IG Group Review and Rating 2018

What is IG and what do they offer?

For more than 40 years by now, IG belongs to the global market leaders in online trading. Its regulated offers include more than 10,000 tradeable securities.

Within one single account, the clients trade Indices, Shares, Forex, Digitals, Bitcoins, Commodities, Options, Bonds and more. Never before trading on international markets has ever been so easy.

IG being part of the IG Group Holdings Plc is well-known for its award-winning service, its highly competitive charges, its advanced and innovative tools for online trading, its outstanding training options and its excellent reputation being based on multiple global awards and the company's trustworthiness for being officially authorized and regulated.

IG Markets | website

IG Markets | website

Back in 1974, IG Index was founded as the world's very first financial spread betting company offering investors an innovative method to speculate on gold.

Since then, this London-based pioneer in the trading business went through continuous further developments and ongoing innovations to change the face of trading - always according to the requirements of modern times to stay on top all through the years. For example, in 1998 IG offered the first online trading service and in 2008 it was the very first company in the business that allowed trading via iPhone.

Now, with more than 40 years of proven success and experience, IG belongs to the market leaders in the U.K., in Australia, in France, in Singapore and in many other countries.

Today this powerful international organization is able to present a debt-fee balance sheet, to prove its constantly strong growth and to present its strength in stability and resources.

And the figures speak for themselves. Already in 2016, IG had more than 150,000 active clients all over the world, 15 international offices and 1,400 staff members working for IG and it reported a quarterly average of more than 7 millions transactions, a trading revenue of £456.3 millions per year and a market cap of £2.9 billions.

IG's State of the art trading technology

Professional investors and traders appreciate IG for its outstandingly fast, efficient and reliable platform that belongs to the most customer friendly websites in the business and that combines highly competitive charges with advanced tools.

IG's tools and methods are constantly updated and improved to fulfill the requirements of the further development of the market and to meet the needs of their clients at every time.

The clear design of the platform makes it easy to navigate through the many useful features while the latest features are always added as soon as they appear in the market. This enables the users to handle fast and well informed trade executions.

One click dealing with IG

One click dealing with IG

The main trading platform of IG is web-based and the IG's clients also have full access when they are using smartphones or tablet devices of all kinds. Beside this, since 2013, IG also offers the so-called MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform that gives the users the opportunity to run a desktop or mobile version of the software.

  • iPhone & iPad
  • Android mobile & Android tablet
  • Windows phone & Windows tablet
IG mobile apps

IG mobile apps (source: ig.com)

Best in class Trading Platform

IG's web-based trading platform with its well organized layout makes it easy for the investors to place their order directly by using computers, laptops or mobile devices.

As soon as the users are logged in, they can see account balance details, like e.g. the equity, ongoing profits and losses and even more account-related points in the top row of the screen where most of the sections and categories are listed for a perfect general overview.

By clicking on the respective section in the chart window, the traders will find a big choice of many helpful categories, like e.g. alerts, technical analysis tools, drawing functions, various layouts and different time frames.

IG Trading Platform

IG Trading Platform

Regarding the charts, one of the most advanced opportunities are the new icons appearing on a historical timeline making it possible to compare the current market prices with news events of the past and with the complete history of the chart.

In the tools section of the platform, IG's clients will find an especially advanced charting tool that is called ProRealTime. This one offers charting solutions for all kinds of markets with two third-party providers – Auto Chartist and Trading Central – adding even more information.

Another example for the significantly advanced technology that IG uses is the opportunity to place individual alerts with a choice of 22 different indicators.

Overall, IG's award-winning trading platform includes the following tools and features:

  • Free essential and mobile charts
  • A highly advanced market screener
  • The possibility of fast and reliable trading executions that even meet the needs of actions under time pressure
  • Automatic trading alerts that help the users to react immediately to the latest market news
  • Integrated access to the ProRealTime charts
  • Automated trading fitting with the user's individual strategy and schedule
  • Multi-venue technology to reach the best possible prices

Resarch tools & advanced analysis with IG (click to enlarge)

IG - Products, services and prices

IG offers its users all that is really needed for professional trading – and even more – for fair commissions without any hidden charges and combined with a fast and easy way of handling the platform.

  • Indices
  • Shares
  • Forex
  • Digital 100s
  • Bitcoin
  • Commodities
  • Options
  • Interest Rates
  • Sectors
  • Bonds
  • Sunday trading

IG – Free Demo Account

Before interested traders and investors have to make their final decision if the online trading platform that IG offers will really meet their needs, they have the opportunity first to have a try with the free demo account enabling them to practice without any costs or risk. This helpful feature offers the following:

  • Practice in trading with $20,000 of virtual money, also being available by using IG's free mobile and tablet apps
  • Access to prices, charts and other features on 24 hours a day
  • Fast navigation between news, charts and tickets for virtual investments
  • The possibility to adjust the interface to the user's individual trading style and methods

In addition to this, there is a free platform review including a “Welcome Video” explaining the most important functions and features.

IG Demo Account

IG Demo Account

IG - Charges and Fees

IG - Additional Services

Top 9 advantages of IG

One of the world's best registered and regulated online platforms

More than 40 years of experience in the business with a great international reputation are making IG trustworthy and reliable

All of the highly advanced trading tools are capable of fast day trading executions and they are constantly updated and improved

The clear design of the web-based platform makes it easy to navigate through it – for professional traders as well as for beginners

The users also have full access to their account via smartphone or tablet - where ever they are and all around the clock

Transparent and highly competitive prices without any hidden charges

Free demo account for beginners to practice with virtual money before making the decision to sign in

Free education opportunities for beginners and also for professional traders

Reduced fees during the CFD introduction program

IG Review – My personal summary

As one of the most popular and well-known global market leaders in online trading, IG combines transparent value-priced trades with advanced and helpful tools for analyzing and for research and with a well designed trading platform that makes it easy to navigate through it.

The fees and commissions may be checked at the platform and there are no hidden charges. The products, the tools and the customer service are on a very high level being based on more than 40 years of experience in the business and they are still constantly improved.

The good overview and the speed of the trade execution are additional advantages of this platform.

Especially CFD and Forex traders will find access to most of the existing markets while IG requires a much smaller minimum deposit than its competitors. So, IG is also a perfect option for beginners and for traders with a lower budget.

The advanced features are easy to handle and the clients have the opportunity to use all features of this award-winning platform on their computer or on their smartphone or tablet.

IG order ticket

This way, the users have always access to reliable real-time market data and research tools and they receive helpful real-time alerts that they can adjust to their individual preferences.

The service team is available and ready to help via live chat, by e-mail and on the phone – on 24 hours from Monday to Friday. In addition to this, the users have the opportunity to support each other in the IG community.

It is also important that IG is proved by the high number of traders using this platform and by the awards mentioned above.

Without any doubt, IG belongs to the leaders in the competition and the many free options for education are another significant plus in the market.

IG | Main advantages

  • Transparent and highly competitive commission-based fees for trading
  • Fast and easy execution of trades on the well designed platform
  • Reliable, powerful tools and alerts to analyze the market
  • 40 years of experience being used in the constant progress and improvement
  • Free demo account and CFD introduction program for beginners
  • Access to a big range of markets, currency pairs and multi-asset CFDs

IG | Main disadvantages

  • Research tools opening in a new window so that the users have to switch between these tabs and the main platform for trades
  • No easy handling to adjust the size of the platform windows to a permanently user-friendly layout

​Rating: 7,5/10

IG Review

IG Review

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