.

3. MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review is well known for its broad coverage of artificial intelligence, blockchain focus, silicon valley news and even things like biotechnology and climate change. They offer various free newsletters and a premium subscription for $100 per year to get unlimited online access, 6 digital and print issues per year, app-access, ad-free browsing of their sites and quarterly research reports.

4. Coindesk, Cointelegraph, and decrypt.co

Those channels are great resources for active traders, investors and crypto enthusiasts. Their cryptocurrency newsletters provide multiple stories every day covering the token economy, the fastest moving industries and combine top cryptocurrency news with exclusive content in the crypto industry. You can subscribe to the newsletters or simply read the latest news on their website.

5. CoinSnacks: Best Crypto Market Summaries of the Cryptocurrency World

Is it easy to be smart about crypto? CoinSnacks thinks so and provides a weekly newsletter for crypto traders, investors, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Their subscriber list currently counts 62,000+ readers.

CoinSnacks curates the latest news of crypto assets, trending stories, news and indicators for the weekly newsletter and includes exclusive information like exclusive interviews, discounts and research. The newsletter was launched in December 2017 and had the mission to “Demystify the world of crypto through digestible news, education and research.”

CoinSnacks subscribers receive their cryptocurrency newsletter on Wednesday each week. The newsletter helps to learn about crypto without dedicating too much time digging through the noise of crypto news. The newsletter is free for subscribers, and they refinance their service via sponsor placements.


What Type of Crypto News Should I Read?

The cryptocurrency industry is growing fast, and focusing on a detailed analysis of digital assets is crucial. A weekly newsletter is typically a good decision for long-term investors, while a daily newsletter is beneficial for crypto day traders.

Crypto Markets: Why Are Cryptocurrency Markets That Popular?

The crypto market is booming due to its massive potential of making money. A few years ago, people would have laughed out loud if you had told them that you bought 1 Bitcoin for $100. The chances are that we will see the $100,000 per Bitcoin in the next two years.

Some even consider $1M as a realistic price target. But not only investors but also business angles and entrepreneurs identify multiple opportunities of selling crypto services and products and raise millions of dollars in funding rounds.