Jason Bond Picks Review 2019

​Jason Bond Picks is a stock picking and trade alert service. Some may ​consider it as one of the best trading courses or best investment newsletters, while others make crude statements about it.

​In other words, Jason Bond’s services are controversially discussed.

I am a positive minded person and decided to start my Jason Bond Picks review from an utterly neutral perspective.

The auditing process took a bit longer since I wanted to ensure that I have at least three months of experience with his service.

This way, I can provide you with reliable insights from multiple angles.

In this Jason Bond Picks Review, I’ll show you exactly what’s waiting for you as a subscriber. Instead of listing just a few features, I will tell you the full truth and reveal insights you won’t find anywhere else.

Also, let’s talk about performance, the cheapest ways to get into the service, and the ability to copy Jason’s trades.

Jason Bond Picks Review

​At Jason Bond Picks, Jason only trades ​on the long side. No short selling, no day trading, no large caps, no options trading. He focuses on small-cap- and penny-stock swing trade strategies.

Jason ​founded ​this service in 2011 when he already ranked with verified profits in the Top 100 on Profit.ly.

​Meanwhile, Jason Bond Picks is one of the services held under the umbrella of one company - Raging Bull LLC​. Jason Bond manages this company together with Co-Founder Jeff Bishop.

In 2019 Raging Bull LLC was listed on the Inc. 5,000 list. This list contains the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the United States. Raging Bull ranked at #915, just two places behind Uber.

Raging Bull | Inc. 5000

Transparency: When you buy certain products from some of the sites which we link to, we may earn a small share of the revenue.

Jason Bond Picks Costs

​"Officially," the subscription to Jason Bond Picks has a price tag of $1,497 per year at ​​jasonbondpicks.com​, but you can either join a free webinar at first, or subscribe for lower rates using the links below.

Discount and Free Webinar

​- Alternatively -

​Jason Bond Picks Review

Jason Bond offers a ​diversified product line under the umbrella of Raging Bull LLC.

​To date, I have analyzed three Raging Bull services in more detail.

  • ​Jason Bond Picks (Small Cap stocks trading with Jason Bond)
  • Weekly Money Multiplier (Options Trading with Nathan Bear and Jeff Bishop)
  • Millionaire Roadmap (​new members are no longer accepted.)

​This review focuses on ​​Jason Bond Picks.

User Dashboard

​On September 4th Jason informed his subscribers and said:

I've restructured Jason Bond Picks premium content for you making it easier to find all of the tips, tricks and secrets I've recorded since I started back in 2012... ...I've laid it out in the order I'd proceed and hope you enjoy.

​Jason Bond Picks​

​​Right now, all Jason Bond Picks subscribers ​see ​eight different items within the Jason Bond Picks ​menu:

Jason Bond Picks Navigation Menu
  • Strategy Course
  • Penny Stocks 101
  • ​Portfolio
  • Stock Trading Tools
  • The Basics Of Swing Trading
  • How to Trade Like A Pro
  • ​3 Minute Tips
  • ​The House Always Wins

​Now, let’s have a closer look at the content behind those items.

Strategy Course

​Jason recommends starting with this course. The section includes 9 videos with a duration of about 120 minutes in total.

For example, Jason explains the oversold chart pattern, ​continuation pattern, Fibonacci logic, and he is talking about swing trading as well as scanning for stocks.

Penny Stocks 101

Grasp the basic concept of penny stock trading by reading this tutorial. But don't expect too much from this. The information is solid but only text-based. The real value comes from the next part, the portfolio stream.


Jason Bond’s ​portfoliostream is a great feature. Once you logged into your account, chose “​Jason Bond Picks” and “​portfolio.”

​As some of you may already know, Jason donated all his profits made in the first half of the year to charities (>$300,000). Now, he started trading for his personal gain.

Along with this change, Jason moved his account from E*Trade to TD Ameritrade, and now he handles all his trading activities from one account.

​Right now, the portfolio stream looks like this:

Jason Bond Picks Portfolio

​It's the TD Ameritrade account and ​it refreshes in near-time. ​You ​have the proof that Jason ​trades the stocks he is talking about.

​​Jason passes the test to prove that he really trades with ​this shared portfolio view.

Daily Watch List

​You will receive the Jason Bond Daily Watch List by email ​before market open.

Usually, the watch list has three sections.

  1. A review on the open swing trades
  2. A brief summary of closed trades
  3. A performance update
  4. A list of new stocks where he sees potential along with a short description of what he is looking for.
Jason Bond Daily Watchlist

Please note that Jason does not necessarily buy the stocks listed; it is a watch list.

​​It is crucial to understand that it will be challenging to mirror his trades simultaneously.

​​I noticed that especially when he applies his stock trading strategies and closes a position by selling stocks from his portfolio, the stock price reacts to the downside.

The best way to succeed is to learn his trading methods and to find entry and exit points yourself. Jason proofs that he is making money by streaming his portfolio.

If you aim to copy his trades, then I strongly suggest you do it in a simulated account first.

Get a feeling for when he enters the trade, what execution price you get, and how closely you can follow his alerts.

Once you decide to start trading with real money, make sure to use a small size only!

It will take time until you completely understand his trading approach. It’s the same as you start at a university.

Things take time and need an extensive commitment from your side.

​3 Minute Tips

The three-minute tips section is another cool new feature that I like. In May 2019 Jason stated to publish short videos explaining essential background knowledge to his readers.

From penny stocks for beginners, over ​stock screeners like Finviz and Trade Ideas, everyone will enjoy the short informative video clips.

​Stock Trading Tools

Within the category stock trading tools, Jason describes what tools he uses and why. One of these tools is Trade Ideas - for a good reason.

​Stock screeners are needed to find the best entries for a trade. Besides Trade Ideas, I also use some of the other tools he recommends.

It won’t you cost that much time to go through the list. I share his views on most of the products he mentions.

Courses / Video Training Collection

​There are ​three more navigation items.

  • ​​How to Trade Like A Pro
    • 10 videos about trading patterns
    • 2 videos about scanning the markets
    • 2 videos about indicators
    • 3 trading tips videos
    • 13 trading strategy videos
    • 4 trading psychology videos
    • 29 trade recap videos
  • The House Always Wins (3 Videos)
  • The Basics Of Swing Trading (12 Videos)

The education material provided is solid, and it gives you a clear picture of how Jason trades. But you can’t expect anything fancy here either.

The content is mainly about technical analysis along with some general information.

However, I like the fact that he shares very rational and reasonable information.

For beginners, it is beneficial to work through all the material provided.

Also, experienced traders should go over the content to get a better understanding of Jason’s point of view.

Overall, it is a robust video and blog post bundle, and you get it for free with your Jason Bond Picks ​subscription.

However, I like the 3-minute video lessons the most. They are short and straight to the point.

But grasp the whole Jason Bond concept, you need to watch at least a majority of the other videos as well.

Trading Course Improvement Suggestions

​The material provided (>100 videos) is as comprehensive that you can enjoy great education for a few weeks with those trading courses.

​Jason made improvements to the structure within the user dashboard.

He recommends following the navigation items as listed to make the most out of Jason Bond Picks.

​Is Jason Bond Picks Scam?

​As lined out earlier, Raging Bull, the company behind Jason Bond Picks belongs to the fastest growing companies in the United States, based on Inc. 5,000' lists.

Also, ​Jason Bond Picks is one of the top-rated stock trading services on Trustpilot with 646 reviews and a rating of 4.5/5.

Some people are disappointed after having used Jason Bond Picks and say that Jason Bond is a scam.

​One thing gets clear by taking a closer look at the negative feedbacks.

Most people are disappointed because they just hopped on and traded live.

I said it earlier and repeated it. You have to study this service first to understand what's going on.

And, you should not trade the same position size as Jason. He trades an account with more than $100,000 liquid capital in it. If your account is smaller, reduce your position size and even before that, start on paper.

Using the discount mentioned above, you can join for about $65 per month. ​

Understand this fee as an education fee. Receive the alerts, print out the charts and price reactions from various time-frames, and put a workbook together.

Find out if this trading style fits your expectations. Make notes, ask your questions, study charts on your own. Watch all video lessons and attend to all free webinars.

And please, do not open any advertisement email from Raging Bull. Stay with one service at a time. One!

In my opinion, it is needed to start with the right mindset and reasonable expectations to make the most out of JBP.

Marketing Tactics

Let’s get it straight, the marketing tactics being used are clever, and yes, they suggest sometimes that you can become a millionaire at a fast pace.

Turn off the ​advertisement emails in your dashboard, or ignore them coming to your inbox.

​It seems that some traders just blindly follow Jason’s trades without knowing what they are doing.

IMO this is based on some of the following (wrong) expectations.

Misinterpretation of the Service Offered

If you think that you just wait for an SMS or Email-Alert and then buy and sell the stocks that Jason already added to his portfolio, then you will definitely fail!

I know, as a beginner you may feel in a rush to make money back that you paid for the subscription.


That’s a problem because it will take time to understand how JBP works thoroughly.

You should invest a reasonable amount of time going through all the material provided.

Most importantly, Jason points out that he does not want you to mirror trade!

He aims to teach you how to find such opportunities yourself.

And he proves with his account live streaming, that he is a real trader making real money trading the markets.

Live Portfolio’s Role

Yes, I was one of the people searching for Jason Bond scam claims while writing my first Jason Bond Picks review.

My first rating was more negative since, based on the public information available, I assumed that there is no proof that Jason Bond makes money with trading at all.

But he does, and you can see his current trading activity within the ​portfolio feed.

It was a real-time ​portfolio feed, and you saw the time stamp from his portfolio.

Now it is a near-time portfolio feed but you still have the proof that he trades in the way he is talking about.​

Frontrunner Complaints

Along with Jason Bond scam, the frontrunner reproach is mentioned often. But this is only half of the truth.

From what I have seen reviewing Jason Bond Picks, Jason sends out his trade ideas before he takes a trade.

He describes the idea behind the trade, a price range where he might enter the trade based on the market conditions at the time the email is written, a chart, and a target price zone.

So basically, you could enter the market before Jason finally does in his live-depot.

Do we know if he opens a position in another account before even sending out his watch list email? No, we do not. But the same goes for any other provider out there.

​Something to think about: Knowing what big services buy and sell can put you in a comfortable position. Study price reactions and understand what happens before the trade and after.

Is Jason Bond Picks Worth It?

That mainly depends on your personality. It’s proven that he makes money since he shares his portfolio ​with the subscribers.

But you have to understand that you will never be able to get precisely the same fills (trade executions) as he does.

You have to invest time to create a good master plan that works for you.

The information Jason provides is solid and reasonable.

It will help you to grasp the concept and to find similar trading opportunities on your behalf.

It is not that easy to become a ‘millionaire trader.’ While it can remain your main goal, you should come up with milestones and define your way to the first million.

If you immediately start trading with real money, then you will become one of those people saying Jason Bond Picks is a scam.

Instead, you should see your subscription investment as an investment into the next three months of learning and practicing.

One single trade at the end of those three months can cover the entire trading course costs.

Before I started writing the all-new Jason Bond Picks review, I invested a few weeks to audit his service.

To provide you a short cut, I have crafted the following Jason Bond Picks starter guide.

Jason Bond Picks Starter Guide

In the last few weeks, I audited the service Jason Bond Picks. Now, I have completed the audit and like to share my point of view with you.

Please understand that this starter guide reflects my personal opinion. Following this guide won’t be a guarantee to become a millionaire overnight.

However, I think it will be helpful for you when I can make it happen that you avoid beginner mistakes. I aim to prepare you with the right mindset.

Keep in mind: Use the discount links provided at the beginning of this Jason Bond Picks review to pay only $297 for three months, or $799 per year. -> Discount.

What Happens When

Let’s say you wait for the confirmation, that Jason Bond finally bought the stock he mentioned in his newsletter.

Let’s say; you use a market order to open the position without having a look at the price.

What will happen? That’s easy: You will lose money!

​Yupp, if you act this way, you will lose money and become a frustrated JBP subscriber.

But why?

Let me give you an example: Let’s assume that the newest iPhone is on its way. You know the date once the company published the release date.

What will happen, when you go to your Apple Store sometimes in the evening on the release date?

You won’t get your iPhone at the regular price anymore.

You missed your opportunity.

You knew before that you could get it on that day, but you missed it anyway. Maybe you are going to use the 2nd market to buy it for a higher price.

Supply and demand determine the price.

And that’s the same with Jason Bond Picks. You pay him to send you the morning alert before he enters the market.

So you have some candidates that he might trade on that day.

If he does, the prices will sometimes skyrocket.

But how do you know before what he is buying?

You just don’t know until Jason finally does.

So what’s the solution?

Jason Bond Picks – How to Make the Most out of It?

As I said, if you do what the crowd does, you won’t make money.


Here are some ideas on how to make the most out of Jason Bond Picks.

The Self Learner Approach

That’s what Jason actually promotes. He aims to teach you how to pick those trades yourself.

There are videos available on how he does the scanning, what patterns he is using, and much more.

When I look at the chat room conversations that it becomes clear, that many clients haven’t even read the whole documentation.

They ask questions that have already been answered in detail.

So if you want to be successful in the market for the long term, then it makes sense to educate yourself.

Remember, you pay your price for a 3-month subscription (with my links at the top, normally 12 months) to Jason Bond Picks.

And it would be good if you stand on your feed after three months, right?

For that reason, I strongly recommend you to keep your live trading account offline until you make money on paper!

That’s my standard recommendation, and it’s also valid for Jason Bond Picks.



​Make your way through all the videos and blog posts. This will need at least two weeks. Maybe more, depending on the time, you can spend each day.

Do not login to the chat room; do not read the emails, do not trade. Just study!


Now you understand the basic concept of Jason Bond Picks. It is the right time to start having a closer look at Jason Bonds email in the morning.

Learn, what trade ideas he comes up with. Try to understand how the theory and the practical part fit together.

Ask Jason any question you might have. Do not trade!


Start with paper trading. During the time when I reviewed Jason Bond Picks, I noticed that he makes a ridiculous amount of money in his portfolio.

But he doesn’t trade your account! You have to do things on your own. You know his concept now, you receive his emails.

Try to make the most out of it.

Even if this takes you the full three months of subscription – it doesn’t hurt to paper trade.

Once you grasped the whole concept, one single trade can bring in more money compared to what you paid for the subscription.

But if you start too early with real money, well… …you get my idea.

The Piggyback / Mirror Trader Approach

Listen, do this on paper only until it works in the way you want! Mirror trading in the traditional way doesn’t work with Jason Bond Picks.


Because the market reacts once Jason bought or sold his stocks.

Also, there are that many mirror traders out there – the volume gets that high that you might pay a 10% higher price per share (or even more) if you just buy the same stock via market orders.

Don’t do that? Don’t be the guy who bought the shares at the top.

The fear of missing out is your biggest enemy here. Good preparation is key.

In my opinion, there is only one realistic way to piggyback his trades.

If you monitor his live portfolio all day long, then you might get a reasonable price if you are fast enough.

But you need experience and proper preparation.



What do you think that happens when you see that Jason entered his position and now you start searching the stock symbol, entering the number of shared to be traded, etc. etc.?

Exactly, you will get a lousy fill price. For that reason, everything has to be prepared if you really like to have a good chance to make money piggyback his trades.

Is it realistic that this works?

Well, it takes a lot of on-screen time.

In most of the cases, you will miss his entries and exits because you cannot stare at your screen all day long.

The Frontrunner Approach

When people claim on the internet that Jason Bond Picks is a scam, then they often refer to the reproach that he is a front runner.

But how is about turning things around, becoming a front runner yourself even before Jason enters and exits his positions? Is this realistic?

Jason sends his trade ideas via email before he enters and exits the trades.

So basically, yes it is possible to enter the market before Jason does in his live-portfolio.

What's the challenge?

The challenge is to choose those stocks that Jason really buys.

If he does, you can make a lot of money because the market reacts almost always since he is trading low float stocks and penny stocks.

To make this approach profitable, you need to get a better understanding of the correlations between Jason’s ​morning emails and the finally really executed trades.

You should invest at least two months in analyzing the correlations, collecting data, making notes, and also trade on paper.

​Yes, paper trades, only paper trades until you are profitable.

That’s the deal for any new strategy, trading course or email alert service.

No one makes money for you! You are solely responsible for your trading!

Only you!

Great Additional Opportunities?

Jason has a competent team of marketers. Once you made your first purchase or left your email and phone number, you will get tons of emails with advertisements for other Jason Bond services.

He runs a company! Never forget this!

Jason is one of the most successful trading course providers, and he wouldn’t if he would sit shy in a corner waiting for clients!

You know that he is self-confident and you will receive those emails trying to sell you more products. Basically, he does the same as other companies like Amazon do as well!

It’s your job to resist all those emails! Once you decided to go with one Jason Bond course or package, stay with it!

​Turn off advertisements emails in your Raging Bull App dashboard, if you cannot resist to open those emails.

You paid for three months in advance or for a year. Invest the time and make the most out of it during your full payment circle!

Do not jump from one product to the other, just don’t!

It’s like starting on one university, changing the university or your path a few times. It doesn’t make sense, it costs you money, and it will keep you away from making money!

 The most important things

  • Only trade on paper until you grasped the concept and until you make money consistently
  • Be aware of the subscription details – after three months your subscription will auto-renew if you do not cancel early enough (three months with my special promotions links at the top, normally twelve months)
  • Do not follow the herd, be smart, analyze the movements, the connection between Jason’s picks and the market reactions. Find a clever way to profit from the situation. In both cases, when he is buying stock and when he is closing his positions.
  • Stay away from subscribing to too many services at once. Go with one subscription and make the most out of it.
  • Invest at least half of the subscription period for learning and paper trading. Also, don’t be shy asking all the questions you have to Jason and his team.

Free Trial | Promo Code

Unfortunately, Jason Bond does not offer a free trial besides ​a free webinar.

However, I can at least offer you a special promotion link to subscribe to Jason Bond Picks with a low minimum subscription duration of three months, ​or for ​exceptionally low price pear year.

At the top of the review in the discount section you will find all the details about this special deal.

Jason Bond Picks Review: Checklist

  • Founded: 2011
  • Number of members: 10,000+
  • Educators: Jason Bond
  • Company Address check: 62 Calef Hwy. #233 Lee, NH 03861 - 855-981-8370
  • Free trial: No
  • Free resources: Free Jason Bond Webinar
  • Coupons and Promo Codes: ​Discou​​nt Jason Bond Package for $297/quarter, or $799/year
  • Money-back guarantee: No, all purchases are final
  • Price level: fair, starting at $297 per quarter
  • Proof of performance: shares his account with subscribers

Credibility Check

As I mentioned earlier, Jason Bond shares his trading account during market hours with his subscribers.

During my audit, I captured pictures from his shared screen and compared the individual results per day with the short E*Trade statement he sometimes attaches to his newsletter.

The result: Jason Bond passed the test. Here is the proof:

E*Trade Statement published by Jason Bond inside the Jason Bond Picks Watch List on July 19th, 2019:

Jason Bond Picks Watchlist

Screenshots are taken from Live-Feed between July 15th and July 19th:

July 19th: Loss -$95.93 (the red number in the upper right besides "Today's Realized Gain:")

Jason Live Portfolio

July 16th: Profit +$10,772.52 (the ​green number in the upper right besides "Today's Realized Gain:")

Jason Live Portfolio

July 15th: Profit +$6,310.57 (the ​green number in the upper right besides "Today's Realized Gain:")

Jason Live Portfolio

If you add all three live-date stream P&L results, then you will come up with the performance posted on July 19th from July 15th to July 19th (+$16,987).

Who is Jason Bond Picks Best For?

Jason Bond Picks is useful for anyone with a passion for small caps and penny stocks.

While it is true, small caps are much more volatile than large-cap stocks; they have significant upside potential.

Most of the time, Jason trades stocks in the long direction, and they are usually priced between $1 and $10.

If you’re looking for guidance or a pilot that can steer you in the right direction, Jason Bond Picks may be right for you.

Jason doesn’t day trade that often. That’s why his trading approach doesn’t require a pattern day trading account.

So even with an account balance of $2,000, you can apply his swing trading strategies.

Anyway, smaller account size is equal to lower absolute profit targets per stock since you will need to trade smaller size.

As a beginner, you need a reasonable amount of time to go through all the trading courses and in-depth learning material provided.

Also, you should bring the patience and ambition needed to start trading within a paper trading simulator until you see what works best for you.

I recommend you to read my starter guide included in the Jason Bond Picks review.

Also, you should not pay the full price and instead go with the discount mentioned at the top of ​this review.

Jason Bond Picks Review Summary


​Overall 3.6

​Proof of Performance






​Website Navigation


​Price Level


Free Resources


​You made it to the summary of the Jason Bond Picks review. Let’s start with the things I like.

Proof of Performance and Transparency

In my first Jason Bond Picks review, I wrote that ​the transparency lacks since I wasn’t aware of the fact, that Jason Bond shares his brokerage account ​with his subscribers.

But he does, and this is a plus, and he also passed the credibility check, which is great.


Jason Bond Picks only covers small-cap and penny stocks. He doesn’t trade options, nor does he short stocks.

Anyway, there are other services provided by Jason Bond covering other assets like options too. That’s why I give him some additional credits here.

Website Navigation

The website looks great, and the navigation on the main page is easy. However, I miss more details about the service.

I hope that this Jason Bond Picks review gives you all the information you are looking for in addition to the content on his site.

Free Resources

This is where Jason Bond Picks lacks. There are not that many free resources available.

The YouTube channel has only a few videos, and a Jason Bond Picks free trial doesn’t exist. The blog on his site is a solid resource to grasp the basic concept.

Price Level

Regular pricing: $1,497/year

​Special offer: $297/quarter or $799/year for the Jason Bond Picks subscription.

​Final Verdict

Day trading for beginners is challenging, and a beginner needs a good education. Jason Bond Picks offers a solid concept and good resources for subscribers.

Mirror trading is not possible in any cases. You should start by trading on paper or with a stock market simulator.

The transparency level regarding the proof of performance is comparable to Warrior Trading.

Jason Bond shares his ​TD-Ameritrade account while Warrior Trading publishes his bank account statements too.

​Nathan Bear at Weekly Money Multiplier goes one step further and shares his complete trading screen with you in real-time. Nathan doesn't trade stocks. He uses his TPS-method to identify trades for his options trading strategy.

Other trading educators and trading course providers fail entirely to show proof of performance. So that’s a plus for Jason here.

Click​ Discount to scroll back to the top to see the current promotions.

Also, check out my extensive article about the best trading courses to get a better understanding on how the best trading courses look like.


Is Jason Bond Legit?

I was skeptical at first since I didn’t know, that he streams his E*Trade portfolio live within the user dashboard.

During market hours, you can monitor his account activities from your PC and mobile device.

The terms and conditions are transparent.

Only the little bit of hidden information about the auto-renewal of the services was a critical point in the past. Now, the check-out contains a clear statement about the auto-recurring terms.

As I mentioned earlier in this Jason Bond Picks review, it is my goal to make things as transparent as possible.

I really appreciate it when providers improve in terms of transparency.

Just keep it in mind and you can chancel the auto-renewal subscription at any time while still having access to all services for the full period you paid for.

The missing free trial, along with the no-refund policy is another thing I do not like that much.

What Is RagingBull.Com, LLC?

RagingBull.com, LLC is the company behind all Jason Bond services. No matter to what of the following service you subscribe to, your contractual partner will be the company RagingBull.com LLC.

Raging Bull is based in Lee, New Hampshire, USA.

Jason Bond and his trainers Jeff Bishop, Nathan Bear, Kyle Dennis, Jeff Williams, Petra Hess and Davis Martin run various services like:

  • Jason Bond Picks
  • Millionaire Roadmap
  • Penny Stocks 101
  • BioTech Breakouts
  • Weekly Money Multiplier aka Option Profit Accelerator
  • Weekly Windfalls
  • Petra Picks
  • Penny Pro
  • Daily Profit Machine

Raging Bull and their services have been featured in media outlets such as Forbes, The Street, Huffington Post, Investing.com and Seeking Alpha.

Jason Bond and Jeff Bishop, the founders of Raging Bull LLC, were also interviewed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Jason and Jeff have an estimated net worth of more than five million dollars.

At this point of the Jason Bond Picks review, you should be able to have a good understanding of the core services offered. Also, you should understand who your contractor will be.

Who Are Jason’s Most Successful Students?

Some of Jason’s most successful students started their own brand under the umbrella of this one company – Raging Bull, LLC.

Nathan Bear and Kyle Dennis are the two most successful Millionaire Roadmap students. Both grew their account in about two years from a low five figures account into well over one million dollars.

Right now, Nathan Bear is the head trader inside the Millionaire Roadmap chat room. And Kyle Dennis is your host at biotechbreakouts.com

I will write separate reviews about those services soon.