The Best Virtual Reality Stocks

In a brief period of time, Virtual Reality became one of the most popular sectors of technology.

It has arrived at the point that it is disrupting other platforms as well. For example ​cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. The virtual reality technology enables us to enjoy 3D applications.

Some may say that it introduces a virtual world that is so lifelike, it’s hard to make a difference between what’s real and what’s not.

Some time ago Virtual Reality made a presence in the gaming domain. Did you know, that the first VR head-mounted display was patented in 2016? Yes, that's true. But the brand new Sony PlayStation 5 heads up display will be completely different.

Nowadays, virtual reality makes a presence in education, healthcare, manufacturing, and real estate. Some mobile devices already use augmented reality. That's taking virtual reality even a step further. found that the global virtual reality and augumented reality market had a value of ~14.1 billion in 2017 and ~12.1 billion in 2018. The forecast for 2022 is $192.7 Billion! Plus, Chuck Martin from believes that the consumer virtual reality revenue alone will grow to ~9 billion in 2019.

This is why it might be a smart decision to add Virtual Reality stocks in your portfolio at this point. How to pick stocks in the Virtual Reality business the right way? Be early and invest in new trends before others do.

If you are planning to invest in VR stocks, you need to invest smart. That’s why you must watch the stocks closely. These top VR-markets include software, hardware, ​workspace, gaming console, and smartphone.

Best Virtual Reality Stocks

Best Virtual Reality Stocks: #1 Software

Qualcomm Incorporated makes its presence known within the Virtual Reality sphere. It provides prerequisite sounds and visuals, as well as solutions for intuitive interactions. All these are necessary to create a superior Virtual Reality experience.

Qualcomm is part of most VR-hardware.

As an example:

The Snapdragon VR SDK offers its developers full access to advanced VR features. These will apply on any VR device marked Snapdragon.

Furthermore, the VR SDK offers a break from the trouble of creating VR products. It provides new standards of VR layering, all while enhancing faster photon motion.

Qualcomm virtual reality stock made a huge jump from ~$57 to ~$87 in just a couple of days. That happened in April 2019, because of 5G news.

QCOM Virtual Reality Stock

Best Virtual Reality Stocks: #2 Hardware

It may sound surprising to find this out. ​Facebook is one of the top virtual reality stocks when it comes to VR hardware. At first, far away from classic Facebook apps.

Not only does it have more than 2 billion users, but it’s also at the top of the market thanks to the Oculus Headsets.

The company has strong brand recognition, consumer base, and financial muscle. For them, this was a sign that they had to introduce the VR into mainstream adoption.

Furthermore, the company is attempting to add VR in social interactions. This could help them sell the headsets to the users of  Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

Facebook fully recovered from its lows in December 2018 and went from ~$123 to ~$200 in just four months. This is a return of about 40%!

Current stock price:

FB Virtual Reality Stock

But there is another player in the hardware section of virtual reality stocks. The company is called Vuzix Corp. The stock itself, is a penny stock​. The price fell by about 65% since August 2018.

Current stock price:

VUZI Virtual Reality Stock

Vuzix makes AR and VR products for both the enterprise and the consumer market. It is the reason why they are so successful right now.

Vuzix focuses on creating wearable display devices. This way, it will enable the users to interact with the digital environment from within the Virtual Reality area.

Vuzix has a lot of patents pending, but also a lot of patents active. This makes this VR stock a very desirable target once the turnaround becomes visible.

Best Virtual Reality Stocks: #3 ​Workspace

Microsoft is a crucial stakeholder when it comes to the Virtual Reality market and virtual reality stocks. The company improved significantly over the past few years that it was active.

The times of Bill Gates are over, but Microsoft is still a market leader. The X-BOX one is an e-commerce evergreen, and a new XBOX will follow once Playstation 5 hits the markets.

And there is something new: Microsoft HoloLens. Have a look:

There were some worries at some point that Microsoft was a dying technology giant. However, it came back to life and dominated the consumer tech frontier.

Microsoft provides digital content using the ​workspace environment.

It may even provide holograms on a specific physical area. Watch the stock closely and remember that we talk about long term investments for virtual reality stocks.

Current stock price:​

MSFT Virtual Reality Stock

Microsoft stocks are at its all-time high right now at ~$130.

Best Virtual Reality Stocks: #4 Gaming Console

We all know about Sony PlayStation and XBOX-One. But how are about the companies behind those gaming consoles? HTC is the leader in the Asian market. For this reason, it is worth to consider this Taiwanese VR stock as a virtual reality stocks investment.

Vive VR items are rivaling even the Oculus from Facebook. For example, Oculus is more appropriate when. But HTC's Viva VR can handle more types of games. The growth of the company also offers promise for the future.

But you should be aware of the fact that HTC Corp. is not listed at the NYSE or NASDAQ.

However, Bloomberg has the current quotes for us:

Current stock price:

Best Virtual Reality Stocks: #5 Smartphone

The final virtual reality stocks category is the smartphone category.

Everyone agrees that Apple has a strong place in the market.  At least in the United States. With a market share of 44.8% in December 2018.

The chances are that you also have an iPhone, iPad or another Apple gadget.

Apple did not make any clear announcements about its plans with VR. But tools like Apple Playgrounds show that they are on the fence for cool new technologies.

Still, with the VR wave in mind, people expect Apple to step into the game at the right time.

Apple is not only a great virtual reality stock to consider. It's one of the best-performing stocks in the last eight years.

Apple stocks went from about $17 in April 2009 to ~$200 per stock in April 2019. Plus, Apple has a market capitalization of 964 Billion US-Dollars and already was above the 1000 Billion marks.

​Current stock price:

AAPL Virtual Reality Stock

What is the alternative to Apple's iOS? Sure, it is Android. And the company behind is Alphabet alias Google.

From a global perspective, most users around the world use Android-based devices. In the smartphone world, this a ~75% global market share is a huge number.

Plus, Google is very bold right now when it comes to the virtual reality and augmented reality world.

Current stock price:

GOOG Virtual Reality Stock

Final Thoughts about Virtual Reality Stock Investments

There are different market fields of virtual reality stocks that investors might take an interest in. Indeed, right now, gaming is the most popular along with the smartphone sector.

Still, it is not yet sure how VR will grow in the future. Some VR stocks already belong to the best dividend stocks to buy.

Augumented reality goes further and who knows how things go in the future.

Most of the companies listed in this best virtual reality stocks article are powerful even outside the VR world.

The best way to go would be to put all those stocks on a watch list. Once the next major market correction comes, those stock with the best dividend payments and lowest risk should be considered.

You should use a stock screener to find the best possible entries. Use Trade Ideas to find you favorite virtual reality stock now.

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Investing in single stocks is always risky. This is why you need to pay attention to the stocks. This way, your business will be able to gain an edge. And remember, all investments should only be based on your own decision. Make sure to contact your bank before investing.

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