Best Day Trading Courses

Education is essential in all areas of life and needs an update from time to time. In trading, this is not different. To be educated by well-experienced traders assists to find an edge and to increase profitability.

No matter if you are entirely new to day trading, or if you gained experiences over the recent years - propper trading courses and proven trading strategies help you to get better with your investment decisions.

The good news is that utilizing the best day trading courses will take just a fraction of time compared to the time in school and college. Below you find a list with our favorite selections based on various trading styles and strategies.

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Top 4 Best Day Trading Courses

  1. Warrior Trading
  2. Black Box Stocks
  3. Trade Ideas
  4. Topstep

1. Warrior Trading: Warrior Starter Stock Trading

Warrior Trading is the hot spot when it comes to active day trading and high-end education. Ross Camaron, the founder of Warrior Trading, teaches his students each and every day. Live trading, extensive educational video tutorials, and free YouTube videos make the offer complete. Ross does momentum trading in perfection.

The Warrior Starter package consists of 15 well-diversified chapters. They are designed to help you develop a solid foundation of day trading knowledge. Any trader needs a good foundation, and I can confirm that Ross Cameron's day trading course is one of the best. I have access to it, and it is great to see that Ross improves the course over and over again.

It is the perfect addition to the free YouTube video recaps, and the free blog posts at Warrior Trading also offers his pro-course Warrior Pro, a trading simulator, and group mentoring.

Special Offer: Click here to join the live trading room one week for only $5.

Warrior Trading | Warrior Starter Course


  • Ross is a real trader, and you watch him trading every day
  • Account statements are available at
  • Live trading: Subscribers see Ross' trading account in real-time
  • One of the most extensive and best day trading courses
  • 50% discount available for Warrior Starter with chat room, and Level II trading software access


  • Mainly small-cap stocks are traded

2. Black Box Stocks: Bootcamp Class Stock and Options

Black Box Stocks is a day trading community with real traders who connect via the platform, a private Twitter group, and a trading room via Discord. Their servers are located near Wall Street, and their customer support is reliable.

You need to be a member to participate in the live Boot Camp, which takes place multiple times per week. If you are within the Black Box members area, then look fo the support tab. There you find the calendar where you can choose a date that suits your needs.

Your instructor is Teresa. She learned to trade by using BlackBoxStocks tools and now helps traders to become profitable. She is passionate about day trading and a full-time options trader. That also means that education at includes day trading stocks and options.

The Bootcamp includes the following three main aspects:

  • How to Trade Stocks
  • How to Trade Options
  • Blackbox System Tutorial

To take advantage of a 20% discount, click here and fill out the registration form. For your convenience, the 20% discount will be applied automatically.

Blackboxstocks | Trading Community


  • Stocks- and option trading education
  • Platform access, private Twitter group, plus Discord chat included
  • Stock picks, chat room access, day trading techniques
  • Monthly subscription available
  • Bootcamp free for subscribers


  • Three different locations where trades are posted

3. Trade Ideas: Free Stock Trading Room

Artificial intelligence-based algorithms empower trade Ideas trading technology. While their main product is the Trade Ideas stock screener, other things are also available to traders. And the cool thing about it, most of those additional goodies are for free. When it comes to day trading curses and education, then the Trade Ideas chat room is noteworthy. Barrie Einarson is the main moderator in the room, and he streames his Trade Ideas platform for free all day long.

Traders cannot see his live trading account, but they see his stock screener and can learn to be a trader - a day trader to be more precise. You can use any trading platform to simulate what Barrie is doing. Day trading is fast, so you will not get the same trade execution as Barrie does. But the great thing is that you can use Trade Ideas to automate your trading, design your own market-scan, or you can use one of the many pre-configured trade-alert streams. And all of this is for free.

Chances are, that you go the path of market scanning excellence, automated trading, or both once you see the power behind this awesome tool. It is definitely worth it to join the trading room and watch Barrie's live trading.

Barrie is a day trader, and his trading strategies are based on technical analysis and market behavior. The main patterns he trades are implemented within the Trade Ideas A.I. pro platform.

Click here to join the chat room for free.

Trade Ideas | Free Trading Education


  • Free to use
  • Experienced mentor
  • Trading courses via webinar also available for free
  • Impressive performance, and testimonials
  • Beginner-friendly trading methods


  • Only stock screener visible

4. Topstep: Futures and Forex Trading

The list of the best day trading courses would not be complete without Topstep. While the trading courses mentioned above are all about to learn day trading stocks and day trading options, Topstep goes the road of teaching how to day trade futures. They do not offer a specific day trading course, but as a day trader, you will enjoy their free educational material. Topstep also offers a Podcast to traders. If you are interested to learn trading futures, then Topstep is a proper address.

One thing you should know is that Topstep offers a funded trader program. That means that subscribers can pay a low monthly fee to participate in a challenge. When they trade according to the rules and grow their account to the specific target levels, then Topstep provides a fully funded trading account with funds between $25,000 and $150,000.

The cool thing about this is that traders keep 80% of the profits generated within the funded trading accounts, and they can withdraw that money to a cash account.

Special offer for Futures Traders: 20% discount on all Topstep Futures plans (automatic discount at the checkout before you make the payment).

Special offer for Forex Traders: 20% discount on all Topstep Forex plans (automatic discount at the checkout before you make the payment).

TopStepTrader Funded Trader Program


  • Risk is limited to the monthly participation fee
  • Straightforward rules
  • Different account sizes available
  • 1,764 funded trading accounts in 2019
  • Free access to a demo account


  • Trading courses are about futures trading only


A trading course is vital to get things done as a day trader. It is crucial to understand how day trading works before you start day trading with real money. It needs a solid foundation. Then it can be a day trading course, a general trading course, or live trading experience. Technical analysis is part of any courses mentioned in the list of the best day trading courses. Most of the programs also offer live trading. Some of them even share their trading account in real-time with subscribers.

Traders are well-advised to choose the right course. Ask yourself three main questions:

How do you prefer learning?

  • Seeing other people trade live
  • Watching video recordings
  • Participating live education sessions

What do you want to day trade?

  • Stocks
  • Options
  • Futures

And finally, ask yourself how much is a good education worth to you?

The better you answer those questions, the higher chances are that you only need one trading course. Finally, I want to give you one thing on the way. There are programs out there that charge $10,000 or even $50,000 for trading courses. Their mainly used argument is that good education has its price, plus, most of those come without any money-back guarantee. Your internal warning system should get you in the "be aware" mode here.

This list of the best day trading courses proves that it does not have to be such a utopic price tag to take you to the right level. Most of the courses mentioned courses cost less than $100 per month.

Do you prefer to pay $50,000 for one course where you don't know anything to expect from it? Or would you prefer to invest less than $100 per month? The point is that even participating in all courses mentioned above would cost you less than $1,000 in total if you always chose the shortest subscription time.

Some even offer free training via chat or webinar. Go the way you feel comfortable with. You are in the driver seat and now get it started! Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for day trading success.

Best Day Trading Course Questions and Answers

  1. How much do day traders make?
  2. How do I become a day trader?
  3. What should I learn before day trading?
  4. What is the most popular day trading system?
  5. What market conditions are best for day trading?

How much do day traders make?

Successful day traders make a living by generating steady income day by day. Typically 60%-70% of all trading days can be closed with profits. A good risk-reward ratio helps to keep the overall profit high.

How do I become a day trader?

Online day trading courses can help getting the right mindset before starting with day trading. Free educational ressources and simulated trading are a good starting point.

What should I learn before day trading?

Traders should learn chart patterns, attend to trading classes, and practice the handling of trading tools. It is important to prepare every trading day with a good watch list.

Trade alerts within a trading system are based on fundamental and technical aspects mixed with news catalysts. Trading schools help to create a proper trading plan.

What market conditions are best for day trading?

Volatile market conditions are by far the best for day trading. The higher the liquidity of the underlying stock, the lower the spread between Bid and Ask, the better the trade execution and profitability.

About the Author: Alexander is an investor, trader, and founder of After devoting many years to educating himself on powerful day trading techniques and effective investment styles, he started trading and investing more actively. In the past 20 years, he has executed thousands of trades. In 2015, he began writing articles about trading, investing, and personal finance. He is very passionate about sharing his knowledge and strives for success in himself and others. Alexander has been featured on Benzinga, Rockstar Finance, and ESI Money.

Updated: January 10, 2021
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