IQ Option Review 2018

IQ Option – the platform and their services

IQ Option Europe Ltd, a company headquartered in Limassol in Cyprus, owns the binary options trading platform IQ Option founded in 2013. IQ Option is registered with the license number #247/14 and regulated by CySEC, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Currently, IQ Option may be used by traders worldwide – excepting the U.S.A., Australia, Canada and France, to name just a few. This IQ Option Review was recently updated.

The reason for this is that IQ Option is not regulated by the rules and laws of the United States and therefore may not be used by U.S. citizens.

For traders outside the U.S. we recommend reading the IQ Option Review below.

Today IQ Option is well known for being one of the fastest growing binary option trading platforms and also being among the best for mobile trading.



 IQ Options offers its services for new traders. The remarkably low minimum deposit of only $10 makes it attractive for every trader. By now, more than 16.5 millions of traders maintain a binary options account on the platform of IQ Option and the provider's mobile app for binary options trading is available in 28 countries.

Traders will find all kinds of useful information and constantly updated news in the blog of the website.

There is also the offer of a free binary options demo account as a perfect starting point for traders in binary trading to practice with virtual money before coming to a final decision about a real membership.

​There is also a tutorial section providing helpful advice by introducing many different kinds of tradeable atterns for successful trading with binary options.

IQ Option Website

IQ Option Website

What are Binary Options?

Sometimes traders tend to think that binary trading is especially complicated, requiring special skills. But binary trading is a surprisingly innovative approach to trading commodities, forex and stock indexes without too much risk – as far as the minimum trade size is concerned.

Traders just have to answer the question whethe they think that at a certain time the price of a market will rise above a certain value.

In this specific way of trading, there are prices from $1 to $100 and the price that the trader decides to pay is the maximum risk take and ultimately he won't lose any more than this.

If the investor's answer to the question was corrcect and if he has held the option to the expiration, the amount he has chosen reduced by the price of the purchase will be the profit.

IQ Option - One of the best trading platforms for binary options traders?

The rapidly increasing number of users trading with IQ Option indicates quite clearly that the web-based trading platform must be quick, innovative and easy to handle. And of course access is possible via laptop or computer and also on all kinds of mobile devices.

Among other advantages is a long and helpful list of advice for well informed and successful binary options trading. And even better, there is a free binary options demo account, a big advantage that most of the competitors don't offer. This shall be introduced next.

IQ Option – completely free demo account for everyone

IQ Option allows users to register for a free demo trading account. After signing in to this, they‘ll be able to start practicing, thus learning more about binary options trading, about the meaning of all indicators and markers and about the most effective way to read the charts. There are also explanations of all the variables that may influence trades, like global political or financial events.

The trading process is explained in a helpful step-by-step guide helping potential new clients to understand how to use the platform in the best way and to get familiar with the trading patterns and methods that IQ Option provides. This will makes it easier to decide if the platform meets the trader's needs and preferences.

With the help of the free demo account investors may experience binary options trading without any financial risk. To give users an authentic impression, the demo account is completely similar to a live account and it contains exactly the same real-time information.

IQ Option encourages traders to get comfortable with the options trading simulator before going into real binary options day trading on the platform.

Aston Martin Racing – official IQ Option partner

Traders who are interested in motor racing will be happy to know that IQ Option sponsors racing passionately. That's why it has a partnership with Aston Martin Racing. Lately, Aston Martin's racing team has won the World Endurance Cup for GT Drivers and the FIA Endurance Trophy for LMGTE Pro Teams.

Aston Martin Racing| iq option

Aston Martin Racing| iq option

Top 9 Advantages of IQ Option

​IQ Option is registered and regulated by CySEC, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and operating in accordance with European law and rules.

​Being a member of the Investor Compensation Fund IQ Option protect and secure customers' funds deposited in separated, secure bank accounts.

​Various awards and the fact that IQ Option is among the fastest growing binary options trading platforms prove their good reputation.

​The web-based trading platform is quick, innovative and easy to handle.

​Customer service is constantly improved.

​Free IQ option demo account allows for testing the platform and lets users practice before deciding about a live membership.

​Remarkably low minimum deposit of only $10.

​Free tutorial videos and helpful advice for binary options trading.

​Fast account access by laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone – everywhere and any time.

IQ Option - a personal conclusion

Based on the proven registrations and awards and because of the fact that IQ Option is regulated by CySEC, following the European financial rules and laws, one may well believe that IQ Option is among the very best and most trustworthy binary options brokers of all.

The impressive numbers showing how amazingly fast the company is growing seem to underline the high quality of IQ Option's service and products.

Nevertheless binary options trading involves very high risk! Investors should keep in mind that binary options trading resembles gambling more than investing! Making money trading regular stocks is hard, making money with binary options is even harder.

In my opinion, the free demo account, the free tutorial videos and the useful advice for binary options trading being available for everybody without signing in are a very big plus.

Since binary options are among the riskiest trading methods it is absolutely fair to offer interested investors these great opportunities to get familiar with the basics and the handling of the platform before getting seriously involved with a real account and with real money.

One may appreciate that IQ Option doesn't try to make money out of their educational resources like many of their competitors.

Besides, IQ Option doesn't make promises about getting rich quickly and easily that could not be maintained, especially not with the high risk binary options trading. Therefore its recommended for interested traders to first to make the most out of IQ Option's free offers to acquire more knowledge and information before investing money in binary options.

The many important awards that IQ Option received so far and the constantly improving customer service make another remarkable advantage.

For those seriously interested in binary options trading, IQ Option seems to be one of the best possible choices – while keeping the high risk in mind. Users should by all means check out their website, form own impressions and never hesitate to challenge the customer service with possible questions!

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More Info & Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any brokerage trading fees?

As mentioned already, every interested trader may open a free demo account. As soon as a trader has registered, he will automatically get the free demo account and, at the same time, a real account for trading.

Upon starting to trade with real money, all that needs to be done is deposit the chosen amount to start immediately. As long as membership lasts, investors may switch between their demo account and their real account.

IQ Option states that its business is based on an equal number of traders who buy and who sell and that the provider lives from the commissions being based on the total trade volume.

So far IQ Option doesn't charge any deposit fees, any commission fees or any withdrawal fees while withdrawals of less than €2 may not be processed and so, €2 are the IQ Option minimum withdrawal.

Does IQ Option offer their clients any educational resources?

On the platform, IQ Option offers the so-called “Ultimate Trading Hub”, the IQ Option tutorial consisting of 21 free videos to learn the basics and more about binary options, a section with a list of advice for binary options trading and an additional FAQ section titled “Binary options trading explained”.

These features are meant to help users improve their skills and study their preferred market by using as much significant data and information as possible. These educational resources are free even for interested traders who didn't sign up yet.

Besides, members have the opportunity to exchange personal opinions and experiences in the IQ Option blog, but the free demo account that IQ Option offers may still prove to be the very best and the most effective way for traders to practice and to gain more experience and knowledge.

Which kinds of financial markets are tradeable with IQ Option?

Users of IQ Option's binary options trading platform may execute the following ways of trading:

Stocks trading

Stocks are shares in companies that help them to acquire more capital. The success of the company determines the value of the stocks. If companies are successful, more investors are interested in the stocks and the price will rise. If less successful, investors may want to sell the stocks to cut further losses and the price will go down. Buying and selling stocks at the best possible time is usually based on sound background knowledge. IQ Option offers various binary options being based on stocks, among them Apple.

Indices trading

In an index the assets are collected to perform in a specific sector. Indices move more in points than in currency as they don't have a specific value while they display the movements in the whole market. Indices are not traded directly. With an index investors speculate on these market movements. As indices are not tied to a single stock or asset and as they are not reacting too much to global events, they show less pronounced ups and downs and may be considered as a more stable investment. IQ Option offers tradable binary options being based on indices like the Dow Jones 30.

Commodities trading

This way of trading is tied to the prices of physical goods, like oil, metal or grain. So, commodities are highly dependent on international political and environmental events. IQ Option also offers the opportunity to participate in movements in underlyings like gold that are tradeable as binary options.

Currency trading

Here the investors trade currency pairs like USD/EUR. Here investors need to understand the movements of the currency market to be able to make the right decisions for buying a currency pairing in a long position or for selling it in a short position. There are many similarities to Forex trading, but here no real currency is used and bitcoins replace real money for the speculation.

IQ Option provides its clients with continuously updated information about all these markets.

IQ Option – How is the binary options broker registered and regulated?

As mentioned, IQ Option is registered and regulated by CySEC, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. It is not regulated according to U.S. laws and regulations and may not be used by U.S. citizens.

For European and international clients the platform complies fully with all legal requirements of the Republic of Cyprus and of the European Union and operates in accordance with the international financial standards. Due to this, the users' funds are protected.

Interested traders may read the complete list of the organizations where IQ Option is registered on the website.

An impressing number of awards that IQ Option received lately will contribute to users feeling even more secure, among them the:

IAIR awards for best binary options broker and for best trading app

WMA award for best app for mobile trading

Global Banking & Finance Review's award for best binary options broker in Europe in 2015

IFM award for most innovative binary options platform in 2015

Global Brands' Review award for fastest growing binary options brand

And these are just a few examples. Press releases mentioning IQ Option are additional proof of the good reputation of the company.

Why is IQ Option a good choice?

Compared with similar providers IQ Option shows some advantages that are worth considering:

Complying with Cypriot legal requirements and operating according to international financial standards is very important to IQ Options, since it makes users feel more secure and convinces them of the safety of invested funds. To this effect IQ Option is licensed by CySEC to make sure that they operate in accordance with all rules and laws of the Republic of Cyprus and the European Union.

Additionally IQ Option is EEA authorized. This means that the company is licensed and regulated in Cyprus being part of the EEA (European Economic Area), allowing IQ Option to offer its services and products also in other countries. Users will find a list of all organizations where IQ Option is registered on the website.

IQ Option is committed to protecting the funds invested by its members. They are a member of the Investor Compensation Fund that protects and secures the customers' assets even if individual brokers are not able to fulfill their liabilities. There is detailed information about this available on the platform. Moreover IQ Option deposits members' funds in separated bank accounts to store them securely.

IQ Option is growing amazingly fast. In 2014, they had about 1 million accounts, in 2015, there were about 2.5 millions and in 2016, more than 14 million users had signed in to IQ Option. Trades per day are constantly increasing on this platform. It started with 200,000 trades by day in 2013, there were one million deals per day in 2014 and in 2015, three million trades per day were done while the trade volume grew 50 times from 2013 to 2014 and 10 times during the following year.

Thus the monthly payments to the users increased in a significant way – by more than 14 times from 2013 to 2014 and again 3 times from 2014 to 2015. According to all this, in 2016, IQ Option changed the handling of withdrawals enabling the company to handle 72 % of all requests for withdrawal at once. While IQ Option started working with only four members of the CIS, in 2016, traders from 178 countries from all over the world were using the platform.

IQ Option is continuously improving its customer service. Back in 2014 when the support service was launched, users had to wait for an answer from the support team for about seven minutes. In 2015, waiting time was reduced to four minutes and in 2016, the support team was able to answer within approximately 46 seconds. Also the processing time for support tickets went down remarkably while the number of employees in the support team increased from two in 2013 to more than 10 specialists in 2014 and to 50 in 2016.

All this conveys the impression that IQ Option is truly focused on fulfilling the wishes and needs of their clients.

​IQ Option | Main advantages & disadvantages

  • ​Registration and regulation by CySEC, following European rules and laws
  • ​Free demo account and free education for everybody
  • ​Good reputation proved by various awards and press releases
  • Fast access to clients' accounts via computer or mobile devices
  • Continuously improved customer service and large selection of FAQs
  • Overall high risk of binary option trading
  • Necessity of excellent knowledge about binary options trading to face the risks
  • Binary options being suitable for speculation & gambling, but not for investments