Infinite Prosperity Review 2019

What is Infinite Prosperity?

Infinite Prosperity is an Australian Forex trading education website offering online trading education courses for beginners and for professionals in the financial business who want to improve their skills.

Infinite Prosperity Review

Infinite Prosperity Review (source:

This platform presents itself as being focused on making innovative and complex financial strategies easy to understand by reducing the giant amount of information to some few essential strategies and procedures that promise their subscribers fast and remarkable progress.

The current support team consists of 12 members from Australia, from the USA, from the UK and from Canada being available from Monday to Friday all through the opening hours of the market.

Who are the founders of Infinite Prosperity?

Amy Sangster, Robert Himler and Lewis Mocker founded the Infinite Prosperity Australia Pty Ltd. in 2010, but the public launch of the platform only took place in 2012. By now the company is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Alpha Equities & Futures Ltd.

Amy Sangster, one of the founders of the platform, had started trading when she was still a teenager. After graduating with impressing success, she decided to turn Forex trading into a serious career.

Only a short time later she was amazingly successful. Today she is well-known for her story of becoming a millionaire and buying a Lamborghini Gallardo at the age of only 22.

After reaching this she started Infinitive Prosperity together with Robert Himler. With their Forex education platform they wanted to inspire and to motivate others to follow their dreams and to get serious in making them come true.

On the platform you can read that there is no promise to get rich quickly, no money for nothing and no success without any work and that, beside the potential, you still and always have to consider the risk.

This sounds down to earth, realistic and reputable, but here I see a little contradiction as Amy Sangster is also well-known for publishing news and pictures of her fancy house and cars and for enjoying it to speak about all the money she made with trading so far. This makes me a little more careful. So, let's go deeper to find out more about this trading educator.

What does Infinite Prosperity offer?

Infinite Prosperity provides the following:

  • Step by step trading courses for all different kinds of levels
  • Trading education
  • Additional lessons to find out what you really want and lessons in psychology and in the right way to think
  • Trading software as a helpful tool
  • Basic knowledge in money-management and in an effective time-management
  • The so-called “three swing trading strategies”
  • A training and support program for the subscribers
  • Access to the website's community of traders from all over the world
  • Support for life for everybody who once was a student of Infinite Prosperity

Especially by considering the background of the founders, at this point it means a good sign that when the users look at the services that Infinite Prosperity offers, they are reminded of the things that are not offered or even promised, like e.g. a magic, guaranteed way to get rich all suddenly, success without hard work, money for nothing or unrealistic aims.

What is their motivation?

Infinite Prosperity describes their philosophy and motivation as being based on the fact that everybody in this world has a professional mission that also influences other people's work and lives.

That's why the education program being offered is aimed at encouraging, promoting and developing the individual potential, the financial knowledge and the trading skills of every student.

Where do they see their own difference being compared with similar education platforms?

Infinite Prosperity is completely focused on a trading education program for foreign exchange trading and on making it easy to understand for all of the students.

The personal development of every student, his personal goals and his individual way of life are important points of the complete education program. The founders of Infinite Prosperity believe in it that success starts inside before it happens outside.

So, a lot of attention is paid to helping the students to make up their minds about the goals they really want to reach, to learn how to avoid risks and traps, to manage their own income in an effective way and to create their own perfect kind of lifestyle.

It is not denied that trading foreign exchanges is connected with a remarkable risk and that not all investors are capable of handling it.

That's why everybody who is interested in subscribing is encouraged first to contact the support team to speak about his ideas and goals and to join the global community of students who exchange their thoughts, opinions and experiences.

In this context it is even said that Infinite Prosperity uses to turn down a lot of potential students who have the wrong imagination and thoughts about Forex trading.

In which social media channels is Infinite Prosperity active and which kind of proofs of their performance do they provide?

But all this doesn't really prove yet that Infinite Prosperity really works.

Infinite Prosperity – Products, Services and Prices?

The membership includes 10 Infinite Prosperity lessons and 3 strategies being available for downloading. However, before the subscribers have to make the decision if it will truly meet their needs to invest money in this way of education, they have the possibility to sign in for free for:

  • the first two lessons of the program
  • educational trading videos
  • access to the blog
Infinite Prosperity | pricing

Infinite Prosperity | pricing (source:

At the moment, the “Silver Membership” is offered for a special price of $349 instead of $499. This membership includes:

  • the download of all ten lessons of the program with the claimed guarantee of 99,75% of positive feedback
  • three trading strategies
  • student support
  • educational trading videos
  • access to the blog
  • a licensed education provider
  • the so-called “Go Gold Later”-offer for $300

At the moment, the “Gold Membership” is offered for a special price of $549 instead of $699. This membership includes:

  • the download of all ten lessons of the program with the claimed guarantee of 99,75% of positive feedback
  • three trading strategies
  • student support
  • educational trading videos
  • access to the blog
  • a personal trading mentor
  • a licensed education provider
  • access to the VIP community
  • priority support by e-mail
  • IP's Pro Traders Journal software

More info about the products and services

What else do I have to tell you about Infinite Prosperity?

In addition to all that I mentioned above, there is a FAQ section on the website that may help to answer some of the interested users' questions without any need to contact the support team.

I didn't find any rules for refunds in the case when subscribers will not be satisfied with what they got for the price they paid. Of course this is not unusual in this business, but this doesn't make it any better.

I also miss individual statements and testimonies of students sharing their personal experiences with this education program and I noticed that the blog has not been updated lately as the last entry is almost six months old. So, it is not all easy to get a realistic idea of the true efficiency of this program to find out if these methods have really helped a lot of students before.

My personal summary?

Infinite Prosperity seems to be really motivated and dedicated to helping the students to improve their skills with the help of their lessons and services. The titles of their lessons include essential basic knowledge and it makes sense to me that they focus on teaching their students more about themselves and their own personal goals before seriously entering the business.

I also like it that there is a personal trading mentor for the subscribers of the “Gold Membership” and that the students have the opportunity to exchange their personal ideas and experiences in the community or even in the VIP community. And I give Infinite Prosperity a plus for being honest enough for not making any promises that they can't keep.

However, the background of the founders and their focus on the money they made and the things they can afford leaves me with some kind of doubt – just like the lack of testimony of true success with this method. And if a high discount is offered for all of the services, I start asking myself if the original prices were not far too high on purpose to make the discounts sound great.

Beside this, it can't be denied that by now, this kind of education seems to be a little bit old-fashioned, especially when you compare it with much more professional and convincing trading educators, like e.g. Warrior Trading, where true account statements are published on the platform.

Infinite Prosperity advantages

  • Free trial with two lessons, trading videos and access to the blog before the need to subscribe
  • Free contact with the support team for a well informed decision about a possible subscription
  • Facebook community
  • No unrealistic promises

Infinite Prosperity disadvantages

  • Amazingly short videos presenting the 10 basic lessons without any advanced technology being involved and without any separate choice for beginners and for active traders
  • No personal statements and testimonies of students who can prove the success of the methods and the last blog entry of November 2016
  • No really transparent fees without any hidden charges because of additional videos and packages that you will only find “by surprise” due to a not really advanced website navigation
  • “Voted #1 Online Forex Course” on top of the website – without any proof or comment explaining this vote
  • Questionable public appearance of the founders presenting the money they made and the things they can afford
  • ​No verified track record / bank statement available on the website