Interview Series (Influencers, Start-Ups, Educators and Entrepreneurs)

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Ross Cameron | Founder & CEO of (Interview)
Interview with Ross Cameron – Founder of Warrior Trading and Head Trading Mentor. Here you will find the answers to the most important questions.
Dan Mirkin – Co-Founder & CEO of Trade Ideas LLC (Interview)
8 Questions to Dan Mirkin, CO-Founder, CEO and Senior Managing Partner of Trade Ideas LLC. Creator of Holly - The Artificial intelligence stock screener.
Troy Epperson | Head Futures Trainer of NOFT-Traders (Interview)
7 Questions to Troy Epperson, Head Futures trainer of Ninja Order Flow Traders aka | I was surprised about one particular answer. | Interview with Subash Atreya (Founder & CEO)
Investfly was founded with a mission to enable stock traders to leverage technology to make trading decisions. They wanted to focus on automated trading.
Alain Guillot | Canadian Finance-Blogger & Coach (Interview)
Interview with Finanical Coach Alain Guillot. He says that personal finance is not that difficult. He shows his readers that there is an alternative.
Mike Rawson | U.K. Finance Blogger | (Interview)
Interview with private investor and blogger Mike Rawson ( 7 Circles is a personal finance website aimed at private investors in the UK.
Barbara Friedberg – Finance Blogger & Expert Investor (Interview)
Barbara Friedberg – Veteran portfolio manager, expert investor, and former university finance instructor (she is talking about her goals and new projects). | Interview with Tim du Toit (Founder & CEO) – Interview with Tim du Toit. Is the Quant Investing stock screener the best choice for you? After reading this interview you‘ll know.