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The lack of capital is one of the most common showstoppers for traders to trade and earn a comfortable income. However, if you are unable to scale your profits, even the best strategy will fail to live up to your expectations. Proprietary trading companies bridge the gap between traders and capital with trader funding. They grant traders the opportunity to trade at scale and with virtually no risk while also getting a share of the earned profits.

If you are first entering financial markets and have decided to go down the route of funded trading accounts, you will most likely stumble across Fidelcrest as one of the popular players in the niche. The following Fidelcrest Review will help you examine the service provider’s products, terms, and costs to find out whether it should be among the top options to consider.

fidelcrest review

About Fidelcrest

Fidelcrest is a globally operating proprietary trading firm with headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus, and was founded in 2018. The company gives ordinary yet skilled traders that have met specific requirements access to accounts with real funds up to $400,000, thus, enabling them to make a difference in their lives.

According to the site of the company, the Fieldcrest management team is comprised of Forex traders and professionals with more than ten years of experience in the niche, working for global brokerage companies. However, there is no further information about who owns and runs the company, which is uncommon considering the typical transparency we are used to seeing in the niche.

Fidelcrest states that its mission is to help retail clients make steady gains over long periods. With more than 6,000 active traders from all across the world, Fieldcrest is considered among the most prominent trading prop firms and funded trader account providers.

The company offers a wide range of account size options designed to suit traders with various levels of expertise and needs.

The Fidelcrest trading challenge starts with an evaluation period where you will trade with a demo account and upon predefined trading rules. Once they have passed the challenge within the required trading period, account holders can receive funding and start trading over 1,000 trading instruments.

All holders of Fidelcrest accounts should know that the company has strict rules described in their Trader Agreement. Violation of any of these rules would result in account suspension.

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The Funded Account Offerings

The company provides two types of funded trader accounts and they don’t limit users to trading forex. The challenge account supports over 1,000 instruments from various asset classes, including CFDs, cryptocurrencies, metals, commodities, stock CFDs, and more. However, the main focus is forex trading and the supported asset classes differ depending on the chosen broker.

Fidelcrest works with top brokers and supports the most popular trading platforms, including MT4/MT5 or cTrader.


The Fidelcrest MicroFX+ Prop Trading Program is for those making their first steps on forex markets. Alternatively, for beginners who want to test their trading skills before jumping into the high waters of bigger account options.

The program’s primary goal is to teach traders and beginner fund managers basic trading and risk management skills. However, it also grants the opportunity to earn real money after completing just a single phase (min. 5 trading days).

To participate in the program, the trader has to pass three steps, a trading challenge phase, a funded verification procedure, and a professional account opening.

You will have to prove that you can trade by reaching the minimum profit target within 30 calendar days during the first phase. Once you succeed, you will enter the Funded Verification phase. You will have to prove that you can trade with a funded account with a responsible and consistent strategy and reach the minimum profit goal within 30 calendar days. If you complete this step successfully, you will become one of Fidelcrest’s team members.

Traders can choose from two options: MicroFx+ Normal and Micro Aggressive.

Profit Targets, Profit Split, and Funding Capital Terms

The terms for the MicroFx+ Normal program include:

  • Profit target: 5% (0% after verification phase)
  • Funding: from $5,000 to $20,000
  • Minimum trading days: 10
  • Maximum loss: 10%
  • Profit share: 70% (40% during evaluation phase)
  • Cost: a one-time fee of between €99 and €199

The terms for the Micro Aggressive program include:

  • Profit target: 15% (0% after verification phase)
  • Funding: from $5,000 to $20,000
  • Minimum trading days: 5
  • Maximum loss: 20%
  • Profit share: 80% (40% during evaluation phase)
  • Cost: a one-time fee of between €149 and €349

A key benefit of the Micro Fx+ programs is that you will receive a second attempt for free by using the promo code “2NDFREE” when purchasing the trading challenge. That way, if you don’t hit the profit target, you can try again without having to pay the one-time fee.

In addition, the successful completion of the MicroFX Challenge will ensure you get your evaluation fee refunded. However, the refund is deposited into your bonus wallet, and you won’t be able to make a withdrawal request. It can be used only to purchase new Fidelcrest challenge accounts.


Fidelcrest ProFX+ is the professional-level offering of the company. The trading program is designed for experienced traders with good risk management skills and a sound trading plan.

ProFx traders can start earning real money after completing only one phase (min 10 trading days). If successful, the trader can get funding up to $400,000.

Similar to the Micro FX+ program, here, you will also have to pass three steps, a trading challenge, a funded verification procedure, and a professional account opening. Again, the terms are the same and, if you manage to hit your profit targets within the required time frame and without violating any of the rules, you will be granted funding.

Fidelcrest offers ProFx+ in two options: ProFx+ Normal and ProFx Aggressive.

Profit Targets, Profit Split, and Funding Capital Terms

The terms for the ProFx+ Normal program include:

  • Profit target: 10% (0% after verification phase)
  • Initial capital funding: from $50,000 to $400,000
  • Minimum trading days: 10
  • Maximum loss: 10%
  • Profit share: 70% (40% during evaluation phase)
  • Cost: a one-time fee of between €349 and €1,499

The terms for the ProFx Aggressive program include:

  • Profit target: 20% (0% after passing the verification stages for each account tier)
  • Initial capital funding: from $50,000 to $200,000
  • Minimum trading days: 10
  • Maximum loss: 20%
  • Profit share: 80% (40% during evaluation phase)
  • Cost: a one-time fee of between €549 and €1,399

Trading Strategy and Terms

It is safe to say that the Fidelcrest offers are renowned for having some of the most flexible terms on the market.

For example, the company doesn’t limit you in terms of what trading strategy to use. You can use whatever trading techniques work for you as long as you can show consistency and proper risk management. You aren’t even required to use stop-loss orders (although it is often better if you do).

The funded trader programs allow for the application of swing trading strategies, and you are free to keep positions open overnight, over weekends, or holidays. The only requirement is to liquidate your positions before the trading period ends.

The only restriction that Fidelcrest imposes is against EAs and trading robots. The reason is that the prop firm mostly looks for traders who can buy and sell based on their own analysis and not automation. Yet, if using EAs and trading profits can unleash your profitability, you can be granted an exception. All you have to do is to contact Fidelcrest’s Customer Support Team.

Also, Fidelcrest doesn’t allow you to have a 3rd party trade your account or copy trading due to risk management policies. However, this isn’t surprising as most funded trading account providers follow such a rule.

Customer Support Team

You can reach out to the Fidelcrest customer support in various channels.

The quickest way to get your issue or answer addressed is through live chat. It is open 24 hours on business days, but they might reply to your chat request via email on some occasions. Unfortunately, the live chat doesn’t work on weekends.

According to the information on the website, the average response time is 1 minute.

Clients who prefer other ways of communication can opt for email, social media, and a ticketing system.

Fidelcrest Review Summary

The prop firm offers some of the most flexible terms on the market and one of the highest profit-sharing schemes. It gives traders the freedom to buy and sell all types of instruments and apply advanced trading techniques.

The different tiers of the Fidelcrest funded trader accounts make it a suitable choice for all types of market participants, including beginners, professional traders, risk managers, and more.

Fidelcrest has a disadvantage compared to other funded trading accounts. With Fidelcrest, you have to trade the same instruments in all phases. The problem is that, based on their account management section in the knowledge base (under how is my account monitored), you need to use a new account with each trading period/phase. This is complicated, and it can happen that the broker in Phase 2 does not support the trading instrument you used in Phase 1. As a result, you face a problem since the terms and conditions require you to trade the same instruments, which you can not do.

While its online reputation isn’t necessarily impeccable, with users expressing frustration mostly about customer support issues and strict and rigorous validation process, there are means to believe Fidelcrest is worth trying.

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Overall Rating



Is Fidelcrest legit?

Although it is hard to find any information regarding the management of Fidelcrest, the company is legit. It is owned and operated by Fidelcrest Ltd, with a registered office in Nicosia, Cyprus. Fidelcrest has been around since 2018, and its operations hadn’t raised any major red flags so far.

How does Fidelcrest work?

The company offers funded trader programs that require completing three phases, a trading challenge, a funded verification procedure, and a professional account opening. On each step, you should make sure to comply with the rules and requirements. If successful, you will be granted funding with a profit share mechanism of 70% or 80%.

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