Kyle Dennis Review

Within three years, Kyle Dennis turned a $15k investment into $3.8 Million. Due to this incredible performance, Kyle became one of the winners of Jason Bond's Millionaire Roadmap challenge.

A few years before, he was a broke college graduate with thousands of dollars debt. Now, he is driving a $120,000 Porsche cabriolet and became one of the head traders and educators at Raging Bull.

His newest services are Dollar Ace and Fast 5 Trades, and the more established ones are Sniper Report, BiotechBreakouts, and FDA Insider Alerts.

This Kyle Dennis review gives you a sneak peek behind the curtain of each stock picking service to make it easier for you to decide which program to choose. Most of the plans come along with discounts of up to 67% in comparison to the retail price.

Kyle Dennis Review

Dollar Ace

Dollar Ace is s an options alert service where entry and exit signals are sent to subscribers once Kyle executes a new trade. Also, before the market opens, subscribers receive an email with a watchlist for the upcoming trading day.

The idea behind Kyle Dennis' Dollar Ace is interesting since he scans for unusual market activity as an indication for insider activity. The theory is that a "bigger market player" knows something that the retail trader doesn't know.

I was watching the service for a few months know and agree that Kyle nails amazing 100% winners often. Sometimes even overnight to the market open or within 24 hours. Kyle sends out the daily watch lists before the market opens and alerts subscribers once a trade was made.

Those huge winners are possible since Kyle Dennis chooses options priced under $1. So if an option is priced at $0.30 during the entry and worth $0.60 in the next morning, then 100% of profits are locked once the trade is closed.

Also, the risk is limited since Kyle does buy Call- and Put Options and doesn't sell them to collect the premium. Another benefit is the fact that he shares his portfolio with subscribers. This way, anyone can see when he adds, changes, or closes a position.

The most significant risk, in my opinion, comes from the nature of those contracts being priced below one dollar. The more people trade them, the more volatile and "spready" they become sometimes. However, this can also be beneficial if day trading those contracts.

An excellent way to start are the free webinars, those of you who want to jump in right away should use the discounts of ~40% - ~67% available to readers.

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Fast 5 Trades

The markets are fast, and volatility comes into the markets at the moment, but sometimes it's a good idea to take things more slowly. Fast Five Trading is all about "In on Monday and out by Friday" to reduce trade frequency and increase profitability.

Kyle Dennis says that this strategy is poised to deliver earth-shattering profits, which sounds promising.

Kyle made about $7 Million in trading during the last couple of years. In 2018 he says, he made on average $9,100 by day trading stocks, and in 2019 well above $1 million. He is 29 years old right now and came up with this new trading service at the end of 2019.

Every Monday before market open, subscribers receive the Fast 5 Trades newsletter that contains one single top trade idea. Before Kyle sends this trade alert out so subscribers, he actively scans the market to find the best possible setup. He analyzes news, events, earnings reports, insider activities, volume behavior, and various stock trends and catalysts.

The result is a list of particularly interesting stocks, but instead of sending various candidates, Kyle sends out only one pick. The idea behind this concept is to make as much money during five days, from Monday to Friday, as possible. During the week, it is a "set and forget about it" trade.

Unfortunately, I cant offer you a massive discount at the moment, but there is another great offer out there. Use the link below to attend to Kyles Fast 5 training. All attendees get access to the three of Kyles e*books valued between $10 and $79 each. If the concept sounds interesting to you, then you should attend to find out more about the service and to get some ebooks for free. The short time invested is worth it.

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Sniper Report

Kyle says that this is the most valuable trading newsletter he has ever created, and IMO the cheapest one. For $199 per year, subscribers receive the entry price alert with specific stop loss and target price levels, and the exit price alerts along with daily trade updates. Kyle Dennis also explains why it takes the trade.

The Sniper Report is a "set and forget it" concept. Different to Fast 5 Trades, the Sniper Report will not send you new signals each Monday, but instead every month. Subscribers receive a debrief and summary each week and at least two new trade ideas per month. Also, an alert will be sent by email and text message.

One thing that makes Raging Bull's trading services unique compared to their competitors is the fact that they stream their portfolio for full transparency within a real-time portfolio stream. This way, it becomes crystal clear what positions Kyle Dennis is holding, what the entry price was, the average gain, and the performance of each position.

On top of that, subscribers gain access to 100+ training lessons with 50+ hours of swing trading, day trading, charting, and investment content. It sounds a bit strange, but I have the opportunity to offer an even lower rate to my readers.

Using the link below enables you to subscribe to Kyle Dennis Sniper Report for only $97 per year. A two-year plan and V.I.P. Lifetime plan is also available for those who want to save even more.

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Biotech Breakouts

What would be a Kyle Dennis review without the Biotech Breakouts service? The biotech sector is hot, much hotter than the real estate sector in the stock market. Those stocks are volatile, and there is nearly every week a stock that doubles in price. And this is what Biotech Breakouts is all about - Biotech stocks. But wait, Biotech Breakout is not a service, instead, Dennis Kyle runs various services under the umbrella of

One of them is Dollar Ace, the Kyle Dennis trading service mentioned at the top, another one is the Sniper Report discussed right above, and the third one is called FDA Insider Alerts. Let's finalize the Kyle Dennis review by taking a closer look at FDA Insider Alerts now.

FDA Insider Alerts

The FDA Insider Alerts are all about the biotech sector. Kyle Dennis uses a 3-step analysis process to identify the best possible trades within the stock market's biotech niche.

The three steps in the process are:

  1. Identify the catalyst event
  2. Check if the chart has bullish signals too
  3. Make sure that the fundamental data supports the trade idea for the catalyst swing

This service is more about long term trades since the average holding period is between one to four weeks. Therefore, FDA Insider is an exciting pick for traders with a day job. The benefit of such trades is that the alerts don't send the price too high before having a chance to hop on the trade. And even when the prices run away at first, the chances are that a subsequent consolidation provides an excellent opportunity to enter the trade a bit later.

The exact entry- and exit points will be sent out for all those swing trades based on catalyst events to all subscribers. The idea is to make money with longer-term trades and to add more positive gains to the existing track record.

This service is a bit more expensive than the other ones. Before investing $399 quarterly, you should do your due diligence.

Attend to the next free webinar to learn how to trade the biotechnology sector, to see a real example of Kyle Dennis' trades, and to get his Advanced Training Videos and his $2.9 Million Playbook for free.

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Kyle Dennis Review Summary

Trading success doesn't come overnight, but catalyst swing trading and day trades are more comfortable with an excellent mentor service. We don't know the exact details about Kyle Dennis net worth, but if he made a million dollars per year, then Kyle Dennis net worth should be in the >$10 million area.

Stock traders around the globe trust his services, be it for biotech catalyst swing trading in one of his swing trading strategies services, or options- and stock picks within his day trading services. None of the services mentioned includes a chat room, but Dollar Ace subscribers and Sniper Report subscribers see his account in real-time.

So, does Kyle Dennis provide investment advice you can count on? I think the most important thing is to choose the product that suits best to your personal time capacity and personality. As a day trader, you need another mental condition than a swing trader. And Kyles alerts service does not help you to execute the trades. Kyle does the stock-picking for you, and he chooses options contracts to trade.

No matter if it is a biotech trading service with a biotech strategy, options swing trading service or mid-term stock trading: You have to execute the trades. You are solely responsible for your investment and trades. Therefore I always recommend to start on a paper trading account, then work the way up to a real money account trading small sizes, and then finally begin trading bigger sizes.

Many investors on Wall Street have as many funds in their accounts as Kyle Dennis. But the chances are that you start with a smaller account. Register with your email address, check out the free sources like webinars and ebooks and consider carefully which service to chose.

The lower-priced Kyle Dennis services are a good starting point, but as always, you get what you pay for. All services contain a watch list, all of them are about chart patterns and fundamental data, but only a few of them offer video lessons and a streamed real-time account.

For your convenience, I've designed a comparison table:

Service Assets Traded Costs per Year for Readers
Dollar Ace Options Free webinar | $1,499/year
Fast 5 Trades Stocks Free webinar | $97/year
Sniper Report Stocks Free webinar | $97/year
FDA Insider Alert Stocks Free webinar | $399/quarter
Biotech Breakouts - Umbrella of all Kyle Dennis Services

About the Author: Alexander is an investor, trader, and founder of After devoting many years to educating himself on powerful day trading techniques and effective investment styles, he started trading and investing more actively. In the past 20 years, he has executed thousands of trades. In 2015, he began writing articles about trading, investing, and personal finance. He is very passionate about sharing his knowledge and strives for success in himself and others. Alexander has been featured on Benzinga, Rockstar Finance, and ESI Money.

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