I Need Money (7 Ways How And Where To Get It in 2018)

All of us know these moments when you exclaim “I need money”. Many people worldwide are  over-indebted. ​As a result, this group is particularly affected, but even without excessive debt the need for money is a permanent one for most people. After all, in almost all countries the respective economy is based on a more or less pronounced monetary system. 

Money rules the world, a hackneyed but still valid wisdom. Consequently, the phrase “I need money” is justified everywhere and in almost every income bracket. It is the rule rather than the exception that the demand for money does not decrease with rising income.

Higher incomes  usually are tied to higher expenses, so even after, for example, a wage increase one quickly reaches the point when the money is finished with still “a lot of month left” and one exclaims “I need money” once more. How and where to get money out of turn is explained in this article.



Feed money into the bank account today

The checking account is the main source of livelihood in most households. If there is an imbalance as a result of overdrawing the credit line, one may quickly end up in a situation with the bills no longer being paid and cash machines not producing any more bank notes.

Sometimes only a few ​dollars prevent an account owner from having the bank block the account. What needs to be done is just to pay in a certain amount that has to be procured somehow.

We want to list these possibilities for quick cash, leaving out the obvious solutions, like borrowing money from a bank or lending from friends and relatives. These solutions will come to mind first. But what other opportunities are there to really make some money quickly the same day?

1. Short-term employment

Especially for city dwellers this is a great way to make instant money the same day. Offices offering day jobs can be found in the employment agencies offices. However, you must not be picky about the job and the pay.

As a rule, these are activities requiring a good physical condition and are paid ​only a few hours an hour. But sometimes there are also day jobs for “intellectual” work, such as tutoring, or simple office work like sorting documents. The salary will in any case be paid on the same day.

2. Donating blood or plasma

Anyone who is reasonably healthy may donate his or her life juice for a fee in various hospitals or special blood transfusion services. In addition, blood pressure, pulse and hemoglobin value must be good, and likewise, one must be free of infections.

Between 25 and 30 ​dollars are paid for about half a liter of blood​. But this is feasible only every 8 weeks. More rewarding is the plasma donation or the platelet donation, which can bring 50 ​dollars and can be repeated every other week. 

So far, science has only partially succeeded in reproducing human blood artificially. Medicine will continue to be dependent on real blood and its components for a long time to come. 

3. Instant sales on eBay

In almost every household there are items that others need, especially if these things can be acquired at a competitive price, Via eBay instant sales, such items can be sold quickly. Ideally, you‘ll need a PayPal account to which the buyer can transfer the purchase price. This is necessary for fast, same day payment transactions. Bank transfers still take 2 to 3 days.

4. Pawning

Cash can be obtained in a completely uncomplicated and fast way by pawning objects. But pawnbrokers don‘t accept everything. The pawn must be something that can be sold again if necessary. Modern electronic devices for example are happily accepted items, such as a smartphone or a tablet.

Some specialized pawn shops accept even high-quality cameras or motor vehicles. Genuine gold and silver jewelery is equally suitable. To redeem the pledge there is a maximum time limit of 4 months. Subsequently the object passes into the possession of the pawn broker and is auctioned off.

​5. Factoring

For the ever expanding circle of self-employed, factoring is a solution if you cannot wait for customers to finally pay up. Factoring is the pre-financing of invoices by specialized firms.

To this end the factoring company and the self-employed enter into an agreement. All issued invoices are sent once to the customer and in copy to the „factor“. The factor in turn immediately transfers about 90% of the outstanding invoice amount.

As soon as the bill has been settled by the customer, the factor calculates his own expense. Usually, if no dunning procedure has to be initiated, the costs amount to approximately 2.5 to 3% of the invoice amount. These will be deducted from the 10% withheld, the remainder will be transferred to the self-employed.

How exactly and under what conditions a factor is prepared to enter into a cooperation depends on the respective company. In relation to the prospect of having to wait weeks and weeks for payment of bills, 3% of  invoice deduction by the factoring company probably represents the lesser evil. Especially since the capital base of today's self-employed is usually quite thin.

If the time frame to cover the account is a little more generous there are other possibilities:

6. Sublet your own apartment or a room for the night

Landlords and applicants can get in touch on platforms like Airbnb. This is especially worthwhile for homeowners or tenants living in busy cities. During certain trade fair weeks for example most hotels are fully booked and still quite expensive.

Similarly, private rooms are leased for increasingly popular city breaks. Anyone who is a tenant and wants to sublet by the night usually needs the consent of the landlord.

​7. Convert the rental deposit into cash

As a tenant you usually deposit 2 or even 3 months' rent with the landlord . This amount is used to compensate for any rent arrears or damage to the apartment that you caused and did not repair.

The landlord is required by law to invest the deposit with the usual interest rate. For this, however, a bank guarantee is sufficient. 

For this purpose, companies offer tenants the conversion of the rental deposit into cash.

The landlord receives a bank guarantee in the amount of the required deposit and you as a tenant do not have to raise the sum for the deposit immediately or you can obtain a refund for the already paid amount.

From a financial point of view, the whole process is called surety insurance. You, the tenant, pay an annual fee for the provision of the security deposit as well as interest on the security deposit.

The catch here are the various costs depending on the provider and the fact that the landlord is not obliged to accept a rental guarantee.

Where can I get cash right away?

I need money and this without offering anything in exchange! The possibilities based on an exchange for cash have been described above.

In fact, headlines such as „Millionaire gives away money in 2016“ or „Billionaire gives away money in 2017“ are repeatedly found on the  web.

Of course this raises some hope that from this rich blessing something will fall the way of the one or the other destitute who just needs a bit of money.

But in most cases this does not work randomly nor drop by drop.

The owners of large fortunes certainly donate a lot of money, for example, the Gates couple and the investor Warren Buffet who run a charitable foundation with capital of about 43 billion US dollars.

But individuals very rarely come into consideration as recipients and if so, only after previous examination of the facts. People in developed countries with a high standard of living are usually not targeted by donors.

Everyone will have to admit that there are many people in the world who need help. The prospect of receiving cash from a millionaire or billionaire is pretty hopeless.

On the other hand, living in a rich country is a huge advantage, since the state or the local government will jump in and actually provide cash in emergencies.

But these must be real emergencies and the situation so alarming that there is no other way out.

Another way to try and obtain cash is to encourage your environment to donate. There are different possibilities to achieve this, like presenting your own story and plight on a crowdfunding platform.

​The statement „I need money“ is by no means unusual both on the internet and in real life.

Conclusion to “I need money”

The world wide web has been around for 25 years now. As a global interactive medium it showcases – among other things – human needs and fears in condensed form, among them surely the fear of lacking money.

Interactivity at light speed has vastly increased the opportunities for both applicants and donors. Of course this attracts not only those with honest intentions – on both sides. As a result, there is a healthy mistrust when a plea or an offer is made on the subject of “I need money”.

In the above paragraphs the call for money refers to situations that are a bottleneck or an emergency. Otherwise it would be more appropriate to say “I want money”.

The phrase “I desperately need money” is a sometimes suitable grammatical way of underlining the urgency.

In any case using the web makes it possible to shorten the time between a plea and the eventual solution of the problem enormously.

There may be some black sheep and undoubtedly donations under false pretenses flow into dark channels, but on the other hand the internet helps at least as much by shortening donation paths.

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