Investors Hub Review

This Investors Hub review reveals the 3 most important reasons why ADVN’s ihub message board is one of the best stock research websites for penny stocks.

Investors Hub Review

Investorshub Review: Key Facts
🚀 Features Message boards, data tools, newswire
✅ Best For Investors, traders
💰 Pricing $0-$52 per month
👛 Discounts 1 Month Free

About Investors Hub (ihub) is an independently US-based subsidiary of ADVN PLC. Investors Hub (ihub) was built to provide serious investors with a great forum to talk about trading related topics.

Investors share their market insights and perspectives. Day trading penny stocks and low float stocks are two of the most discussed topics at InvestorsHub.

Investorshub provides the following major stock boards and stock message boards:

  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Forex
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • The lounge

And Investors Hub goes further. Data tools for charting, trading, portfolios, newsletters, stock scanners and other helpful features are provided for free. In this Investors Hub review, I will show you the most exciting features Investorshub provides.

Who is Investors Hub best for?

Ihub is a message board for speculative oriented investors. The boards contain mainly postings about low-priced penny stocks with prices per share of $5 and below. Penny stocks belong to the riskiest and speculative stocks. Investing in penny stocks can be dangerous, and you can lose all your invested money by doing just one wrong step.

Tim Sykes is one of the best-known penny stock traders. Most investors use those stocks for momentum day trading and scalping. Some hold it longer term, but short term investments are the primary intent. Investors Hub is best for penny stock traders being aware of the risk of trading those stocks.

InvestorsHub Hot! Tab

The Hot! Tab is one of the most interesting parts of IHUB. When you are on their site, then you just click at “Hot!” and you will gain access to:

  • Breakout Boards
  • Follow Feed
  • iHub My Stocks Activity
  • Ticker Buzz Cloud
  • Most Read
  • Most Posted
  • Most Followed Members
  • Recent News
  • News by Market
  • Active Boards
  • Site Stats
  • New Boards
  • Cannabis Stocks
  • Top PlusCoin Posters

The InvestorHub Breakout Boards

Right at the top, you can select breakout boards. Here you can find the hottest discussed topics of today. Have a look at the column “Posts Today,” and you will see immediately what the actively discussed stock is.

Investors hub message board

The stock symbol is just two columns further in the column “Quote.” I don’t know why they call the stock symbol column “quote.” It seems that they do because a click on the symbol will bring you to the detailed quote metrics.

investors hub stock message board

Have a look at the “Last Column.” Most of the stocks listed are priced below 1 penny. It is ridiculous risky to trade them! Stay away and run as long as you can!

Other iHub Hot! Tab Items

As lined out above, there are different categories too. Most of them are boring without any useful content. One interesting part is the most followed member’s category. Interstingwise ClayTrader has the most followers here with more than 8,500 followers right now.

bulletin-leader-claytrader at ihub

Also, the Investors Hub ADVFN site stats are impressive.

ihub statistics

Right now more than 711 thousand registered members published > 148 million posts. Would be interesting to know if one of those was helpful to make money in the long run.

InvestorsHub for Free

You will notice that you cannot enter every page of the site without registration. But, once you typed in your name, email, and password, you will face this statement.

sign up and ihub log in

Once confirmed, you can use the ihub login including Level 2, and the party begins – or not?

Is Investors Hub a scam?

No, not a scam but the email-capturing process seems to be a bit “unfair”. Why? For example, if you chose “Level 2” in the navigation bar, then you are being forced to sign up “for free” to see the content of the InvestorsHub Level 2 section. At first, this gives the impression that Level 2 access only needs a free registration.

Once you have entered your personal information you get notified, that Level 2 is a premium tool. Not for free at all. Now Investorshub has your email, and you do not have any Level 2 data. Why not mentioning right from the beginning that Level 2 data costs money?

ihub level 2 data and fees

On the one hand, side its understandable that InvestorsHub has to make money. On the other hand side, it could be done more transparently.

Investorshub Tools


Investors Hub charts are kept very basic.

Investorshub Charting

The iHub charting studies, overlays and configurable charting preferences are okay.

Investorhub Charting

But all in one I would go with a more interesting free charting tools solution like Finviz or TradingView.

Stock Screener

In the navigation under “tools,” “more tools,” “stock screener” you will find the InvestorsHub stock screener. You can screen over 10,000 companies based on over 500 criteria. The settings can be saved for later.

investor hub stock screener

The stock screener is the most exciting feature Investors Hub provides. The stock screener is easy to handle, and key metrics can be added, changed and removed with a mouse click.

It is not the best stock screener but an interesting free stock screener. Day traders and penny stock scalpers should take a look at Trade Ideas. Trade Ideas is the best stock screener for any short term trader. Also, Ross Cameron aka Warrior Trading, who recently turned a $500 account into 1 million, uses Trade Ideas.

ihub Down

If you receive the message that ihub is down, then wait a minute and try again. Ihub is web-based and relies on the availability of the investorsub servers.

Investors Hub Pricing Options

As mentioned you can use a lot of ihub functionalities for free. Most of those free products are available if you register for free with your email address. While you can enjoy delayed data for free, every real-time subscription costs money.

investor hub free and delayed quotes

Ihub level 1 starter, for example, costs $15.87 per month. The small-cap basic package $33.03 per month, small-cap pro $49.05 per month and big cap pro $52.04 per month.

Unusual ihup pricing scheme by the way

Do you notice the pricing tag behind the comma? That’s probably something the marketing department came up with.

investorhub pricing and cost

The top package is the ihub ultimate trader package. With $80.29 per month, you gain access to many interesting features.

While those features look reasonable at first, at the 2nd look they are not that great. The times and sales access, for example, is limited to the last 100 trades. That way you cannot check the history price development based on trading timestamps.

Ultimate Trader - Investorhub

Plus, every trader with using a day trading broker should already have access to a level 2 window for stocks within the brokerage platform.

Here are some more details about the level 1 and level 2 data included in each subscription:

ihub payment options

You can save the fee for one month if you pay annually. But you should avoid doing so.

If you are interested in ihub’s services, then subscribe month by month.

investhub paypal payment

There are also some additional services available like stock chat boards, unlimited post frequency, access to more stocks at the same time.

additional ihub services

And all in all, you can easily spend about $100 per month for Investors Hub. Let’s go directly to the Investors Hub review conclusion to see if ihub is worth it.

Investors Hub Review Conclusion

  1. Investors hub is legit and an interesting message board. The free content is worth it, but in my opinion, the Level 2 data is too expensive.
  2. Some brokers like TD Ameritrade offer this data for free to clients. There is just no need to pay two times for the same kind of data.
  3. Trading penny stocks below 1 cent per share can make you lose all your money overnight. Be careful with this type of investments.

My personal stock screener favorite is Trade Ideas, the market-leading artificial intelligence-based stock screener. iHub is an an intersting platform for investors being aware about the risk trading penny stocks.


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About the author: Alexander is the founder of and has 20 years of experience in the financial markets. He aims to make trading and investing easy to understand for everybody, and has been quoted on Benzinga, Business Insider and GOBankingRates.