Investors Underground Review 2018

Nathan Michaud created Investors Underground in 2008 and he leads this well-known trading community until today.

When he started offering this service, he already looked back at more than ten years of professional experience in trading.

Investorsunderground chat room

There are more similar chat rooms in this business, like e.g. Jason Bond, Warrior Trading, ClayTrader and Trade Ideas. Nathan had already worked together with Timothy Sykes.

Nathan established a chat room service for professional traders and investors and at the same time.

The services of Investors Underground are not primarily focused on beginners, but also on experienced traders who need and expect serious and useful alerts and news headlines.



Investors Underground and its Membership

Just like other chat rooms in this business, also the Investors Underground chat room gives the moderators and the traders the opportunity to get in touch, to communicate and to exchange thoughts and information.

Nathan Michaud, Cam B, Michele, Emil, Cody, Sandro, Phil, Tim, Derrick, Eric and Brandon are the current moderators of the room, while Nathan is the head moderator.

Their focus is helping traders to become independent. They provide educational material, trade recap videos and regulary hosted webinars.

Investors Underground Review

Investors Underground Review (source:

Investors Underground and its Trading Strategies

Nathans trades cover everything – from penny stocks and small caps to the high price range and from shorting stocks to going long.

However, he is especially effective when it comes to momentum stocks. His aim is to find opportunities at points of inflection and exhaustion while trading momo stocks. ("Momo" is a term related to advanced trading strategies based on momentum).

His skills and experience have taught him that it is better not to start shorting early, but to wait for the top to get short and to make use of the back side of the move.

All through the years in this business he realized that it is a big advantage to stay patient and to wait for the really big moves instead of being focused on the quick ones. His Momo Plays are based on price visualization only.

Fundamentals are not relevant to make trade decitions.

When ever his professional experience is proved to be right, it results in high profit.

We all know that even for the most brilliant expert it is impossible to be one hundred percent right all the time and so, also he is wrong and loses now and then.

Every day, there is a new day trading challange and so for Nathan.

Investors Underground Review

Investors Underground Review (source:

IU Trade Alerts

It is perfect for beginners in trading that Investors Underground offers a big number of free videos on YouTube and starters can surely benefit from this.

The chat room has been established for beginners and more experienced professional traders.

However, the membership costs $ 197 (IU Standard) to $ 297 (IU Elite) per month and beginners can not pay as much when they just started. In addition to the daily watch list, chat room access, one on one mentorship and four Q&A webinars a month with IU Standard, IU Elite comes with access to weekly trade recap videos and to the video lesson libary on top.

According to the chat room updates 2017/02, in this chat room beginners will not find many ways of the daily education they are might searching for.

Some of the other services in this business offer clear trade alerts including the entry price, the profit target, the stop price and the position size, but beginners will miss this in the community of Investors Underground.

Investors underground is more focused on being a community where any user participates within the chat.

But there are nice functionalies within the room like private messaging, audio alerts and various filters for stock tickers, news, earnings and much more.​

Investors Underground

Investors Underground (source:

Since so many people participate and since there is so much "noice" within the room, maybe you could better call their trade alerts trade ideas. For beginners looking for live trading only, it might be worth to consider the free Trade Ideas Chat Room as well.

Investors Underground Review summary

Nate succeeded in establishing a community of skilled and experienced traders and investors. He and Timothy Sykes belong to the very first professionals who created day trading chat rooms.

When you compare Nate with many of the younger traders and moderators of similar chat rooms, it is still his big advantage to have so many years of trading experience.

In the business, an outstanding talent and professional skills as a day trader are highly important and only by giving it a try you will find out if this service meets your needs.

Investors Underground is a well established community with educational resources.

Investors Underground advantages

  • Good chat room netiquette
  • Diversified products & services
  • Featured in The Huffington Post, TheStreet, CNN, Nasdaq & more.

Investors Underground disadvantages

  • ​No verified track record / bank statement available on the website