Review 2018 (Worth Paying $125 /m to Dan Zanger?)

This is a website offering a technical stock chart analysis and trading course like education service that was created by Daniel J. Zanger.

Dan has been featured in these publications and radio stations.

Daniel J. Zanger is focused on the most explosive stocks in todays stock market. He spent thousands hours of the last twenty five years for his detailed studies of every type of a chart pattern formation that may ever appear.

Ascending Triangles, Falling Wedges, Bull and Bear Flags to name a few. review review

He is well-known since he was featured in the Fortune Magazine and since he was the weekly host in several popular TV shows being produced by business channels in the United States.

In addition to this, Dan Zanger holds the world record for the largest percentage portfolio change within the time of 12 months in the history of the stock market.

On his website he shares his amazing knowledge in technical stock analyzing with his members.

He also explains how to find and how to anticipate the moments of explosive moves and how to reach the sky high profit with trade ideas that is the goal of every trader.

In any case, it is also highly interesting to read his “10 Golden Rules” and his “Trading Tips” to estimate how helpful this site may be. Dan Zanger Dan Zanger (source:

ChartPattern – The services they offer

For a subscription to ChartPattern, including the access to the daily chat room that is always open while the market is open, you have to pay a monthly charge of $ 125.

In this live chat room you will find many users of all possible levels – from day trading for beginners to highly professional and experienced traders.

At this place they all communicate to share their insight and opinions regarding the present movements on the market.

One of Zanger's trainees who already gained a lot of skills and experience is moderating the chat room.

Based on a set schedule, also Mr. Zanger himself attends the chat room to update his current watch list and to share his actual positions and his expectations regarding the further development of the market.

During these times Mr. Zanger also takes the time to answer all kinds of questions that his members ask in the chat.

This personal service is hard to find in similar chat rooms and it means a valuable help for the users.

Dan Zanger Review

Dan Zanger Review (source:

Dan Zanger also provides a newsletter containing an overview of the current situation of the major market indexes that includes the NYSE, SPX, IWM, SPY, DJIA and some more.

In addition, this email deals with the stocks that have been placed on the watch list and Mr. Zinger shares detailed and useful comments about the technical setup and the further development and processes.

The subscribers receive this newsletter on every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday evening.

The advantages for members of ChartPattern

  • Access to a selected chat room where traders talk about the movements on the market and about their trading strategies
  • Dan Zanger’s professional comments to share his impressing knowledge of technical stock trading
  • Market updates in the morning of every day before the market will be opened
  • A detailed newsletter three times a week that is focused on the major market indexes and on the most important stocks on watch
  • A big potential for profits in the probably biggest part of the whole industry – if the users follow the rules of the strategies that are provided and explained

The disadvantages of ChartPattern

  • This website only offers limited advice and no specific alerts for buying and selling. If a trader wants an expert to hold his hand, this is not the right place for this trader. But if a user looks for a true challenge to improve his skills and knowledge with the help of one of the most respected market technicians, this is the perfect service for him that will lead him to considerable benefits.
  • No Buy and Sell signals in real-time. Many traders prefer to hear about detailed enty and exit signals in real time, for example, "Buy XYZ at price X". Some traders might get confused and frustrated if they miss the perfect buy point and then they tend to blaming Mr. Zanger's service for not being clear enough. I understand the disappointment that beginners may feel in this situation. But if you are looking for realtime trade calls, then you have to look for another service like warrior trading. Review summary

There are so many alternatives out there. So, it is easy to find another provider who offers the same kind of value that Dan Zanger's service does.

His professional advice being based on his personal experiences is inestimable, but kind of outdated.

It is a significant advantage that he started as one of the common folks in the neighborhood and that he turned into a super star trader who made millions of dollars. His track record proves this.

However, I was not able to find any bank statements confirming ongoing success.

If you want to learn as much as ever possible from an outstanding expert and personality and if you want to navigate the market in a smart, professional and successful way, Dan Zanger and ChartPattern might offer you the right, effective and beneficial tools to reach your goals.

You should give it a try and join the free 2 weeks trial. This way you don't risk spending money for a service you don't like. If you like it, fine. If not, cancel your subscription within the trial period. If you are not satisfied, do not hesitate to compare the service with other trading tools. advantages

  • Operated by Daniel J. Zanger
  • Free Trial for 2 weeks available disadvantages

  • Historical Performance Data on the website outdated (the last big winners)
  • Old School website layout