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Gold is everywhere – 3 ways to invest
​It was, it is and will probably remain the most fascinating material ever in human history, the precious metal gold. Learn more about 3 ways to invest.
5 Key Considerations on Trading Small Cap Stocks
An idea on how to improve portfolio strength by using small caps as an additional growth factor. Market capitalization: up to 500 million USD.
The worlds largest stock exchanges
For how long there have been stock exchanges or their predecessors lies hidden in the darkness of history. Until the 17th century, the stock market...
Winning money – can I do that?
Winning money supposedly is the simplest way to make a small or large fortune. The possibilities of winning money are discussed in this article.
Make money quickly – the easiest methods
In theory everyone living in North America possesses the sum of more than 110,000 dollars. ​Unfortunately that’s just a theory. Look out for those problems.
Make money from home – be your own boss
Making money from home is the exception nowadays – but 150 – 200 years ago this was normal. Going to work every day, to the factory, into the office or the workshop, a normal way of life, is a model that spread with the industrial revolution.
Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Now
The article Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Now sets out to show why so many investors still rely on dividend strategies and explains the advantages and disadvantages of relying on dividends. We will discuss if dividend stocks are suitable for long-term capital building and making serious profits.
I Need Money – 7 Ways how and where to get it
All of us know these moments when you exclaim “I need money”. Many people are over-indebted. As a result, this group is particularly affected. Even without excessive debt the need for money is a permanent one for most people. How and where to get money out of turn is explained in this article. – Interview with Tim du Toit – Interview with Tim du Toit. Is the Quant Investing stock screener the best choice for you? After reading this interview with Tim du Toit, Head Analyst and founder of Quant Investing you‘ll know for sure.
Making Money with Instagram – is that possible?
Making Money with Instagram. How to survive in the flood of images and become an Instagram star yourself? Your questions will be answered in this article.
How much do YouTubers make? Bonus: Top 10
How much do YouTubers make? YouTube & Co will play an even more prominent role in the future. In theory, this means that there are still good opportunities.
Forex trading – making money with money
How Forex trading in foreign exchange works and what you should look out for when entering the Forex market, you will find out in this article.
Interview with Barbara Friedberg
Barbara Friedberg - Veteran portfolio manager, expert investor, and former university finance instructor. Interview with Barbara + her new projects.
Buying stocks – It is easier than you think
Buying stocks gained momentum with the industrial revolution. How you can become a shareholder is explained comprehensibly in this article.
Increase your money – Beyond the savings account
Anyone who keeps his money in a savings account or hides it in cash at home is losing money. There are certainly safe money investments. How to increase it?
Becoming a Millionaire – Can Anyone Achieve That?
Becoming a millionaire - From a mathematical point of view it sounds easy. Anyone who manages to double 1 USD daily is millionaire after 21 days.
Interview with Mike Rawson |
Interview with private investor and blogger Mike Rawson ( 7 Circles is a personal finance website aimed at private investors in the UK.
How to Archive Financial Independence
The chances of being successful and ultimately financially independence are much higher in the digital world than anywhere else. Easy or not?
Ultimate Robo Advisors Hack 2018 | Q&A + Top16
Algorithms play an important part in investment. In this article you will learn everything about why Robo-Advisors will be indispensable for the future of investment.
Interview with Finanical Coach Alain Guillot
Interview with Finanical Coach Alain Guillot - Alain: My objective is to show that there is another way, personal finance is not that difficult.
12 Best Stock Market Movies Revealed
The 12 Best Stock Market Movies Revealed ✓ New York filmmakers moved far away from a company to a small town in California called Hollywood. The rest is history ✓ Here you will learn more about the most important stock market movies from the beginnings of the cinema until today.
Bitcoin – a digital treasure
What Bitcoin is, how it was created and what is in it you will learn in the following article. The idea of digitizing money has been around for some time...
Making money online – do you have what it takes?
​Making money online – nothing seems easier, but here too, as elsewhere, some succeed while others fail. This article will help you find out all about what it needs to make money online as well as the hidden risks.
Interview with Subash Atreya | Investfly
Investfly was founded with a mission to enable stock traders to leverage technology to make trading decisions. We wanted to focus on automated trading...
Day Trading for Beginners – 9 Secrets revealed
Day Trading for Beginners ✓ Do you want to be part of the 10% of investors who are successfull in day trading? You will be shocked when you see how easy it is.
Troy Epperson Interview | NOFT-Traders
7 Questions to Troy Epperson, Head Futures trainer of Ninja Order Flow Traders aka Here you will find the answers to the most important...
Dan Mirkin Interview | Trade Ideas
In this interview, Mr. Mirkin will tell us something about the philosophy of Trade Ideas and he will also reveal some details about his personal way of dealing with the financial markets.
Ross Cameron Interview | Warrior Trading
Here you will find the answers to the most important questions that all private investors already wanted to ask Mr. Ross Cameron for a long time.
Learn to trade | Reviews 2018
Learn to trade reviews 2018 ✓ We tell you more about the best trading tools being available. Our in-depth reviews include a wide range of detailed…
Technical Analysis explained | 2018
Technical analysis is a trading approach used by thousands of traders around the world to forecast price movements based on historical price development and
The Best Trading Tools, Online Brokers and Financial Resources
As an investor you are dealing with the financial markets. Get deep insights into day trading and investing. Learn more about the best trading tools, online brokers, trading educators and providers.
Make smarter decisions for your financial freedom
Be clever, be smart! Speculation is not always the best way to make money. Learn more about how to succeed in the smart way. Find free resources for your financial freedom.
Interview Series 2018
Here you find interviews with many of the world's leading financial service providers, influencers, start-ups, educators and entrepreneurs.