EquityFeed Review

Have you ever heard of EquityFeed? Would you like to get to know if they could be the right choice to provide you with what you need? I started to feel curious when I saw that they present themselves as the Stock Discovery Platform being the most actionable information platform for individual day traders, and swing traders.

They describe themselves as being an ultra-powerful stock screener and trading platform providing every day trader with amazing advantages that are reached by using 100 % real-time data and 100 % streaming.

And they even go one step further by stating that their trading tools were revolutionizing the monitoring of the stock market to give you the very best trade ideas you ever had.

This way they want to enable “little guys” to compete with the highly experienced professionals. This sounds promising and this inspired me to check this out for you.

EquityFeed Review
  • EquityFeed is a stock screening and trade alerts platform. They also allow to connect your broker with an deamlessly integration for fast trade execution. The 14-day free trial is a good starting point.

About EquityFeed

When I wanted to see a clear list of EquityFeed’s tools and and services, I had no chance as I had to deal with all the charts and pictures to find this information bit by bit and step by step.

This takes more time, but maybe some of you are more impressed by a fancy look of a website.

If yes, EquityFeed gives you what you like and I have to admit that it is no bad idea to add pictures of the services you offer.

But what do they offer in detail beside the modern look of the platform and with which kinds of tools and methods will they take you to a higher level of day trading?

These are the means and tools I found:

Ultra-Powerful Scanning enabling you to individualize your personal filters for Intraday trading. This changes stock hunting completely as the news and alerts for the stocks you are interested in will come to you while you don’t have to search for them anymore.

Level Two Quotes to give you the opportunity to look below the surface of the market. This one shows you every stock’s order book including some proprietary features that no one else if offering, like e.g. EquityFeed’s MM Activity Log.

News Trading by using a highly advanced, amazingly fast news streamer that was created especially for traders. With this one you will receive all news in real-time and with the advantage of impressing capabilities to filter these news especially for you.

Market Monitoring Genius for highly effective stock finding without any efforts. This seems to be the perfect tool for lazy people who don’t want to waste any more time with trying to pick active stocks that are just “in the game”. This tool will display all equity markets being ranked and sorted in the individual way you have chosen.

Decision Support to give you more confidence for your trade ideas and executions. When an interesting stock has been identified, in the same window you will find in-depth details in the shape of real-time data to help you to decide if you want to pull the trade trigger or not.

Personal Alerts providing you with all kinds of alerts you are interested in and you have set up. This will serve as your personal butler alerting you in real-time whenever there will be important news about a stock you are interested in. It reacts immediately whenever the price, the volume, the change or the asking and bidding will be modified.

Complete Alert Management providing you with the most useful trade alerts to make your day trading much more profitable. EquityFeed’s so-called “pattern recognition” tool alerts are keeping you informed in real-time. This will make you see highs and lows, breaking volume averages, breaking price averages, the movements of large block trades and everything else that you need, want and set up.

Watch-Lists with Power to keep your personal portfolio safe. The stocks you hold in your portfolio and the ones you are watching will always be the most important stocks of all for you. That’s why it is essential to enable you to watch these in real-time. You will receive all kinds of alerts and breaking news that may influence the development of these stocks. Within this tool you may create as many watch-lists as you need and there are unlimited ticker symbols for all of these watch-lists.

Well, this sounds like a useful box of tools that may be personalized in the perfect way to meet your needs.

But does it really work?

What I liked were the personal statements of several users reviewing each and every one of these tools. And there was a difference compared with most of the other platforms I visited so far. Here the users who express their experiences with these tools show their full name. To give you a short overview of the additional services, EquityFeed added the following:

  • unlimited watch-lists
  • unlimited ticker symbols for each and every one of these watch-lists
  • the opportunity to create unlimited custom layouts
  • pre-market data in real-time from 7 a.m. EST
  • after-market data in real-time until 7 p.m. EST
  • fast and reliable support by e-mail

These are a lot of services that EquityFeed offers to keep the promises I mentioned above. It will be interesting to see the prices for these tools in the following part of my EquityFeed review.

But before we will move on to this, I think, to get to know EquityFeed better, it may be interesting for you still to see which popular brokers are integrated with EquityFeed to ensure an instant trade execution and the fast speed in trading that is absolutely essential.

There are five well-known brokers you can use with EquityFeed and these are:

  • Interactive Brokers
  • RealTick
  • Sterling Trader
  • TD Ameritrade
  • Lightspeed Trading

But now we go on to try to find out which choices you can make and what it all costs.

Products and Costs

In every review I write, I like it to start this point with good news.

EquityFeed offers a 14-Day Free Trial. This means, you have two weeks to make personal experiences with all the services that I mentioned above and you can find out if they really keep all the promises and if they truly meet your needs.

During the time of your free trial you will have unlimited access to all tools and features in real-time – except of the Level Two Quotes.

And you will have full access to all U.S. equity markets, like e.g. NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC:BB, AMEX and the OTC Markets.

You will not be asked for your credit card information before you will decide to sign in for a paid subscription and if you won’t subscribe in the end of the free trial, your access to the platform will be shut off automatically, but it will not turn into a paid membership.

I think, this sounds really fair and this makes a difference compared with the free trial offers of many competitors.

You won’t need any special software to use EquityFeed. Every computer with a usual high-speed internet connection will do the job. When I looked for the prices for a paid subscription, I found three different options:

Individual Markets including the U.S. exchanges, like e.g. NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and OTC and, as an option, Level Two (U.S.)

Market Bundles including a U.S. Bundle, like e.g. NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and OTC and, as an option, Level Two (U.S.)

Microcap Bundles including U.S. Microcaps, like e.g. NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and OTC and, as an option, Level Two (U.S.)

But there are no fixed prices to compare. All you can see is the information that the pricing calculator will show you the exact monthly price according to the choice you will make. So, I guess, there will be no other way for you than to check the service out with your 14-Day Free Trial.

If you will be happy with the service and if you won’t want to miss it in the future, you will have to set up your preferences to find out how much this will cost per month. But well, you can still decide not to subscribe if you will see that the price will be too high.

EquityFeed Refund Policy

If you will have signed in for a paid subscription, but one day you will notice that you are not satisfied with EquityFeed’s service anymore, you can always cancel your subscription fast and easily within your account.

In this case, you will still have to pay for the current month, but you will not be charged again later. However, the refund policy of EquityFeed says that there will be no refunds and no exceptions from the rule.

Beside this, EquityFeed asks every user to read the Terms of Service carefully as they reserve the right to shut down an account in the case of some kind of abuse. And also if this may ever happen, there will be no refunds.


  • 14-Day Free Trial to find out if you will profit from investing money in a membership
  • no automatic turn into a paid membership in the end of your free trial
  • highly advanced tools and services that may be adjusted in an individual way
  • free access to the blog with a lot of useful information and advice
  • five popular brokers you can use with EquityFeed
  • the possibility to cancel your subscription in every month


Whenever I see that a free trial is offered at a platform I investigate, I see this as a very big plus and it gives me much more confidence in the tools and services of that trading platform. Honestly, would you allow everybody to check your service out for free if this would only make them see how bad it is?

So, I see the 14-Day Free Trial as a significant advantage, especially since it doesn’t even turn into a paid membership in this end. This sounds more than fair and this impressed me for sure.

The tools and services sound great and highly advanced and I like it that every trader may adjust them according to his or her preferences. What I didn’t like at all is the lack of information regarding the prices of paid memberships of all possible kinds.

So, when you start with your free trial, you don’t even know yet how much it will cost when you will decide to sign in later. However, EquityFeed makes big promises and addresses the service to the “little guys” in the business.

I guess, if you really want to know if EquityFeed may keep all of these promises, you will have to find it out by signing in for a free trial.

There is no risk in this and you won’t lose anything. So, if you are curious for how all these tools may work for you, just go on and check it out. You should also consider trying the free trial that TrendSpider provides. Continue reading the TrendSpider review to learn all about the benefits, features, and costs.

Update: EquityFeed is now available under the new brand Scanz at scanz.com. The product is a bit different, and I wrote a Scanz review taking a closer look at the features.


About the author: Alexander is the founder of daytradingz.com and has 20 years of experience in the financial markets. He aims to make trading and investing easy to understand for everybody, and has been quoted on Benzinga, Business Insider and GOBankingRates.