Dollar Ace Review - Unusual Options Activity Trading with Kyle Dennis

Dollar Ace is one of the most popular services at Raging Bull. As lined out in my Kyle Dennis review, it is also one of the four services run by one of the most successful traders. Kyle Dennis was one of the winners of Jason Bond's Millionaire Roadmap. But let's focus on the here and now.

In this Dollar Ace review, I will show you precisely what you can expect from subscribing to this trading service, along with the costs, discounts, and some insights you won't find anywhere else.

Dollar Ace Review

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About Dollar Ace

The idea behind the concept of Dollar Ace is a unique way of making profits based on unusual options trading activity. By buying one option contract, you control 100 shares of a company. And if a prominent market participant places a trade buying 1,000 option contracts, then the assumption is that he knows something that others don't. Especially if he chooses an options strike price far out of the money.

And that's what the Dollar Ace strategy is all about. Kyle Dennis scans the market for unusual options activity and alerts you when a specific underlying meets his criteria. But it is more than just a print of a huge options trade. Kyle also analyzes the chart of the particular underlying share and checks the options chain for the best possible options to participate in the expected move.

Dollar Ace subscribers receive a short email with potential candidates - call and put options - which reflect the watchlist for a trading day. During the day, Kyle sends his alerts to subscribers once he opens, changes, or closes a position.

Dollar Ace Costs

Let's get it straight right from the beginning. Dollar Ace is one of the most expensive services Kyle offers. It's not $99 a year. The retail price is between $2,497 per year and $7,497 lifetime. So I think it is obvious that Kyle has to deliver to make such a subscription a good investment.

And instead of tons of blah blah like in many other Dollar Ace reviews, I give you more than just a sneak peek inside. I show you everything you get access to because there is much more than only a daily newsletter and options trade alerts.


Before we get finally started, let me tell you that there is a way of saving some good money by subscribing to Dollar Ace using the link below. This way, you gain access to Kyles Dollar Ace strategy, trade alerts, and educational content for $124.92 per month.

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User Dashboard

The Dollar Ace navigation element on the left of your RagingBull dashboard contains currently eight items:

Dollar Ace Raging Bull Dashboard

Get Started

Here you find the welcome message from Kyle Dennis explaining in more detail the idea behind Dollar Ace, additional unusual options activity information, and the things you can expect as a subscriber. Read it once, that's it.


The Dollar Ace Portfolio stream is the core of the service. Kyle streams his Dollar Ace portfolio in real-time. If you wonder what positions Kyle currently has, then this is the right place. Another benefit of using the portfolio view is that you see faster whenever Kyle changes his portfolio. That's because Kyle buys and sells positions and then sends out the email and text alerts. It saves you some time monitoring his portfolio in real-time since you can react faster compared to email-alerts.

Trade Alert Videos

From time to time, Kyle publishes trade alert videos to explain in more detail why he opened or closed specific positions within the Dollar Ace portfolio.

You can check by from time to time and watch those videos to get a better understanding of why he made what move.

Kyle Dennis Dollar Ace

Video Training

The video training module currently contains five lessons about options trading.

  • Lesson 1: Option Calls and Puts
  • Lesson 2: Construct of Options
  • Lesson 3: Unusual Options Activity
  • Lesson 4: Options Under $1
  • Lesson 5: Portfolio Allocation and Risk

The video lessons are short and straight to the point. Every subscriber should invest the time to watch the videos at least once to get a better understanding of options trading.

Stock Options Explained

The stock options explained course has 22 lessons, including the summary. It covers nearly everything about options trading in general. You can spend a few days working you through the content with text, charts, graphs, and videos by Jeff Bishop. This options trading course is available in different Raging Bull services, and whenever one plans to trade options, this course is the must-have foundation to understand what to do and what to avoid.

For example, beginners often oversee that one option controls 100 shares of a company. Also, beginners often oversee, that selling options for the premium lead to unlimited risk. Kyle does not sell options to collect premiums in the Dollar Ace trading service, but you get the point. It is essential to understand what options are, how to trade them, where the risk is, and so on.

Training Guides

The trading guides section links to three ebooks:

  • Biotech Trading
  • 7 Deadly Trading Sins
  • Middle-Class Millionaire

It's not the most valuable section of the service, but an excellent addition.

Trading Academy

The trading academy links to currently 68 webinar recording covering everything from:

  • Trading Psychology
  • Trading Platform Setup
  • Catalyst Trading
  • Swing Trading
  • Day Trading
  • Options Trading

The recordings were made back in 2017 and 2018, and together with the stock options explained course mentioned above, subscribers should have any information needed to understand options trading completely.

Some may argue that two-year-old recordings are too old, but IMO you cannot record the same content over and over again just to get it to a newer date. Options trading, in general, is based on strategies, functionalities, and greeks that exist for decades. I think the right way to handle this is to start with the stock options explained course and use the additional videos from the trading academy based on the topics.

Also, if Kyle mentions a specific trading strategy in his trade alerts videos, then it is a good idea to check out the trading academy videos for more in-depth information regarding the trading strategy.

Free Training

Kyle offers a free training on option trading with some more insights to the Dollar Ace unusual options trading activity strategy. You can join the free trading here.

Dollar Option Trader ebook

Here you can download the ebook called Dollar Option Trader free of charge.

eBook | Dollar Option Trader

From all ebooks, I'd start with this one because Kyle often references to the unusual options activity strategy - the core idea behind Dollar Ace. On 76 pages, he describes in detail how to use the service. Dollar Ace Trading reviews like this cover a lot of things. But before jumping right into it, the concept of a trading service has to be understood completely.

Otherwise, the money will end up anywhere but not on your account.

Dollar Ace Review Summary

You made it through the whole Dollar Ace Raging Bull review, and I hope that the information provided helps to make the best possible decision now. Kyle Dennis Dollar Ace trading service is a unique one, and it's hard to find a comparable one out there. Instead of sending just a newsletter and trade alerts out to subscribers, the content within the Raging Bull dashboard contains additional valuable information.

While it is possible to scan for unusual options activity on your behalf, Kyle does a decent job putting more work into it, analyzing the overall situation, and putting a short watchlist together.

There are plenty of opportunities to use those signals or the momentum such an alert creates.

For about $125 per month, subscribers gain access to trading strategies that make gains of 100% overnight possible.

But it needs proper preparation, low-risk sizes, a good understanding of the market, and options trading. The first trades should be placed within a paper trading module that most brokers offer these days. That's not only to check the potential of those trades but also to protect yourself from placing options orders wrong.

Options trading involves high risks, and there is a reason why brokers want you to confirm that you understood the risk of options trading before they allow you to trade those. This doesn't have to do anything with the Dollar Ace service, but it holds true for any options trading activity. You need to know what you do before trading with real money. And that's why it's always a good idea to start on paper even if you place a trade based on a paid service.


  • Portfolio streamed in real time
  • Watchlist via email before market open
  • Trade alerts with options strike price, entry price, and reason for the trade
  • Comprehensive "free" additional content about options trading within the Raging Bull dashboard.
  • Price fluctuations of options after trade alerts can also be used for short term day trading gains. Pro tip: Study the price development of Dollar Ace alerts and create a trading concept.


  • Options priced <$1 are sensitive when high trading volume comes in, therefore copy trading is not always possible. But as mentioned within the pros above, that also can be used in a smart alternative way.
  • Near-time tracking only if users watch the portfolio stream all day long because emails take additional time, and sometimes they do not contain all details.




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Updated: February 6, 2020
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