Bullseye Trades Review

Is Jeff Bishops Bullseye Trades trading service worth it? I went through the full program and wrote the Bullseye Trades review to reveal all facts. In short:

Bullseye Trades is a swing-trading service by Jeff Bishop. He sends one trade idea per week to subscribers. Jeff mentions the exact option contract with the strike price and expiration date. The alerts are being sent every Monday before the market open via email and via the brand new Raging Bull App.

Bullseye Trades Review

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What is Bullseye Trades?

Bullseye Trades is all about the one Bullseye trade idea for the week ahead. Subscribers receive the exact trade plan and options contract information via email on Monday. During the review period, I received the alerts about 90 minutes before the market open.

I can confirm that the email included the name of the stock, a detailed chart with annotations, a well-explained trading plan and the exact option details. The trading plan had the entry-level, stop price, price target along with the information about the precise option contract ready for the reader.

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But is the service really worth it? Let's get into it and discover the details of the program.

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Program Details

Bullseye Trades Review: Options Trading

Get Started

The Getting Started section contains a short welcome letter and a 3-minute introductory video. Subscribers should watch the video once and read the chasing trades and paper trading notice below the video. I like that Jeff points out the importance of starting slowly. By the way, paper trading is an excellent tool to test new trading strategies you learn from new trading services.

But it is also an excellent place to practice order placements. Jeff only trades easy to understand options trading strategies in this service. Therefore, the risk of wrong order entries is not that high. Practicing order entries is essential, and things have to work smoothly from the beginning. If you place your buy and sell orders via a mobile app while working full time, then you need to practice placing those orders from your mobile device.

Weekly Updates

The Weekly Updates section is incredible, and I recommend all of you to invest a significant amount of time studying the past trades. Not every trading service is transparent about recent picks to new subscribers. More often then not, subscribers have only access to the trade alerts starting at the time subscribing to a service. Bullseye Trades is different. You can analyze all previous trades from July 09, 2019, when Jeff sends out the first Bullseye Trade of the Week.

Here you find all Bullseye Trades and also the most recent one. As I mentioned, a trading idea chart with some annotations is part of every trade alerts. Jeff Bishop uses an hourly chart with the 13 simple moving average and 30-period simple moving average. He also uses the 200 SMA and the volume for the stock and applies all indicators on a 60-minutes time-frame.

Profit Kickstarter

If you are entirely new to options trading, then the Profit Kickstarter is a solid video course with a duration of about one hour. Jeff Bishop covers options trading education essentials in easy to understand videos. He explains, stocks, bonds, and options along with detailed information about:

  • Option strike price
  • Type of options
  • Long- and short option positions
  • Long and short Calls and Puts
  • Gravitational Lines
  • The Money Pattern
  • Breakouts
  • Maximizing profits and the importance of having a game plan.

Trading education is not the core strength of Bullseye Trades, but the information provided is reliable, and the videos are up-to-date.

The Trader's Black Book

The Trader's Black Book is an ebook with 81 pages of content. It covers the insights about options trading that Jeff collected in the past 20 years. I wouldn't say I like ebook's that much and prefer interactive videos and learning by doing it. But if you enjoy reading eBooks, then this is an interesting collection.

Exclusive Content

The exclusive Bullseye Trades content is another free addition to your subscription. But please, don't expect too much here. I think it matters to read those exclusive content blog posts in conjunction with the current market environment. Reading older posts in this category is not that beneficial IMO.

What is The Best Way to Get Started?

Setting up a paper trading account and executing the trade ideas in real-time, similar to the way you would do with real money, is the most important part. The Weekly Updates section is a real treasure and worth exploring. The cool thing about the recent trades is that below each of those trade alerts, tons of comments from users are visible. You cannot read all of the Bullseye Trades comments, but I think they provide value if you have any questions about trades. Also, you see how other users do, and you may discover additional insights on how to use the service with maximum efficiency.

The Profit Kickstarter, Traders's Black Book and the Exclusive Content section are helpful add-ons, but nothing fancy. But that's okay since the price is incredibly low relative to the service offered. You can start the service with only $49 if you want. It's time to talk about the subscription plans in this Bullseye Trades review taking the bull by the horn.

Subscription Plans

Bullseye Trades offer three different subscription plans. Participants of this free webinar get access to discounted prices.

Subscription Type Discount
Best Deal -82%
Great Deal -66%
Weekly Trial -60%

From a long-term perspective, the Bullseye Trades Best Deal offer is the way to go since it unlocks unlimited access and PriorityCare support. If you are uncertain about the service, the yearly membership is an excellent way to get started. If you want to be super careful, then the weekly trial is the way to go since it offers full access to the whole program for the lowest possible price.

Bullseye Trades Review Summary

Bullseye Trades is an excellent option picking service operated by Raging Bull's founder Jeff Bishop. The idea is to provide trade ideas aiming for a profit of 100% by trading only once every week. The track record is remarkable, and the trade alert history is available to any subscribers within the Weekly Updates section of the Raging Bull dashboard.

Bullseye Trades is mainly for people with a full-time job and limited time during a day to trade. Swing-Trading Alternatives are Fast 5 Trades by Kyle Dennis, and Jason Bond Picks by Jason Bond. Day traders consider using Nathan Bear's Weekly Money Multiplier service.


  • Trade history with details available
  • Free educational content alongside the subscription
  • Trade alert once per week before the market open
  • Jeff has 20 years of experience as a trader
  • Bullseye Trades had a reasonable price point


  • No live streaming of Jeff's trading portfolio
  • Not suitable for day trading



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