4 Smart Ways to Cash Personal Checks [Where & How]

Personal checks are no longer used as often as they were in the past. Before, when someone wanted to make a payment, all they had to do was to take out their checkbook and fill in the sum.

Afterward, the sum would be cashed in and the transaction would be done. Nowadays, Internet banking has fairly much taken over everything – and it’s much easier to make a few clicks than to bother with checks.

What they are, how they can be used, and where you can cash personal checks, you may find out by reading this article.

Cash personal check

What Are Personal Checks?

Personal checks are pretty much like every check out there: a piece of paper that you use in order to make a payment.

You fill it in with payment information about you and the one you want the pay. Once you hand that check over, the bank will use it to send money into your recipient’s account.

Since personal checks are exactly the way they sound, personal, you cannot link them with a business account.

Everything has to come from the sender’s personal account. This account will belong to an individual – or individuals if there are more people with rights to that account (for example, a married couple).

When Can You Use Personal Checks?

A check can be used to pay for pretty much everything, just as long as the recipient agrees to accept that check.

No matter if you are paying rent, buying groceries, or paying for insurance premium, a check can be an acceptable form to pay for everything. It is, at least, more convenient option compared to fumbling with actual cash.

However, if you want to cash personal checks, that is not possible wherever you go. This can either be due to trust issues – or actual funds issues.

For instance, a check that is linked to a business is always thought to have funds. However, if the account is personal, there is the risk that there won’t be sufficient funds – causing the check to bounce.

This is why you always need to ensure that every personal check that you want to cash in is legit. Otherwise, you might just end up with a large payment – and no funds to actually use.

Checks are also a fairly good option when it comes to payday loans. Generally speaking, when you are given the loan, you will leave a check with the sum as well.

On payday, the lender will cash in that check and recover their money.

Where Can I Cash Personal Checks?

As mentioned, personal checks are much riskier compared to checks that have been issued by the government.

There are various places where you can cash such a check – but there are also some rules that you will have to keep in mind. Here are some speedy cash locations that you can go to when you are paid with a check.

Exotic: 7-Eleven via Transact and Travel Centers

This is the most unusual one and indeed, if you decide to go to your gas station, they do not cash personal checks anymore.

However, 7-Eleven lets you cash in the check by using the Transact app that can be found here as part of their financial services. With this app, you take a picture of the check and you send it with your phone.

Within 48 hours, the balance will be sent into your prepaid 7-Eleven reloadable card. Once that is done, you can use that card at any place that accepts debit MasterCard (which are most retail and online stores).

You may also have more success at travel centers (the gas station of trucks) that are found as you drive on the interstates.

However, not every truck stop accepts these checks – so you may want to do some research into which ones do.

You may want to try Pilot Flying J (for guests up to $999.99) and TravelCenters of America, as they are the few select locations that may allow you to check the cash in.

However, you should be aware about the fact, that you have to pay a fee toch cash personal checks in most cases

Furthermore, Google can help you out when it comes to finding places to cash in your checks. You just have to type “personal check cashing near me,” and Google will use your location to provide the nearest cashing point.

Traditional: The Bank of the Issuer

One of the best ways to cash one would be to go to the bank where the issuer of the check has an account. You can usually find the name of that bank on the bottom left of the check – most of the time just above the line for memos.

This way, the people there can see whether or not there are funds available. If the funds are there, you will get your money.

If they aren’t, you won’t get the money – but at least you will know that you don’t have to pay for anything that you have previously bought.

However, you will need to bring your ID so that your identity is verified. Plus, since you are not one of their customers, you might be asked to come up with a non-customer fee.

Not every bank charges that, though, so you might want to do some research on their website before paying them a visit.

If they will do, it will likely be based on exactly how much money you plan on cashing.

Shop and Go: Walmart And Local Grocery Stores


We can see your surprised face here. “Does Walmart cash personal checks? They’re too big to trust anything that is not business-related.”

But whether you believe it or not, the average American lives within 10 to 15 minutes of a Walmart store. As a result, it is more likely that you will pass by a Walmart than by the issuing bank.

Plus, if you decide to do your grocery shopping at Walmart using that check, it will likely become your grocery money for the week.

However, you may have to pay a certain fee on every check, depending on the sum: $4 if the sum is under $1,000 and $8 if the sum is over $1,000.

You should keep in mind that Walmart has daily limits that usually stop at $5,000. They only go to $7,500 between January and April so that the tax refund checks and Christmas money are covered.

Bear in mind that while the limit is high like that, you won’t be able to directly come with a $5,000 check.

Since Walmart does not cash in any personal checks going over $200, you will have to come up with multiple checks within that sum (that is, if you want to buy more.

Local Grocery Stores

However, personal checks are indeed a hit or miss when it comes to local grocery stores. They may either be accepted – or they may not.

To be sure, you have to consult with the customer support and see what kind of checks they use.

Some stores accept money orders and cash payroll checks – but they may not use check into cash slips that have been written by hand. The risk of fraud is far too great.

There are very few grocery stores that will cash personal checks – four of them being found nationwide: Publix, Kmart, Albertson’s, and Safeway.

So, if you were asking yourself “Does Publix cash personal checks,” then your answer is “yes, they do.”

Depending on the store, the fees for check cashing can go three ways: free, $6 per check, or 2% of the check balance.

Considering that each store has its own cashing policy, you might want to become familiarized with that before attempting to make a purchase.

Free checking: Local Credit Union or Your Bank

Sometimes, no matter how much you may want to go to the issuer bank to cash personal checks, it may not be possible.

It may be too far away or there may not be one at all – which is why you will have to go to your local bank as a next resort.

However, since cashing a personal check with insufficient funds is not a risk that most personal banks are willing to take, you should not be surprised if the bank does not give you the entire sum.

Plus, you might also be charged higher fees compared to the issuer bank.

If you don’t want to pay all those fees, you might want to go for a credit union instead.

They don’t charge as much as banks do, and they are generally a great choice if you don’t require access to any national networks.

You might want to go for banks or credit unions that provide free checking. They may not be that common anymore – but they are not impossible to find.

Worst case scenario, if you cannot find a local bank to provide that for you, you can always try online. There are many trustworthy Internet banks that you can go for.

Cashing Personal Checks FAQ

What are the requirements for check into cash?

Technically speaking, anyone who has a check with their name on it – or has rights to that particular check – can cash it in.

If you are a third party, then you might want to have the signer “endorse” the check so that you may cash it in.

Once it has become clear that you can cash in that check, all you have to do is go to the cashing point with your ID.

Depending on the location, you may be asked to pay a fee – which can be a certain sum or a certain percentage from that check.

How much money can you get from check into cash?

The amount of money you can cash depends on where you are going to. Walmart, for instance, only cashes a maximum of $200 per check – but considering that it has a daily limit of $5,000, you can come up with multiple checks.

Each cashing point has its own policy, which is why you might want to discuss with the customer support desk first.

Where can you cash personal checks?

There are certain cashing points where you can cash a personal check – but ideally, you may want to go to the issuer bank. It’s the one that will ask for the least fees and the one that is likely willing to cash bigger checks as well.

Can check into cash garnish your wages?

This depends on where the check has to go – and how long your debts remain unpaid. For example, if you take out a payday loan and find a way to ditch the payments for a few months in a row, the court can intervene.

By this intervention, your employer will be asked to “garnish” your wage, forcing you to pay the debt back or withholding a portion of what you owe.

What are the requirements to get a payday loan?

Payday loans are fairly easy to get since the lenders don’t perform any credit checks on the borrower. All you will need to have is a stable source of income.

Simply put, you will need to bring proof that you have enough income to pay off the loan, generally all in one go.

Since the lenders will already have your written check, they will cash it at the moment your salary hits your account.

Final Thoughts On Cash Personal Check

It may be much easier nowadays to use credit cards or ATMs – but sometimes, the old-fashioned personal check is all you have.

However, considering that not every check can be cashed in anywhere, you will have to do some research into what places allow you to cash personal checks.

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