5 Tips to Make Money From Home

Making money from home is the exception nowadays – but 150 – 200 years ago this was normal. Going to work every day, to the factory, into the office or the workshop, a normal way of life, is a model that spread with the industrial revolution. A phenomenon related to mass production and consequently, globalization. 

Previously there were manufactures, service providers and craftsmen offering their products or services locally, often only within their village or quarter. The majority of houses were for work and living. Usually the workshop or offices were located on the ground floor, with living quarters above. Common second names like Smith or Miller are remnants of a time when people worked from home.

Currently manufacture and crafts see a kind of renaissance. Besides, there are new job descriptions for work that can be done at home. The following article will describe these in detail and tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of working from home.

make money from home

make money from home

Live, work and make money from home

Working as a permanent employee of a company from home? Not really, since this is hardly accepted by companies. For most executives, the presence of their employees in the office or the workshop is an important part of the company culture, although in many areas the technical implementation of a home office, would not be a problem.

Evil tongues claim that this unconditional duty to attend has something to do with lack of trust. That is why most of the work possible from home consists of freelancing activities, either secondary or as self-employment.

For secondary jobs that usually generate the lesser part of the monthly income, there are legal conditions as well as the requirements of the main employer to consider.

The self-employed in turn are responsible for themselves. Income tax, health insurance and social security contributions have to be paid independently.

Depending on the nature of the activity, compulsory memberships in associations and chambers are added. On the other hand a higher income can be earned and the work is self-determined, free from the rules and regulations of a supervisor.

Dubious side jobs from home

Nowadays, secondary activities that can be done from home are very popular and in demand. On the world wide web there are numerous providers with reputable and dubious offers often difficult to tell apart.

An important feature of rogue deals are fees or sums for assembly kits or the like that the job seeker should provide in advance. For example in adverts like “assembling ballpoint pens at home”.

These are just scams and rip-offs. Industrial automation has long since reached a perfection that makes such activities superfluous for humans. In general, companies will not advertise home-based assembly activities as part-time jobs.

If anything, companies place such work in the regional environment of their headquarters with people who have certain skills. This certainly does not include screwing together pens, filling surprise bags or sorting stamps.

Basically, if you have to pay for a part-time job first, stay away from it, even if it sounds promising at first.

Also to be treated with caution are job offers for working from home that promise much without giving details about the activity or the necessary qualification. Usually this boils down to some “success instructions” for sale, that presumably helps to achieve legendary earning potential.

make money from home

make money from home

Are there worthwhile sidejobs for working from home?

Yes, they exist. However, one should get rid of the idea that simple assembly work will be awarded. That happened in the past, not today. Also, nobody gets rich with these part-time jobs. At least not if the activity is carried out on behalf of a company.

Most part-time jobs are built around the internet, which as an interactive medium needs one thing in particular: data. For this reason, you will find the following jobs:

1. Paid surveys

Market research institutes are always looking for answers to questions about products and services. You can register at various institutes and get surveys suitable for your profile sent by mail. The revenue for answering the questions is between 0.50 and 15 ​Dollars.

An important tip here is that your profile includes the widest possible knowledge of different topics, to have more polls sent to you.

making money from home - surveys

making money from home - surveys

2. Data collection

Despite sophisticated OCR software, lightning fast drum scanner and big data, there is still a big problem. Many data can not be recognized automatically, like by the computer, and must first be recorded manually, for example in an Excel sheet.

Even lists printed by computers can not simply be reformatted, but must first be typed in manually again. Apart from that, countless documents still lie dormant in the archives of many companies and need to be digitized.

As a data collector or data gatherer in a side job, the task is to enter corresponding lists in the appropriate format into the computer. 

Here fluent typing is a prerequisite, since the payment depends on the amount of recorded data.

3. Paidmailer

Simply clicking on certain e-mails to make money. These are advertising emails from various companies, which usually make new products known to a wider audience. The reason for this is the prohibition to send unsolicited commercial e-mails to private individuals.

So people are paid to watch these ads. This is by no means as illogical as it may sound. Paidmailers send the advertising mail in large quantities to certain target groups with appropriate interests and thus make their product known.

The earnings amount to 0.5 to 5 cents per e-mail, but the remuneration is mainly in the lower range of this earnings margin.

Additional income at home with higher qualifications

4. Programmer

On smartphones, tablets or notebooks more and more small and larger programs in the form of apps, plug-ins or add-ons are used. Companies often delegate the work of writing these to homeworkers.

They in turn must possess a corresponding knowledge of the matter. For example, computer science students who can earn a good supplement to the student loan are preferred.

Make money as a programmer

Make money as a programmer

5. Product tester

By now the part-time job as a product tester has become a true rarity. But there are still a few companies that have their devices or products tested in advance. In most cases, these jobs will be assigned internally.

Also included in this segment are game testers that check new PC and console games for their suitability for everyday use.

Part-time jobs that can be expanded into a full-time job

6. Blogger

A blogger runs a website or one or more blogs and reports on certain topics. For this purpose, so-called affiliate links are installed at certain points.

​If the reader now clicks on one of the links, the blogger receives compensation for resulting purchases.

While the market is vast, so is the competition. Nevertheless, with the right niche and a lot of patience, you can build more than just a side job.

working from home as a blogger

With an increasing number of readers, the opportunities to earn money are expanding.

7. Sale of own products

Probably the most original form of production, but today it uses the web as a worldwide distribution channel. Make something at home and then sell it online.

This way, some companies have emerged that grew into employing several employees.

The most important points here are quality and a market niche. On platforms like Seedyaa, Ebay, Amazon or DaWanda help finding interested buyers.

8. Creating videos

Similar to blogging, creating videos with diverse content works well. After completion the films will be posted on YouTube.

The remuneration here is by Google AdSense and other forms of advertising, depending on the number of viewers (clicks) and subscribers.

The top ten YouTubers make millions annually. Of course these are the exceptions. But there are now quite a few video filmmakers who make their living exclusively this way.

A similar option is offered by the platform Instagram, here for pictures as well as videos.

9. Copywriters, proofreaders and translators

Websites need content. Graphics alone are not enough and the big search engines are working with special algorithms that analyze the texts on a website to rank them.

People with a talent for the written word can thus write corresponding content on demand.

Payment is per word and on average from 1 to about 3 cents. This depends on the scope of research and the desired text style. In turn, lecturers and translators are often engaged on a project-related basis and receive a lump sum.

Here, too, a secondary income can become a primary occupation, allowing you to carry out the necessary work from home.

once upon a time

Happy at home?

Self-employment with working from home certainly means more personal freedom. Maybe more satisfaction, less work, but usually not. An employee, whether male or female, so to speak, settles down in a nest made for him or her.

As a self-employed person or entrepreneur in one's own home, many things have to be considered that have little relevance for employees. In return, the success of one's own performance is immediately apparent to the self-employed and by no means confined to the condescending praise of the superior.

work from home

work from home

The project “make money from home” should be well planned and the chosen activity should be in line with one's own interests and abilities. Under certain circumstances there are also funding opportunities available from the government, for example when taking up self-employment out of unemployment.

Starting the job first as a side income has the advantage of getting to grips with the matter and slowly increasing the volume. The internet facilitates the implementation of plans, without even having to make large investments.

As described earlier, in the pre-industrial era, there were many more people doing their work from home.

All of us are now living in the post-industrial, in the digital age, which, among other things, may bring modernity back to the pre-industrial era. After all, everything comes full circle, right?

Conclusion on making money from home

Whether it is worth taking up a side job or embarking on self-employment should not be considered just from the perspective of money.

Personal freedom is at least as important. Especially with an impersonal approach present more than ever both at work and leisure.

After all, automation is not limited to production machines.

For example, who has not had the rather dubious pleasure of having to deal with an automatic call forwarding system in order to end up in an endless waiting loop? How pleasant by comparison is a conversation partner of flesh and blood.

Apart from that, the self-chosen part-time job or main job done from home may well be a good investment in the future. This both in terms of earnings as well as overall career prospects.

In the coming years, the industry will reduce even more jobs due to automation than before. It is certainly a good idea to start out in a segment that can’t simply be rationalized away.

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