IQ Option Review 2018

What is IQ Option and what do they offer?

The IQ Option Europe Ltd owns the binary options trading platform IQ Option that was founded in 2013. The headquarters of the company are situated in Limassol in Cyprus.

With the license number #247/14, IQ Option is registered and regulated by CySEC, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

iq options | website

iq options | website

Currently, IQ Option can be used by traders from all over the world - with some exceptions, like e.g. the U.S.A., Australia, Canada and France, to name just a few.

All this means that IQ Option is not regulated by the rules and laws of the United States and so, it may not be used by U.S. citizens.

To non U.S. citizens we recommend to continue reading the IQ Option Review.​

Today IQ Option is well known for being one of the fastest growing binary option trading platforms and also for belonging to the best platforms for mobile trading.

IQ OPTION 4.0 explained by video (click here to enlarge it)

IQ Options offers its services for new traders and the outstandingly low minimum deposit of only $10 makes it attractive for every trader.

By now, more than 16.5 millions of traders are using a binary options account on the platform of IQ Option and the provider's mobile app for binary options trading is available in 28 countries.

Traders will find all kinds of useful information and constantly updated news in the blog of the website that also offers a free binary options demo account as the perfect starting point for traders in binary trading to practice with virtual money before making the final decision about a real membership.

This is a useful offer for all traders as they may first test the platform to see if it really meets their needs and preferences.

iq option review

iq option review

Beside the trading options being the main service of IQ Option, there is a tutorial section giving the users helpful advice by introducing many different kinds of tradeable trading patterns for successful trading with binary options.

What are Binary Options? (with video - click to enlarge)

IQ Option - One of the best trading platforms for binary options traders

The number of users trading with IQ Option growing so amazingly fast shows quite clearly that the web-based trading platform must be quick, innovative and gently to handle.

iq option | trading platform

iq option | trading platform (source:

And of course the access is possible via laptop or computer and also by using all kinds of mobile devices.

On the plus side there is a long and helpful list of advice for well informed and successful binary options trading. And even better, there is a free binary options demo account, a big advantage that most of the competitors don't offer. I will introduce this in the next point.

IQ Option - Completely free demo account for everyone

Yes, IQ Option offers the opportunity to register for a free demo trading account. After signing in to this, the users are able to start practicing to learn more about binary options trading, about the meaning of all indicators and markers and about the most effective way to read the charts.

There are also explanations of all the variables that may influence the trades, like e.g. global political or financial events.

The trading process is explained in a helpful step-by-step guide to help potential new clients to understand how to use the platform in the best way and to get familiar with the trading patterns and methods that IQ Option is offering. This will surely make it easier to find out if the platform meets the trader's needs and preferences.

With the help of the free demo account that IQ Option is offering, the investors are able to experience binary options trading without any financial risk. To give the users an authentic impression, the demo account is completely similar to a live account and it contains exactly the same real-time information.

IQ Option even encourages traders first to start with the options trading simulator to feel comfortable when the binary options day trading on the platform will start for real.

Aston Martin Racing - official iq option partner

Traders who are interested in motor racing may like to hear that IQ Option calls racing its passion. That's why it has a partnership with Aston Martin Racing.

Lately, Aston Martin's racing team has won the World Endurance Cup for GT Drivers and the FIA Endurance Trophy for LMGTE Pro Teams.

Aston Martin Racing| iq option

Aston Martin Racing| iq option

Top 9 advantages of IQ Option

IQ Option being registered and regulated by CySEC, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and operating in accordance with the European law and rules

IQ Option being a member of the Investor Compensation Fund that protects and secures the customers' funds that are stored in separated, secure bank accounts

The many different awards and the fact that IQ Option belongs to the fastest growing binary options trading platforms proving its good reputation

The web-based trading platform being quick, innovative and gently to handle

The constant improvement of the company's customer service

The free IQ option demo account to test the platform and to practice before the decision about a live membership

The outstandingly low minimum deposit of only $10

The free tutorial videos and the helpful advice for binary options trading being available for everybody

The fast access to the accounts via laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone – from everywhere and by day and night

IQ Option – My personal summary

Especially because of all the proven registrations and awards and because of the fact that IQ Option is regulated by CySEC, following the European financial rules and laws, I am willing to believe that IQ Option belongs to the very best and most trustworthy binary options brokers of all.

Also the impressing numbers showing how amazingly fast the company is growing seem to underline the high quality of IQ Option's service and products.

However, trading Binary Options involves verry high risk! Binary Options is more gambling than investing! Dont forget about that. Making money trading regular stocks is hard, making money with Binary Options is way harder.

In my opinion, the free demo account and the free tutorial videos and the useful advice for binary options trading being available for everybody without signing in are a very big plus.

Since binary options belong to the most risky ways of trading of all, it is absolutely fair to offer interested investors these great opportunities to get familiar with the basics and the handling of the platform before getting serious with a real account and with real money.

I appreciate it that IQ Option doesn't try to make money with education like many of the competitors in the market.

It also sounds honest that IQ Option doesn't make any promises about getting rich fast and easily that nobody could ever keep, especially not regarding binary options being connected with a bigger risk than other ways of trading. I recommend all interested traders first to make the most out of IQ Option's free offers to gain more knowledge and information before they will make up their minds about investing money in binary options.

The many important awards that IQ Option received so far and the constantly improved customer service make another remarkable advantage. If you are interested in starting with binary options trading, IQ Option seems to be one of the best possible choices that you can make - if you are aware about the verry high risk of losing money. Check their website out, get your own impression and don't hesitate to challenge the customer service with all of your possible questions!

More info & frequently asked questions

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Why is IQ Option a good choice?

iq option | Main advantages

  • The registration and regulation by CySEC, following European rules and laws
  • The free demo account and free education for everybody
  • Good reputation being proved by various awards and press releases
  • Fast access to the clients' accounts via computer or mobile devices
  • The continuously improved customer service and the large selection of FAQs

iq option | Main disadvantages

  • The general high risk of binary option trading
  • The need of an excellent knowledge about binary options trading to be able to face the risks
  • Binary options only being suitable for speculation, but not for investments

​Rating: 6.5/10