Fast 5 Trades Review: Swing Trading with Kyle Dennis for $197/year

Fast five trades is a low-cost stock picking service operated by Kyle Dennis at Raging Bull. For $197/year, subscribers receive a trade alert every Monday morning. Compared to the performance since inception in November 2019, the $197 are just a fraction of the potential profits. But is Fast 5 Trades worth the money? That's precisely what you find out in this Kyle Dennis Fast 5 Trades Review.

Fast 5 Trades Review | Kyle Dennis

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About Fast 5 Trades

The person behind this stock picking service is Kyle Dennis, a millionaire trader at RagingBull. He won the Millionaire Roadmap a few years ago and now operates some trading services within the Raging Bull universe. The unusual options activity service Dollar Ace is one of them, the Sniper Report and FDA Insider report are the other ones and part of the Kyle Dennis review overview.

But different from some other Kyle Dennis services, this highest conviction trade service is all about the stock market. To be more specific about small-cap stocks. Every Monday morning, Kyle sends out an email- and text message alert to all subscribers. I've put this review together to help you make the due diligence even faster by taking a closer look at the exact features. Weeks ago, Kyle started this service, and people love it so far.

Fast 5 Trades Costs

The cool thing about Fast Five Trades is the fact that it is cheap. In fact, it is one of the most inexpensive stock picking services out there and comes with a stunning performance so far. But even if a trading service costs only $197/year, it's always good to know if it's worth it or a pure scam.

Kyle Dennis Fast 5 Trades Discount

Before we jump right into the features section, I'll tell you more about the best way to sign up. Usually, the service is more expensive, but with one little hack, you can get it for $197/year. The only thing you have to do is using the link below. That's it; the link is already connected with the discount.

Here is how the order form with the applied discount looks like:

Fast Five Trades Discount

Service Preview

I can hear you. Most reviews focus on repeating everything you already know. But this review is different. I reveal the whole structure of the service, all features, and provide you with insights about some recent trades. I'll also show you how the RagingBull dashboard looks like and what content you can expect when subscribing.

The navigation menu looks like this:

Fast Five Trades Review | Dashboard

Now let's talk about the content behind each item.

Get Started

Here you find a little introduction video with some additional information about the things you can expect as a subscriber. Besides basic information, Kyle informs you that as an F5Trades subscriber, you have access to three of his books:

  • The Seven Deadly Trading Sins
  • The Middle-Class Millionaire
  • The $2.9 Million Biotech Playbook

Check it out once, download the ebooks, and you are all set.

Weekly Updates

Often, trading services do not give access to previous trade alerts. Fast 5 is different since, as a subscriber, you always have access to the whole history of trade alerts. The first alert was sent on November 11, 2019. And as you can see below, the post is still there. It contains the exact entry conditions, stop loss level, and target price. Kyle did also comment on the current price spike.

You should definitely invest at least a day to analyze all those trades that were made in the past. You will notice that most of the recommendations had an irrational price spike, and prices went even far beyond the target. Anyway, do you due diligence first, analyze the trades, the stock price, the buy zone, stop zone, and profit zone. Use an intraday chart to check what entries would have been possible with what share size and what strategy works best for you for this type of trades.

I noticed, that the catalyst event for the Fast5 alerts was always well researched and that the trading patterns were profitable in the past. While this is no guarantee for the future, it underlines the success of Kyles trading strategy in the past.

Let me give you a few examples, with some charts, setups, thesis, and stock alerts that hyped Kyles trading account higher.

First of all, let's have a look at the trade alert from Monday morning November 11, 2019.

DMPI - DelMar Pharmaceuticals

The buy zone was between $0.65 and $0.75, the profit zone around $0.85 and higher, and the stop zone at $0.5.

DMPI Alert

Now compare the chart from November to a newer one. As you can see, the price spiked up to $1.25 on November 25, 2019.


The maximum potential was around 100%, but the profit zone that Kyle sent out to subscribers was hit earlier. Please note the clean movement of the daily candlesticks and the fact that DMPI closed the gap from August 2019 with the move in November. As you can see, there where various opportunities to make money from this alert.

  1. Original trade from entry zone to target zone (Kyles orginal trade)
  2. 2nd leg with equal low led to higher high and gap close (interesting observation)

NOK - Nokia Corp

Here is another example from December 30, 2019. The trade was for Nokia Corp (NOK). The idea behind the trade was to use the January effect. If stocks where down huge in a year, people tend to eat the losses for tax reasons and then jump on the train again in the new year. In this case, it worked very well and much better than expected.

NOK | Nokia Corp

The buy zone was below $3.7, and the profit zone at $3.90 and higher. At the top, Nokia was at $4.24 in January 2020.


Many people might think that this low price of ~$3.8 per week for the service is too cheap to be worth it. But during my review, I noticed that the Monday morning trade alerts were great so far. I'll receive the trade alerts in the future and keep you posted on my new findings.

I think the most crucial aspect is that subscribers have to determine what kind of trading style they want to use. Kyle doesn't care about chart formations once the trade is opened. I found some nice chart patterns that could be used on a daily basis for an even better risk-reward ratio. Also, some intraday movements look promising.

5 Minute Work Week

I was kind of surprised when I opened this tab within my dashboard since there are 68 webinar recordings behind this tab. That's amazing, and the videos alone are worth the subscription costs. Kyle is talking about charting, trading patterns, and trading strategies. He explains the most important fundamentals and SEC filings.

Here are the main video categories:

  • Swing trading and catalysts
  • Day trading
  • Option Trading
  • Trading Platform
  • Trading Psychology

Your time is better invested in studying the recent Fast Tive trades, but this video section is a nice add-on.

Training Guides

Behind the trading guides navigation item, you find access to Kyle's three ebooks.

  • The Seven Deadly Trading Sins
  • The Middle Class Millionaire
  • The 2.9 Million Dollar Biotech Playbook

Fast 5 Trades Review Summary

I was kind of surprised while conducting this review. Before I started the review, I did not expect that much from it. Before I wrote the Dollar Ace review and Dollar Ace is more expensive compared to this Kyle Dennis service. So I was a bit undecided if Fast 5 is worth it.

But I have to commit that I like the idea of getting one clear trade idea every Monday morning. Not a list with tons of candidates, but instead one chosen stock. The stock market offers a few thousand candidates, so it's a cool thing to have only one at once. The Fast 5 trade alerts where of a good start since the inception of the service, and the time will tell if the Kyle Dennis service will keep the excellent track record by sending just one trade every Monday morning.

For me, the best way to get started is by analyzing all the past trades step by step. As a subscriber, you should make screenshots on various time frames, and if possible, export and analyze the times & sales. I think it is not realistic to expect that every single trade can be copied since sometimes the market moves fast when many people hop on a trade alert. In fact, subscribers have to be fast if they want to copy the trades. The text messages are probably the quickest way to receive trade alerts, followed by email alerts.

Also, the discounted price of $197should be seen as an excellent opportunity to monitor the first trades on paper. There is no need to jump into the action from day one. Subscribe for the discounted price, then check when the alerts are sent via text message, and when do the emails arrive in your inbox. Make notes of the time stamp and compare it to the times and sales.

Also, make some screenshots of the lowest possible intraday time-frame. If you do this for the first four weeks, then you are much better prepared. Based on your analyzes of the first few trades, you can better decide what strategy works best for you. This is important. You have to find what works best for you. It doesn't matter what works best for others. Stay on paper for a while, and don't let the advertising emails distract you from your main objective - making the most out of this service.



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