Jason Bond Picks Review 2019

Maybe you already heard of Jason Bond Picks and if you are still a beginner in online trading, you may ask yourself if this service meets your needs.

Continue with this Jason Bond Picks review to learn more about the reasons for the current trading course rating.

It is also possible that you are not sure if it will be easy to work with this website and if it really offers the perfect features and advantages you are searching for.

It may also be important for you to find out if the people running this site are real experts you can trust.

So, here I will tell you all about my personal opinions with it.

Jason Bond Picks Review

Jason Bond Picks Review (source: jasonbondpicks.com)

The Homepage of Jason Bond Picks

When you will open the main page, you will find a picture of Jason Bond and a summary of his 90 days system.

I made the experience that it is always a good sign when you can see the person running the business on a website.

This shows that the organization is not too big and that the customer service will be more personal than on other sites – and this way more effective and truly providing what you need.

His service seems to be absolutely great and fast.

Testimonials show that if you will email him a question, he will personally answer you within an amazingly short time.



The Services being offered by Jason Bond Picks

On this website you will find three main sections. The most important services are listed on the main section.

On the right beside this there is a blue banner. When you click on it, you will get to the Fast starter kit. All sections can be accessed via navigation menu.

The Chat Rooms for Day Trading and Swing Trading

This website is well-known for this popular part of it. Most of the subscribers use to spend time there during their trading on every day.

The design and the layout of this chat room make it very easy and comfortable to use it. And what will you find there?

Jason Bond Picks | Day and Swing Trading

Jason Bond Picks | Day and Swing Trading (source: jasonbondpicks.com)

On the left you see the list of all traders who are presently in the chat room. You can listen to Live audio commentary as well as watching the custom scanner, hottest stocks and receive alerts from Head Traders (Jason Bond, Luke Murray and Bart Van) as well as watch retail investors alerting their trade ideas Live all day.

Jason Bond Picks Chat Room

Jason Bond Picks Chat Room (source: jasonbondpicks.com)

If you are looking for an constantly updated list of the trades that the professionals did during the trading day, you have to click on the bottom on the right side of the screen (Alerts From Head Traders).

Long-Term Trading

This is the right kind of trading for everybody who is not in a rush and who doesn't want to make money with day trading.

The traders who prefer this way of trading are interested in steadily rising results over a longer time by making less trades. That means that it seems to be made for retirement or for early retirement.

The Long-Term Trading Plan offers:

  • one or two swing trades in every week
  • one to three long-term trades in every week
  • alerts by email and or text alerts keeping you informed when Jason Bond sells or buys a stock
  • a detailed watch list containing an overview of long-term stocks

There is one more significant advantage for long-term traders being offered by Jason Bond. They have the opportunity to get individual advice from Jeff Bishop who founded Top Stock Picks and who is its manager until today.

This service includes access to a real money portfolio that is completely made from ETF's.

jasonbonpicks-Jeff Bishop

jasonbonpicks-Jeff Bishop (source: jasonbondpicks.com)

I see the long-term trading plan on this website very positively. I have the impression that it is wrong that many of the online traders are only interested in day-to-day action.

Of course this is an essential part of day trading.

But the majority of the day traders work towards the goal to make enough money to be on the safe side for all of their life. The long-term plan offers all those traders a realistic chance to reach what they want to achieve.

However, like with any other trading service, first find out if the trading method is right for you and never invest any money, before you are convinced that you want to continue with it.

The Daily Watch List for Swing Trade

The daily stocks watch list is available for Jason Bond Picks members.

Every one of these watch lists offers a resume of the daily trading processes and includes stocks being worth it to be watched and links to all kinds of important information being connected with them including charts, pricing information as well as detailed notes within the charts.

Penny Stocks 101

It is one of the most important goals of online trading to gain big returns from small investments.

The Penny Stocks are the smallest kind of stock of all. However, the best professionals in trading are able to achieve considerable returns with them.

Beginners should be aware about the fact, that many penny stocks do not have much trading volume.

Make sure, that there is volume at all, otherwise it could happen, that you can never sell the penny stock for a decent price ever again!

On Jason Bond's website you will find a whole series of video tutorials with useful information about Penny Stocks.

If you would also like to get an idea of how this section looks like, here you will find an example.

Jason Bond Picks | penny stocks 101

Jason Bond Picks | penny stocks 101 (source: jasonbondpicks.com)

Remember, that Trade Ideas Pro can be used for Penny Stock alerts as well. With Trade Ideas Pro you can scan for those most volatile stocks with ease.

Every one of these videos is open for comments. So, this part of the website offers the great opportunity to ask all questions about the lesson that you may ever have.

Again, be aware of the fact, that penny stocks are verry high risk. Often there is just no trading volume at all.

Using Limit Orders instead of market orders can help you survive here. ​Make sure, that you know what you do.

Papertrading is useless here, because most paper trading programs do not consider trading volume for execution!

Jason Bond and His Personal Story

When I discovered this website, first of all I wanted to know if Jason Bond was a real person and not only a name that was created for the site.

Soon I found out that Jason is a real person – and even an especially remarkable one with a highly interesting background.

There is also a detailed video about Jason Bond's personal story on his website. From this you will get to know that he started being a teacher in the public school system in New York.

You will feel that he truly means it when he says that he enjoyed this kind of work.

But he is also honest enough to say that, at that time, he lived from paycheck to paycheck and he always had to struggle regarding his financial situation.

It is only natural that when he started with day trading, he was not too great and successful in the beginning.

But after some time he created a system being based on his personal experiences in the business.

He seems to have found his perfect personal way as he didn't have to stop teaching even though he doesn't work at a public school anymore.

When you read what Jason Bond wrote or when you watch one of his videos, you will realize that he really knows how to teach.

Every trader knows that online trading may be quite fast-paced and that it is never easy.

In his introductory video he promises that he his reading and answering all of the emails that the subscribers send to him and that he tries his best to reply within just one day.

Jasonbondpicks.com Performance

Bond's business numbers show it all clearly. In January 2018 he claims to have made more than $ 60,000. And back in 2017 he is talking about the amazing number of a 284% and 2016 330 % return of his investments.

First of all, this is impressive. However, such performances activate my internal warning system.

When someone is publishing such high numbers, I allways ever start looking for a proof of such performance. The only proof I personaly accept here is a bank statement. No video, no advertising pitch, just the plain bank statement.

I did not find any bank statement confirming this performance. While everything I told you so far was clearly neutral to positive. This is negative.

Subscription - Offers and Fees

On most of the trading websites you will find three different kinds of subscriptions. Usually, these are more or less simply different levels of access to the same kind of program. Jason Bond Picks is handling this differently. They offer three plans being based on the services they provide.

The majority of subscribers probably use the Day and Swing Trading Package, a quite traditional offer for day trading.

With this one, the subscribers receive ten swing trade buy and sell alerts in every week. It is up to the subscribers if they want to get these real-time alerts by email, by text or in the chat or if they prefer a combination of all three possible ways.

jasonbondpicks Review | pricing

jasonbondpicks Review | pricing (source: jasonbondpicks.com)

This package seems to be perfect for traders making their first experiences with this system and for traders who don't have enough time to watch the stock market all day.

You can get this package for $ 399 per quarter or you can save 38 % of the charge by paying for the full year.

The second possible subscription is called Long-Term Trading. This one is made for traders who are not able to trade during the day and it is only available for a whole year.

The Long-Term Trading option provides the subscribers with up to two swing trades and with up to three long trades per week.

It also contains a list of stocks that Jason sees as being promising for long-term investments.

This subscription is available for $ 1,999 per year.

The third and last option for subscriptions is the Millionaire Roadmap that offers full access to everything. In addition to this, Jason Bond himself serves as a personal mentor for the subscribers of this option. This means that he gives them an individual program according to their needs and preferences.

This option is available for an amount from $ 7.999 per year.

Before you will make your decision which one of the possible subscriptions may be perfect for you, you have to consider the company's refund policy. There will be no refunds at all.

This is based on the idea that all kinds of information you get to gain more knowledge and experience have a certain value.

When you subscribe to the service, you can't cancel it before at least one month and you are fully responsible for signing off two days before the next renewal if you want to leave.

Jason Bond Picks Review summary

Is it really worth it to spend money for Jason Bond Picks?

You surely noticed that the prices are quite high being compared with other offers.

When you remember the prices mentioned above, you know that the Day and Swing Trading Plan costs $ 399 per quarter, the Long-Term Plan $ 1,999 per year and the Millionaire Roadmap Plan even $ 7,999 per year.

According to the rules, every price you pay will never change and if you stay in there, you will pay the same for all your life.

If you don't have enough money to pay for these subscriptions, you still have the opportunity to sign up for the free e-mail list that Jason Bond Picks offers for everybody who is interested in it.

It is not a good idea to start with the Millionaire Roadmap.

Beginners in trading should always take a look behind the scenes for as less money as possible. That’s why the lowest educational bundle might be the best offer to start with. Or even start with the free newsletter. This is a good way as well, to find out if Jason Bond Picks is right for you.

You can upgrade later when ever you want. Take it step by step before making your purchase and remember, there are no refunds available.

This way the traders have a good chance to get to know the whole website and to learn more about Jason Bond's teaching abilities.

Jason Bond Picks advantages

  • The marketing on the website is really professional and the website layout is great
  • There are lots of testimonials available
  • Jason Bond Picks was featured in NYSE, Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Street, MSN, Seeking Alpha and more
  • Jason Bond Picks offers different subscription plans meeting the needs of traders who prefer fast action on every day and also of those who want a long-term approach to financial success.

Jason Bond Picks disadvantages

  • Premium price segment (from $399 minimum up to $7,999)
  • I did not find proof for claimed "verified performance". No public bank statements confirm the performance
  • No refunds available at all
  • No free trial available