Bookmap Review 2019

Newcomers to stock market trading tend to think that with a ​glance at the chart, a few indicators, a free stock screener and an ​online broker, the way to successful day trading is almost inevitable.

This is often negligent because only a tiny amount of possible information „from the market“ is used for trading. Those who refrain from looking „behind the facade“ to find out how the market works, always risk losses.

On the other hand, a good strategy is to use the full market depth for each traded value (stocks, futures, etc.) for your own decisions.

This means, for example, to use the order book, or DOM (Depth of Market), as well as Level 2 and Time & Sales data with a visualized trading software such as Bookmap™.

This Boomap review reveals all important things you have to know about this ​exciting trading platform that displays market liquidity. Review

​With the trading and data visualization platform Bookmap, a powerful trading platform has emerged in recent years that will set new standards for precise real-time data for trading and graphic illustration of „deeper“ market data with the highest possible accuracy.

For example, the operator relies on essential functions such as a heatmap representation of the order book's development (market depth).

Tsachi Galanos, CEO of Bookmap, explains the essence of Bookmap about the name components of the platform: These stand for OrderBOOK and HeatMAP, according to Galanos.

Start with Bookmap in 3 simple-steps

Bookmap has been developed since the end of 2014 from the launch of the first version to a complete and robust platform for the visualization of market depth data.

In doing so, fairly sophisticated two-dimensional representations of data (heatmaps) are used in a concise graphic.

Thats because the problem is that traders are often poorly equipped and do not have access to all available market data necessary for successful trading decisions in one or a few charts.

Moreover, common chart tools not always lead to more transparency.

On the contrary, many data have already been filtered or summarized in advance.

Thus, an unobstructed view of the actual supply or the real demand in the crucial market phases no longer exists.

Consequently, 100% of the market data should be offered. The bookmap concept also includes having all historical changes and real-time market depth updates easily traceable for trading.


​Trading on Bookmap

The first and foremost important tool in trading is an easy-to-understand graphical chart representation (visualization) that still displays all data in a way that can be understood quickly.

Therefore, anyone who has to act fast on the market wants to be able to identify at a glance what exactly is happening there.

With Bookmap, even ultra-short-term traders should be able to make even better-hedged trading decisions.

They should, therefore, be able to easily record the entire market data in an image or graphic format and recognize typical patterns more quickly.

Bookmap Multi-Asset Coverage


Bookmap has some unique features „on board“ on the platform:

A heatmap is clearly showing the dynamics in the order book, recording and showing every change in the order book.

An easy to understand ​color scale is used. Brighter shades mark price levels with a larger number of „dormant papers.“ Darker ones represent areas of lesser liquidity.

The heatmap clearly shows how the entire limit order book and traded volume evolve.

This provides a quicker and deeper insight into the market dynamics. The order book is updated very intensively (video with 25 - 40 frames / sec.).


​Volume point plots and volume bubbles

​Volume point plots or volume bubbles that show when, where and how much volume was traded. The sizes are relative to the traded volume, and it is possible to filter by volume;

​Large Lot Tracker

Large Lot Tracker (LLT): A unique feature that allows you to find out the largest limit orders in the order book, the "big fish in the pond."

​Repeat Mode

​Repeat mode: Convenient because it records real-time trading sessions for later analysis in replay mode.

In retrospect, the development of the order book can be studied at leisure, which may provide clues for new ideas and strategy improvements.

Besides, it is possible to check exactly when your orders were placed, executed, changed or canceled.

Those who use automated trading strategies can see where and how they have concluded profitable or losing trades.

So last but not least: With the Trading Simulator you can simulate your strategy in real-time and replay. The market replay is offered in HD-appropriate quality;

​Trading from within the chart with „one-click trading“: Just click on a chart, and live trading starts!

​Real-time data: Bookmap is event-driven and refreshed every 30 milliseconds.

Stock market data is unfiltered („raw“) real-time data for all US stocks „at full depth.“

It covers US exchanges including Nasdaq TotalView and Nasdaq Last Sale for both order book and trading.

Quant Solutions

​Bookmap presents market data with remarkable accuracy: Traders can „zoom in“ into days, hours, seconds, milliseconds, microseconds, and even nanoseconds time ranges.

This allows the market depth data to be viewed without a „filter“.

​Special Bookmap Features

Other exciting and commercially useful features on Bookmap are:

  • ​Real-time monitoring: how one's trade affects or is influenced by other market participants. You can also see your own, estimated place is in the queue. Different instruments can be analyzed simultaneously. It supports more than 10 connectivity platforms.
  • ​Historical data: „dxFeed“ also provides 24-hour historical data with full depth to US equities. By subscription, similar data is also available for futures.
  • ​Access to advanced order book and order flow indicators.
  • Personal indicators related to personal trades can be developed.
  • Auto Strategies / API: Use of example execution algorithms and proprietary trading strategies
  • GDAX, now Coinbase Pro, allows subscribers to trade cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Also BitMEX, Bitfinex, OKCoin and Okex are available.

​The offer for beginners: Demo accounts allow trading with virtual money to exclude the emotions involved in real money trading.

Demo accounts will also not charge commissions, exchange fees, and N.F.A fees.

A demo account is always recommended to familiarize oneself with the extensive functions and tools of Bookmap and to test them in everyday use.

​Plans | Costs | Pricing

​​The monthly ​subscription fees vary between 0 and $99 per month. Crypto-Trading with the Digital package is free of charge. And the difference between the Global and Global+ package are the trading features like LTT, Iceberg, Imbalancer and some others.

Bookmap | Monthly Pricing

​With ​yearly subscriptions, you can save 20% per month. The pricing for the annual package is between $0 and $79 per month but billed annually and depending on the functionalities.

Bookmap Review | Annual Subscription Costs

​There is also a lifetime package available. However, with a lifetime package, the later upgrades are limited to version 7 and the next major release candidate ​Bookmap 8.

Bookmap Lifetime Licence Pricing

​Free Trial | Promo Code

​​You can test Bookmap for free using crypto markets, while future and stock trading are only available in the Global Package.

While there is no promo code available, you can save at least 20% on yearly subscriptions.

But please be aware of the fact, that you have to know that you will use this tool for a year. Otherwise, an annual subscription would be a strange idea.

​Provider Checklist

  • Founded: ​​2014
  • Number of members:  ​n.a.
  • Company address check: ​​​VeloxPro ltd. 125 Harrison Street Hoboken New Jersey, USA and 6 Australias Street Limassol, Cyprus,, +1-917-708-8171
  • Free trial: yes, full free trial with Crypto-market data
  • Free resources: Yes, good help guide on the website, YouTube
  • Coupons and promo codes: ​20% off on yearly subscriptions
  • Money back guarantee: ​No
  • ​Price range: ​monthly: $0-$99/m; yearly: $0-$79/m; lifetime $0-$1,990 one time
  • Transparency: ​​Average
  • Website navigation: easy

​Who Is ​Bookmap Best For?

​Bookmap is clearly best for day traders, scalpers, swing traders and algo-traders.

Day trading for beginners​ with Bookmap - is this a good idea?

​I recommend to try the free cryptocurrency mode Bookmap provides (digital package) to get a better understanding of the tool.

​Furthermore, I strongly recommend starting with a monthly subscription once you are ready to give it a try for trading stocks.


​Because you have to get a better understanding of how to use Bookmap in your daily trading routine.

Bookmap might be the all-in-one solution for your needs, but maybe Bookmap is only an addition to your trading tools arsenal.

It is essential for you to find this out to be able to do the business case for the total cost and overall return trading the markets.

Bookmap's target audience

According to the platform, customers primarily include hedge funds, proprietary trading companies, and individual traders in various market sectors.

For example, they use bookmaps for trading in futures (including CME, Eurex), US equities and cryptocurrencies. In particular, the platform developed “by traders for traders” targets:

Bookmap Trader
  • ​Daytraders (short-term trading within one day)
  • ​Scalp traders (ultra short-term trading)
  • ​Swing traders (trading at all time levels in corrections against market trends)
  • Algo / quantitative traders (computer-programmed trading) as well as
  • High-Frequency Trading (HFT, High-Frequency Trading)

​Bookmap Review Summary​


​Overall 3.8

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Price-Performance Ratio


Free Resources | Free Trial


​Ease of Use


Bookmap can easily be described as one of the most advanced market data visualization and trading platforms.

Many professional traders are already using the extensive real-time trading capabilities with Global and Global Plus subscriptions to trade on major exchanges such as CME, Eurex, NASDAQ or others.

Anyone looking for this performance in short-term and ultra-short-term trading will undoubtedly appreciate the platform which is consistently focused on the depth and detail of the market data.

To this end, Bookmap offers price-staggered usage packages.

​​In easy words, Bookmap makes the market depth visually compelling and easier to understand. Alternatively, you can use market depth visualization in the old school way with a standard DOM.

One fact you should be aware of is that the market depth frequently changes within seconds. So the visualization might be of help and be an excellent alternative to looking to a standard DOM.

​What Bookmap does is to visualize the ​market depth to give you a better understanding of potential support & resistance areas based on those order book numbers.

​So if you love trading based on technical analysis, Bookmap will be of help to identify those support and resistance levels based on the order book.

​That might be a good addition to technical analysis pattern identification.

The price is fair and the monthly subscription is the best way to go.

​Keep in mind: ​Subscribers to Bookmap (Global and Global+ for futures and stocks) do also need a separate data feed.

Bookmap Data Connectivity and OMS

​And such data feed costs some extra money. If you have a broker compatible with Bookmap, then you can use the brokerage data feed as a source. Otherwise, you need a data feed subscription.

​Beginners who want to get to know the extensive range of services has of course access to a free starter version with the “Digital” package.

You can understand the Bookmap digital package as a risk-free demo account. Perfect for trying out the functionality – which beats just reading about it in any case.

The subscription to the free account is the next logic step after having read this Bookmap review.