Bulls on Wall Street Review 2019

Navigating financial markets is difficult, even for the most experienced traders. The rapid pace. The stress. Even professionals on Wall Street lose confidence from time to time.

Fortunately, there is help. 

Bulls on Wall Street offers a core group of online training courses – from beginner to advanced – that claim to take your trading game from the basement to the penthouse.

But can it deliver on the promise?

From costs, to performance, to overall reputation, this Bulls on Wall Street Review breaks down what you need to know before you go all in.

Bulls on Wall Street Review

​​Bulls on Wall Street is an online platform that provides educational resources, day-trading chat rooms, introductory courses and a live online bootcamp that aims to mold you into a professional day trader.

Founded in 2008 by CEO and Lead Instructor Kunal Desai, Bulls on Wall Street has been featured in media outlets such as The Huffington Post, The Street and Fortune.

​Kunal Desai, Paul Singh, ​and Sayed Zaman​ ​are the top traders on BOWS.

Together, their strategy is to merge market fundamentals with technical analysis, trend analysis and investor psychology to try and capitalize on market mispricing.

Kunal Desai credits his success and growth to the mentorship of Singh, who helped usher out his strengths and encouraged him to develop a winning trading system.

On his LinkedIn page, Desai lists a B.A. in Communications from Michigan State University as his education.

​Kunal Desai also has an estimated net-worth of four million based on stockmillionaires.com research.

​Products | Services | Costs

​Bulls on Wall Street has four main products in its pipeline. The offerings can be purchased individually or bundled as part of a larger subscription. Let’s dive in:

Intro to Trading Course

​The Intro to Trading Course is a beginner-to-intermediate video tutorial designed for new traders eager learn about financial markets and trading fundamentals.

It comes with nearly 3 ½ hours of video and supplemental quizzes to help traders manage risk and “identify high-probability trading opportunities.”

Bulls on Wall Street Review | Intro to Trading Course

And how much is this Bulls on Wall Street Course?

Individual issue costs $197, but if you bundle it with an annual subscription to Bulls Vision: Day Trade Alerts and Chatroom or the Swing Trade Alert service, it’s free.

Topics covered include:

  • ​Market Essentials
  • ​Technical Analysis and Charting
  • ​Selecting a Broker
  • ​Trends
  • Flag Breakout Strategy
  • Risk Management
  • Flat Top and Base Breakouts
  • Pullback and Price Support
  • Moving Average Pullback

​Comparing things like in my best day trading course article, the product is ​in the mid-price segment for an introductory course.​

60-Day Trading Bootcamp

​The Bulls on Wall Street 60-Day Trading Bootcamp is its advanced course designed to move you from the couch to 45 Wall Street.

It comes with over 60 hours of live online instruction and offers lifetime access to the course material.

You get a physical course book, quizzes/assignments, trading simulator, one-on-one coaching and community support.

Bulls on Wall Street Review | Bootcamp

The camp is broken down into three parts:

Days 1-30 are live training classes four nights a week for four weeks.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • ​Market Fundamentals
  • ​Technical Analysis
  • ​Charting
  • Trends
  • Trading Styles
  • Risk Management
  • Trading Psychology

After 30 days you transition into the market recaps and trade reviews portion. This is where theory meets practice.

You and instructors go over daily market action and assess how trading positions played out.

Day-60 is part three, when you enter the trading simulator.

Used to mimic real life situational trading, the simulator aims to raise your confidence and prepare you for the real thing.

The price of the bootcamp isn’t directly disclosed (you need to contact the site directly), but other reviews have it pegged in the $2800-$3000 range. Not cheap.

So what are Bulls on Wall Street Bootcamp Reviews like?

According to its website, the bootcamp receives a lot of love. With 276 Trustpilot reviews that average roughly 4 ½ stars, students seem to be embracing the product.

One poster, Garry Oster, says, “Hands down the best trading education and support system out there.”

So what should we make of all this?

Well, when deciding if the boot camp is for you, you need to examine a variety of factors.

Even if we disregard the purchase price and quality, you need to ask yourself -- how motivated are you?

To gain a solid ROI on this investment, you not only need to dedicate the time and energy to absorb the course material, but you also need the mental makeup necessary to play the game of high volume trading.

​And what is your bankroll?

Trade commissions are expensive and eat away at profits very quickly. The more you trade, the higher your costs, the higher your breakeven.

If you’re racking up 250-300 trades per quarter implementing a high volume strategy, it’s imperative to have a large enough asset-base or make enough winning trades to avoid lagging performance.

​And who is your competition?

The majority of trades placed in equity markets are made by institutional investors. These are Wall Street broker-dealers, hedge funds, mutual funds, ETFs, algorithmic traders, etc.

Bulls Vison: Day Trade Alerts and Chatroom

The third product offered is the Bulls Vision: Day Trade Alters and Chatroom. Here, you follow in real-time as Desai navigates the market, calls out trades and provides market commentary.

You can purchase an annual subscription at $799, a quarterly subscription at $299 or a monthly subscription at $139. There is no free trial and no refunds.

Bulls on Wall Street Review | Bulls Vision

The plans come with:

  • ​24/7 Chatroom Access
  • ​Live Trade Alerts
  • ​Live Video and Audio
  • ​Daily Watchlists
  • Trade Screenshots
  • Exclusive Blog Posts

The Bulls Vison offering is much different than the products above because it’s less about teaching and more about watching/following Desai.

The value of the product will depend on your faith in him to produce and continue to produce winning trades.

As well, you can only follow his strategy if your bankroll is large enough to make a profit without getting burned by commissions.

Swing Trade Alerts

​The last product offering is the Bulls on Wall Street Swing Trade Alerts. Rather than Desai, this segment is led by Paul Singh, who claims to teach you how to carve out a profit by buying/selling stocks that are prime for short-term reversals.

His proprietary strategy tracks momentum stocks and searches for price/volume anomalies and stock-specific catalysts.

Bulls on Wall Street Review | Swing Trades

An annual subscription comes in at $49 a month (which includes the Intro to Trading Course for free), quarterly is $67 a month and monthly is $99 a month. As with Bulls Vision, there is no free trial and no refunds.

Plans include:

  • ​2-5 Weekly Stock Picks
  • ​Trade Alerts via Email and SMS
  • ​Daily Trade Reports
  • ​Daily Stock Watch List
  • In-depth Market Analysis
  • Group Mentorship Sessions

​The site claims he’s been swing trading for over 18 years, has a 2-year performance of 20%+ (don’t know why the + is included) and turned $5,000 into a “growing full time income.”

​Free Trial | Promo Code

​Currently, Bulls on Wall Street does not offer free trials or a money back guarantee.

However, there are sample videos on the site, the Bulls on Wall Street blog has free updated material and you can also sign up for the free Weekly Swing Trade Report.

​Provider Checklist

  • Founded: ​20​08
  • ​Educators:  ​Kunal Desai, Paul Singh, Sayed Zaman
  • Company Address check: ​n.a. / Phone: 1-800-213-8069
  • Free trial: ​No
  • Free resources: ​BOWS Blog, BOWS Twitter, Bullsonwallstreet YouTube, Weekly Swing Trade Report
  • Coupons and Promo Codes: No
  • Money back guarantee: ​No
  • ​Price Level: ​$197-$3.000
  • Transparency: ​Minimal
  • Verified income statements: No

Who is Bulls on Wall Street Best For?

​​While Bulls on Wall Street has received some fan fair, it’s hard for us to recommend it for everyone. ​More insight-perspectives would be helpful.

The courses are best suited for active traders with the time and dedication necessary to handle the ups and downs of high volume trading.

But remember, it is more like a community. It’s not a stock picking service.

By the way, the Bulls on Wall Street team also use the stock ​scanner from Trade Ideas.

For this particular reason, I would first consider using the free services such as the trader chat room and the free trade of the week stock picking service from Trade Ideas.

Please read my Trade Ideas Review if you would like to learn more about the benefits of Trade Ideas.

Bulls on Wall Street Review Summary


​Overall 3.8

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Price-Performance Ratio


Free Resources


Free Trial


​Bulls on Wall Street offers four unique products, but unfortunately, we can’t take the long end of the trade at the moment.

The positives are the site sets realistic expectations and goals: it doesn’t make outlandish claims of grooming millionaire traders or how you’ll own a yacht on the Mediterranean.

However, at roughly $3.000, the 60-day Trading Bootcamp is a costly investment and Kunal Desai’s strategies require a high trade win rate in order to turn a profit.

But if you feel like dipping your toes in the water, a better bet is the Swing Trade Alerts Service. Paul Singh – who Desai describes as his mentor – is the Lead Instructor and he has 18-years’ experience implementing the strategy.

More importantly, you can purchase an annual subscription for just under $600 and receive the Intro to Trading Course for free ($197 value).​ But as always, before you sign up for an annual subscription make sure, that you use it for a full year. Otherwise, all your money is gone, and you will never see it again.

We believe this offers the best value if you want to explore what Bulls on Wall Street has to offer.

​Two Great Alternatives to Bulls on Wall Street

On the other hand side, the Trade Ideas trading chat room is for free and you get educated there as well. It might be the better decision to start with Trade Ideas because also the Bulls on Wall Street guys are using their A.I. based stock screener.

One more reason, why Trade Ideas might be the better alternative: Based on my research, ​there is no free trial, no money back guarantee, no performance history, no brokerage statements.

Outside of their personal claims, there is no supporting evidence that Desai or Singh are actually profitable traders. ​It would be helpful to see real account statements or live trading with desk sharing of the trading account.

So, either begin with the free BOW services, and if you like it, consider giving it a try with a one month subscription, or give Trade Ideas a try. ​

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