IG Group Review and Rating 2018

What is IG and what do they offer?

For more than 40 years by now, IG has been among the global market leaders in online trading. Its regulated offerings include more than 10,000 products and services, among them CFD trading, share trading, Forex trading, indices, commodities, bonds, binaries, other international markets and several asset classes.

IG, a part of the IG Group Holdings Plc, is well-known for its award-winning service, its competitive charges, its innovative tools for online trading, its outstanding training options and its excellent reputation, the latter based on multiple global awards, and the company's trustworthiness for being officially authorized and regulated.



Back in 1974, IG Index was founded as the world's very first financial spread betting company offering investors an innovative method to speculate on gold.

Since then, this London-based pioneer in the trading business went through continuous further developments and ongoing innovations to change the face of trading – always according to the requirements of modern times and staying on top all through the years. In 1998 IG offered the first online broker trading service and in 2008 it was the very first company to allow trading via iPhone.

After more than 40 years of proven success and experience, IG is among the market leaders in the U.K., in Australia, in France, in Singapore and in many other countries. Today the international organization is able to present a debt-free balance sheet proving its constantly strong growth, stability and resources. 

​As of 2017, IG had more than 185,000 active clients all over the world, 15 international offices and 1,400 staff members working for IG. It reported a quarterly average of more than 7 millions transactions, a trading revenue of £456.3 millions per year and a market cap of £2.9 billions.

​State of the art trading technology

Professional investors and traders appreciate IG for its fast, efficient and reliable platform that belongs to the most customer friendly websites in the business, combining highly competitive charges with advanced tools.

IG's tools and methods are constantly updated and improved to fulfill the requirements of the further development of the market and to meet the needs of their clients.

The IG online platform convinces with its clear design. This facilitates navigating through the many useful features. New features are always added as soon as they become available in the market. This enables the users to make quick and well informed trade decisions.

The main trading platform of IG is web-based. Clients have full access by smartphones or tablet devices of all kinds. Beside this, since 2013, IG also offers the so-called MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform giving users the opportunity to run a desktop or mobile version of the software.

One click dealing with IG

One click dealing with IG

The main trading platform of IG is web-based and the IG's clients also have full access when they are using smartphones or tablet devices of all kinds.

Beside this, since 2013, IG also offers the so-called MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform that gives the users the opportunity to run a desktop or mobile version of the software.

  • ​iPhone & iPad
  • ​Android mobile & Android table
  • ​Windows phone & Windows tablet
IG mobile apps

IG mobile apps (source: ig.com)

​The IG Trading Platform

IG's web-based trading platform with its well organized layout makes it easy for the investors to place their order directly by using computers, laptops or mobile devices.

As soon as the users are logged in, they can see account balance details, like the equity, ongoing profits and losses and even more account-related points. The top row of the screen lists most sections and categories in a perfect general overview.

IG Trading Platform

IG Trading Platform

By clicking on the chart window, the traders will find many different helpful categories, among them alerts, technical, drawing, layout and different time frames.

Regarding the charts, one of the most advanced opportunities are the new icons appearing on a historical timeline making it possible to compare the current market prices with news events of the past and with the complete chart history.

Among the toolsIG's clients will find an especially advanced charting tool called ProRealTime, offering charting solutions for all kinds of markets with two third-party providers – Auto Chartist and Trading Central – adding even more information.

Another example IG’s advanced technology is the opportunity to place individual alerts with a choice of 22 different indicators.

Overall, IG's award-winning trading platform includes the following tools and features:

  • ​Free essential and mobile charts
  • ​A highly advanced market screener
  • ​The possibility of fast and reliable trading executions that even meet the needs of actions under time pressure
  • check-square-o
    Automatic trading alerts that help the users to react immediately to the latest market news
  • check-square-o
    Integrated access to the ProRealTime charts
  • check-square-o
    Automated trading fitting with the user's individual strategy and schedule
  • check-square-o
    Multi-venue technology to reach the best possible prices

Research options

Beside the competitive charges and the big choice of products to trade that IG offers, two of the main advantages are the highly advanced analysis section and the extent of the research content on this platform.

It offers research in the shape of an economic calendar containing divided payments, company earnings, IPOs and stock splits. Additionally, there are a market screener and market data that may easily be adjusted to the user's needs and preferences and streaming news from Reuters.

The research tools for shares provide essential data, like price to earnings relations, the capitalization of the market, divided yields, yearly fiscal earnings per share and returns on the investment.

With the help of a scale, all of the parameters may be filtered and specified fast and user-friendly. Forex traders will appreciate the macroeconomics news tab while the other options for research are most useful for share and for CFD brokers.

Very handy that all the research tools open in a new tab while the user section stays being active and the user is still logged in!

The market data section of the platform refers to the user's country and location to provide him with specified news for his area and interest.

​Products, services and prices

IG offers its users all they might need for professional trading – and even more – for fair commissions without any hidden charges and combined with a fast and easy way of handling the platform.

  • ​Bitcoin
  • ​Commodities
  • ​Options
  • ​Interest Rates
  • ​Sectors
  • ​Bonds
  • ​Sunday trading

IG - The Free Demo Account

Before interested traders and investors have to make their final decision if the online trading platform that IG offers will really meet their needs, they have the opportunity first to have a try with the free demo account enabling them to practice without any costs or risk. This helpful feature offers the following:

  • ​Practice in trading with $20,000 of virtual money, also available on IG's free mobile and tablet apps
  • ​Access to prices, charts and other features 24 hours a day
  • ​Fast navigation between news, charts and tickets for virtual investments
  • ​Possibility to adjust the interface to the user's individual trading style and methods
IG Demo Account

IG Demo Account

In addition to this, there is a free platform review including a “Welcome Video” explaining the most important functions and features.

Charges and Fees

A user deciding to sign in to IG will find all charges and fees completely transparent. There are no additional hidden charges.

The opportunity to start with a live account with only £250 may be highly interesting for beginners but also for professional traders who want to test the platform before investing more.

The highly competitive charges for volume traders are commission-based. For online Forex trades only a deposit of £1,000 is needed at IG. This amount is significantly less than what one has to invest for accounts with comparable competitors.

Overview of the general charges of IG:

  • ​All-in cost EUR/US$ - active:                                         $0.36
  • ​All-in cost GBP/US$ - active:                                         $1,09
  • ​Average spread EUR/US$ - standard:                        $0,70
  • ​Average spread GBP/US$ - standard:                        $1,28

​On every non-share CFD, the users pay a spread and on every CFD share they pay commission as follows:


​Commission per side

​Min charge (online)

​Margin required




From 5%.


​2 cents per share


From 5%.




From 5%.




From 5%.

​When it comes to CFD trading online, IG users trading on margin have the choice between different ranges of international stock indices. These are the minimum spreads:

  • Australia 200: 1.0
  • Wall Street:     1.8
  • Germany 30:  1.0
  • FTSE 100:        1.0

Of course these are just examples, but all detailed fees are found on IG's website. One may be sure only to pay the costs shown in advance. Another advantage is the simple commission structure and flat, low currency fees.

For example, the commission of $8 per trade on Australian shares belongs to the lowest of all in Australia.

Starting from US$10 per trade, users may trade more than 7,000 international shares on major indices.

Beside this, IG only charges a flat rate of 0.3% on currency conversions – with the option to avoid these costs by using a multi-currency account.

IG – Free Education

IG offers many options of free education to support users in improving their trading skills while benefiting from IG's more than 40 years of experience in the business. These options are created for beginners as well as for active traders. They include:

  • ​Educational courses in the shape of written guides and videos for all skill levels, to get started with the markets, to get familiar with the platform and to gain better knowledge, including financial markets, risk management, trading discipline, leverages and margins.
  • ​Interactive live webinars for beginners and for professionals being presented by IG's Chief Market Strategist Chris Weston. These so-called “Trading Masterclasses” are focused on current happenings connecting real tradings with possible further developments during the next few days. Every webinar ends with an intense Q&A session and a discussion. Access is gained by signing up for a free demo account. After that, one may watch recordings of the last webinars and register for the upcoming ones.
  • ​IG Academy app combiningthe free download of the app with a step-by-step course to learn how to use it most effectively.
  • ​Free glossary of trading terms on the platform

CFD Introduction Program

This gives new users the opportunity to trade with less risk while they learn more about the basics in CFD trading platforms and CFD trading online. During the first two weeks after signing in, new users only pay 50% of the regular trade size with a minimal online commission of $1.

Customer Support

The professional, high quality and friendly customer service of IG is available on 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday and may also be contacted via live chat.


Every live account holder and holders of a demo account have access to the IG community where IG clients discuss trading and the markets, sharing their knowledge, ideas and experiences.

A good way to learn more about all available services and products and be the first to get to know new features and products. Besides, users may earn rankings, badges and prizes for the best contributions.

Is IG registered and regulated?

IG belongs to the best registered and regulated trading platforms of all, giving the users more safety and confidence. For example, IG is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the U.K.,- with the register number 195355 (IG Markets Limited) and with the register number 114059 (IG Index Limited).

What else may be interesting?

Traders interested in sports may like to know that IG Australia is partnering with the Melbourne Football Club, one of the world's oldest professional football clubs. Since IG became their proud sponsor, IG's logo has been on the coaching staff and on the players' training tops.

IG in the U.K. is the official sponsor of the Harlequins Rugby Union.


IG provides a long list of awards on the website.

Among them is in 2015 the “Stockies Award for the Best CFD Provider” for the seventh year in a row and the “Stockies Award for the Best Forex Provider” for the third year in a row.
In addition to this, it is constantly recognized for its outstanding tools for mobile trading.

Besides, IG calls itself the world's #1 spread betting and CFD provider. This is based on the number of active U.K. financial spread betting accounts (Investment Trends U.K. Leveraged Trading Report October 2016) for CFDs, based on the revenue excluding FX (published financial statements, October 2016).

Instead of using a blog, one may ask the IG community for further testimonies and access many press releases about IG on the platform.

Top 9 advantages of IG

One of the world's best registered and regulated online platforms

More than 40 years of experience in the business with a great international reputation for trustworthiness and reliability

Highly advanced trading tools capable of fast trade executions, and constantly updated and improved

Well-designed web-based platform, easy to navigate for professional traders as well as for beginners

Full access to account via smartphone or tablet wherever and whenever

Transparent and highly competitive prices, no hidden charges

Free demo account for beginners to practice with virtual money before making the decision to sign in

Free education opportunities for beginners and also for professional traders

Reduced fees during the CFD introduction program

IG Review - a personal cunclusion

As one of the most popular and well-known global market leaders in online trading, IG combines transparent value-priced trades with advanced and helpful tools for analysis and research.

The well designed trading platform makes it easy to navigate through it. Fees and commissions may be checked at the platform, and there are no hidden charges.



The products, the tools and the customer service are on a very high level, based on more than 40 years of experience in the business and a commitment to ongoing improvements.

The good overview and the speed of the trade execution are additional advantages.

Especially CFD and Forex traders will find access to most of the existing markets while IG requires a much smaller minimum deposit than its competitors. This makes IG a perfect choice for beginners, and for traders with a lower budget.

The advanced features are easy to handle and clients have the opportunity to use all features of this award-winning platform on their computer or on their smartphone or tablet.

This way, the users have always access to reliable real-time market data and research tools and they receive helpful real-time alerts that may be adjusted to individual preferences.

Without any doubt, IG is one of the leading providers, and the many free options for education are another significant plus.

The service team is available and ready to help via live chat, by e-mail and on the phone – for 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

Besides users have the opportunity to support each other in the IG community. 

The high number of traders using this platform and the abovementioned awards are further points in favor of this online broker.

IG order ticket

IG’s advantages and disadvantages at a glance

  • ​Transparent and highly competitive commission-based fees for trading without any hidden charges
  • check-square-o
    Fast and easy execution of trades on the well designed platform
  • ​Reliable, powerful tools and alerts to analyze the market
  • ​40 years of experience being used in the constant progress and improvement
  • ​Free demo account and CFD introduction program for beginners
  • check-square-o
    Access to a wide range of markets, currency pairs and multi-asset CFDs
  • ​Detailed explanations of the commission fees that are complicated for beginners
  • ​Overall, the platform requires more than just beginners' knowledge to use properly

Of course everyone interested in taking up trading should form their own opinions, however IG is really one of the best and most transparent providers with notable options especially for beginners. https://www.ig.com/uk


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