ClayTrader Review 2018 – $1,997 is too expensive (+Free Alternatives)

ClayTrader is an international community of traders. At the moment the ClayTrader trading platform has about 4,200 members in more than 170 countries.

Clay, the 33 year old guy who created some trading courses, doesn't publish his real name on his site.

Instead of this, he tells the story how his workmates changed his first name to create his nickname “Day Trader” as he was watching stocks and technical charts during every little break when he was working as a process engineer for Honeywell.



However, he had started being attracted by the stock market already in 2005 when he was studying at the Ohio State University to get his degree in engineering.

ClayTrader website

ClayTrader website

What is ClayTrader and what do they offer at their platform?

“Clay Trader” presents himself as a nice down-to-earth guy next door to whom his family and friends mean a lot more than a fancy car, millions of dollars and the so-called Wall Street Lifestyle.

When he looks back to the beginnings of his trading, he realizes that it was his biggest problem not to have any clear strategy or foundation.

That's why he started searching for the perfect tools and after having a try with different opportunities, he decided to choose technical analysis and the use of charts as the most helpful strategy for successful trades.

Beside sharing his personal experiences and the ClayTrader charts, it is highly important to Clay to explain that he only started being successful when he had learned how to eliminate his emotions and how to focus completely on the charts.

Now this is one of the main points that he wants to pass on to his subscribers.

So, the main tasks that ClayTrader defined for the website are to provide the clients with really useful, helpful information for the best possible trade ideas and to teach them to eliminate their emotions to become better and more successful stock traders.

ClayTrader's website is offering a great overview to find the most important information within a short time and to get an idea of what ClayTrader is all about before you may move on to decide if you want to go deeper and if you are interested in a membership.

Beside this, there is a video introducing ClayTrader and explaining what the members of the Inner Circle may expect for their money.

In addition to the offers on his own website, ClayTrader is permanently active on Investopedia.

ClayTrader's constantly updated blog on this website deals with technical analysis and charts being the basis of professional trading.

It presents ClayTrader's website as a place where people interested in day trading will find free content and also premium training for those who are willing to invest some money in learning more to get better and more successful.

ClayTrader - Products, services and prices

ClayTrader - The Inner Circle Review

One of ClayTrader's main products is called The Inner Circle. To make the main idea behind it clear and simple, it says, you will be one of the best if you surround yourself with the best.

To make your decision easier if you may be interested in joining The Inner Circle, there are a free “Behind the Scenes Tour” with real life examples explaining what you can expect from your membership and a lot of testimonials from traders who are members already.

At no additional cost, where ever they are, the members also have access by using a Mobile App.

ClayTrader Review | Advantages

ClayTrader Review | Advantages (Source:

The members of this exclusive club will benefit from:



Power Profit Scans

This is a private newsletter from ClayTrader providing the members of The Inner Circle with Clay's personal scans and watch lists.

The Live Trading Chat Room

This may be called the heart of the community and this is where the traders share real-time comments, information and alerts. Only the members of The Inner Circle have access to this.

Network & Build Relationships

The idea behind this part of the offer is the fact that everybody may be more successful knowing the right people. Here the members build up their own network with other traders. They have the opportunity to exchange experiences and advice and to support each other.

Professional Environment

The design and the content are absolutely serious and professional. This is all about professional trading in the markets and there is no space for casino players in this business.


The subscription to The Inner Circle costs $99 per year. There is no possibility to pay for a shorter time, but there are bonus offers and ClayTrader discount codes.

For example, at the moment you receive a 10% discount store coupon when you subscribe.

As a little additional motivation, it is explained that paying the price for the membership for one year means to pay less than $2 per week.

ClayTrader - Trading Videos

On the website there are 10 helpful training videos that you can watch for free.

These ClayTrader Videos contain a lot of helpful information for the decision if you think a subscription may meet your needs.

In addition to this, you will find even more interesting videos in the ClayTrader YouTube channel. If you are searching for ClayTrader videos going in much deeper, the right place for you may be the following.

ClayTrader University

This offer is also called the Four Component Educational Strategy teaching you lots of true insider knowledge to improve your skills and your profit and giving you access to private forums. Here you will benefit from the following:

  • Bang for Your Buck - If you buy all of the available training courses separately, in the end you will have paid a total amount of $2,600. This offer gives you the opportunity to save more than $600. This way you will get access to all of the training courses that are offered. And these courses also include the highly interesting ClayTrader robotic trading review.
  • Live Interactive Webinars - Here you have the chance to join Clay himself and other students for interactive live study sessions about all kinds of trading topics. If you don't have time to make it live, all of these sessions are recorded and you can watch them later – whenever you want - and of course also all sessions of the past.
  • Lifetime Membership - This gives you access to the live trading chat rooms with Clay himself taking part. The subscription to the weekly ClayTrader newsletter “Power Profit Scans” is included. And once you use this ClayTrader login, this is for life if you don't decide to cancel it someday.
  • Network & Build Relationships - You have the chance to get to know other students with similar interests to develop business relationships for mutual benefits being based on the training you get.

ClayTrader University price:

At the moment you can purchase your membership for the ClayTrader University download for $1,997.

As mentioned above, this means a significant discount when you compare the price with the total amount you would have to pay for all separate video courses.

ClayTrader – Webinars

It is hard to believe, but true. ClayTrader is offering a free training event. You can sign up for this by simply choosing between the available dates and by making a reservation for your spot.

This is all about learning how to reduce the stress and to find peace of mind in the trading business and how to get rid of your fear, your emotions and your frustration to feel free and to become a better, more successful trader.

This webinar is based on Clay's personal experiences and you can tell, here he shares the lesson that he has learned himself.

ClayTrader Webinars

ClayTrader Webinars (Source:

He doesn't promise you any magic way to get rich fast and easily, but you will learn:​

  • To understand the reasons for your strong emotions to realize how the problems are caused and how to avoid them in the future
  • To answer the two most important questions to all serious traders that will enable you to kick your emotions aside
  • To find the right mindset that all professional traders need to approach the market in the most effective way to open the door to success
  • To use the perfect tool and to use it in the right way. This will turn your blueprint of successful trading into reality
  • To see the proof that this system really works and that it is much more than just a nice theory

ClayTrader – The Stock Trading Reality Podcast

Here you will find the hosts – Clay himself and Chezz – and ordinary people like you who are just trading in the market and sharing their experiences.

There is a new episode in every week that will motivate and inspire you even more.

As a subscriber, you will receive every new podcast episode with your weekly newsletter that is also including free advice for stock and option trading in every week.

Beside all this, ClayTrader offers a useful blog, resources and testimonials.

ClayTrader - Refund Policy

Regarding the subscriptions, there are no refunds at all. As you have full access all at once after signing up, there is no opportunity to change your mind later.

The only opportunity you have if you are not completely satisfied is to cancel your subscription for it will not be renewed automatically and for you will not have to pay for another cycle.

Also when you bought one of the educational courses, there will be no chance for a refund. Once you purchase the course, you can download it, you have it and you cannot give it back later.

When you buy Physical Merchandise products from ClayTrader, there will be no refunds either.

You have to make up your mind before you place the order because all purchases of this kind are understood as some kind of support for the community.

When it comes to the ClayTrader University, you have to remember that there is no guarantee for you will be successful and rich.

But if you don't download anything from the website and if you don't feel any kind of progress at all after filling out the interactive study guides, ClayTrader promises to refund the full amount you paid.

ClayTrader - Proof of Performance

For this review I searched for public account statements for ClayTrader, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any and so, it is not easy to tell if ClayTrader is truly and completely legit.

But it may be helpful to know that InvestorsHub classified it being the #1 ranked trader.

Beside this, this site contributes to Investopedia, one of the world's leading sources of financial knowledge and advice.

However, to get ClayTrader exposed, on the platform you will find a countless number of testimonies to read members' experiences and opinions.

ClayTrader Review – My personal summary

When you check the website, you can see that an experienced professional has started it to share his own personal skills and experiences. And he seems to do this with passion.

It makes a positive impression to read how Clay describes himself as a down-to-earth guy. And it sounds honest and true.

I also like it that he admits all honestly that he is not a winner all the time. He is surely right when he adds that everybody who claims this must be a liar.

Another good example for his down-to-earth way of thinking is his count to explain that the subscription costs less than your coffee in every week.

More important advantages are the free ClayTrader videos, The ClayTrader YouTube Channel, the discounts and all the member's testimonies, but I think, the biggest advantage of all is the free training webinar.

However, I don't like it too much that there are almost no chances for refunds if you are not satisfied with what you get, that you have to subscribe for a full year all at once and that there are no options for a monthly pay for you can find out if this service really meets your needs.

​Anyway, I really think that it may be a good idea for every serious trader wishing to improve his skills to give this a try and to find out if this service is perfect for him.

But please, be aware of the fact that if you decide to invest in the services that ClayTrader offers, you don't have any other choice but the Inner Circle for $99 per year.

Compared with similar offers, the ClayTrader University seems to be a little too expensive, especially in the beginning and without any chance for a refund.

In the field of education it is always better, first to be careful as e.g. “the chemistry between the educator and the student has to be right” for significant success and true improvements.

ClayTrader advantages

  • A real, professional, down-to-earth person as the creator and the operator of the platform
  • Free training webinar
  • Free “Behind the Scenes Tour”
  • Free videos and a discount for new subscriptions
  • Testimonies of many members you can get in touch with to create your own network

CayTrader disadvantages

  • Hardly any refunds available
  • Innercircle subscription only available for a whole year
  • Not everything is easy to find at the website
  • Too many pop-ups for immediate subscription
  • Not enough details describing the service
  • No verified track record / bank statement available on the website