Bullseye Trades Review 2024: Pros, Cons and How It Compares

Bullseye Trades is a swing-trading service by Jeff Bishop. He sends one trade idea per week to subscribers on Monday via email. You also get updates via the Raging Bull App and find a video update within the Raging Bull dashboard.

Is Jeff Bishops Bullseye Trades trading service worth it? Raging Bull accepted my request to provide free access to Bullseye Trades for review purposes, and their team transparently answered my questions. I went through the entire program and wrote the Bullseye Trades review to reveal all facts.

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What is Bullseye Trades?

Bullseye Trades Jeff Bishop

Bullseye Trades is all about the one Bullseye trade idea for the week ahead. During the review period, I received most of the alerts before the market open. The email includes an overall market summary and details about the picked stock with charts. Is the service really worth it? Let’s get into it and discover the details of the program.

Bullseye Trades options trading

Program Details

Welcome to Bullseye

Welcome to Bullseye is a video series that guides you through the trading service functionalities and features. You also learn some insights on how to think like a trader and how to find high conviction trades.

Get Started

The Getting Started section contains a short welcome letter. I like that Jeff points out the importance of starting slowly. By the way, paper trading is an excellent tool to test new trading strategies you learn from new trading services.

But it is also an excellent place to practice order placements. Jeff only trades easy-to-understand options trading strategies in this service. Remember that practicing order entries is essential, and things have to work smoothly from the beginning. If you place your buy and sell orders via a mobile app while working full time, you need to practice placing those orders from your mobile device. If you want to do it from your desktop, the buttons and order forms look different, and you need to get a proper understanding of how the trading workflow works best.

Weekly Updates

The Weekly Updates section includes the weekly trade ideas, updates and recaps. New members should invest a significant amount of time studying past trades. Not every trading service is transparent about recent picks to new subscribers. More often than not, subscribers have only access to the trade alerts starting at the time of subscribing to a service. Bullseye Trades is different. You can analyze all previous trades since May 2021.

Live Broadcast

The Live Broadcast is used for webinar streams in real time. You receive an update when those events are scheduled within the Raging Bull app and via email.


The launchpad is an ongoing video series, which includes some more of Jeff Bishop’s favorite trading lessons where you learn things like

  • What is a trading system
  • How to match strategy to the chart
  • How TTM squeeze setups work

Stock Options Explained

If you are entirely new to options trading, then the Stock Options Explained is an introduction options trading course with 21 lessons to read with graphs and 5 video lessons. Jeff Bishop covers options trading education essentials in easy-to-understand videos. He explains options terminology and mechanics of options along with detailed information about:

  • How to use basic option strategies in a portfolio
  • Extrinsic value vs intrinsic value
  • Volatility
  • Technical trading
  • Calendar spreads straddles, strangles
  • How to find trades
  • Maximizing profits and the importance of having a game plan, and more.

FAQ Videos

The Bullseye Trades FAQ video section currently holds 10 videos where Jeff answers questions subscribers have. If you have any questions throughout the course, the FAQ section is an excellent place to consider.

Video Updates Archive

Previously recorded videos can be found within the video updates archive. Jeff typically talks about the stock market in general and also about specific stocks mentioned in the Bullseye Trades weekly updates. You can leave comments below each video, and a moderator will answer potential questions that arise.

What is The Best Way to Get Started?

The most important part is setting up a paper trading account and executing the trade ideas in real-time, similar to how you would do with real money. The Weekly Updates section is a real treasure and worth exploring. The cool thing about the recent trades is that tons of comments from users are visible below each of those trade alerts. You cannot read all of the Bullseye Trades comments, but I think they provide value if you have any questions about trades. Also, you see how other users do, and you may discover additional insights on how to use the service with maximum efficiency.

It’s time to talk about the subscription plans in this Bullseye Trades review, taking the bull by the horn.

Bullseye Trades Costs

Signing up to Bullseye Trades normally costs $397 pre-paid for a year. With the discount offer, you get access for $297 per year ($100 Off). During a year, you’ll receive 52 weekly Bullseye Trades with mid-week updates to your inbox, alerts via the Raging Bull App and access to the dashboard.

Jeff Bishop head of options trading Raging Bull

Bullseye Trades Review Summary

Bullseye Trades is an excellent option picking service operated by Raging Bull’s founder Jeff Bishop. Jeff teaches highly recognizable price patterns for swing trading and proper risk management, and he explains the power of options. Every week, subscribers receive a new trade idea. The trade alert history is available to any subscribers within the Weekly Updates section of the Raging Bull dashboard.


  • Trade history with details available
  • Free educational content alongside the subscription
  • Trade alert once per week
  • Jeff has 20 years of experience as a trader
  • Bullseye Trades had a reasonable price point


  • No live streaming of Jeff’s trading portfolio
  • Not suitable for day trading
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