Making Money Online in 2018 (Do You Have What it Takes?)

​Making money online – nothing seems easier, but here too, as elsewhere, some succeed while others fail.

Still, making money online is the almost perfect road to financial independence.

The online trade is still a teenager in the middle of the growth phase. On average, the digital sector is growing 11% per year. So it's a very fast growing kid.​

But when compared with "analogue" commerce, the online distribution of goods, goods and services is not a teenager, but really just a baby.

​If an industry can boast a growth rate of 11% in a highly developed country, this proves an enormous potential for years to come.

In short, there is no better opportunity for making money in any other market. In addition, the entry into online money making comes at minimal costs.

A considerable number of today's successful internet professionals started with in-house resources, such as a laptop and an internet connection – both standard features in more than 80% of households.

This article will help you find out all about what it needs to make money online as well as the hidden risks.

Make money online |

Make money online |

Are you already doing it – or do you want to start?

The question naturally refers to whether you’ve already begun to earn money online or if you’re still toying with the idea.

If you’ve already made your first profit digitally, you probably found your segment, your niche. 

If not, it does not matter because there are plenty of ways to make money online, directly or indirectly.

Preferences are quite different, and so some people ask themselves, "How can you make serious money on the internet", while others prefer to start from "make a lot of money quickly, no matter how".

There are lots of stories about the latter, mostly of an unpleasant nature, like pyramid schemes,  already well established in pre-digital years.

They’ve spread in the digital world, reappearing from time to time with promises of fabulous returns in ever new, seemingly respectable guises.

But there are different strategies.

MLM, multi-level marketing, is often summarily cast with pyramid schemes, but that is not correct.

The crucial characteristic of a pyramid scheme is that the sums obtained are mainly the entry deposits of new members.

Serious multi-level marketing focuses on the sales of certain products.

Members can indeed benefit from recruiting new members, but premiums or benefits paid out by the company's management should not be so high as to make affiliate advertising more rewarding than product distribution.

Obvious pyramid games are now punishable by law not only in the German-speaking countries. Depending on the country, the initiators can expect up to 3 years in prison.

This has had a thoroughly deterrent effect, and by now many internet users are savvy enough to detect such rip-offs and frauds soon enough.

So let’s pose the question differently:

Making money on the internet – risk free and without own investments?

Making money online without stepping into criminal chasms actually works, even without own investments, apart from internet access and a terminal?

It simply raises the additional question of how much money can be made under these conditions?

But first a short list of possibilities for this segment of online money making:

  • 1) Online surveys
  • 2) Reading emails
  • 3) Micro jobs by smartphone
  • 4) Facebook pages
  • 5) Creating browser games
online survey

These are five ways to actually make money online without risk and personal investment.

Since the term “own investments” is also figuratively used, here’s an extension of the list, but with options that require personal investment of a material or intellectual nature:

  • 6) Affiliate Marketing
  • 7) Copy writing
  • 8) Photograph
  • 9) YouTube video production

A further subdivision, this time about opportunities on the web that do not require personal investment, but carry a certain risk one way or the other.

These include:

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The earning potential of nos. 1 to 5 can generate some pocket money with a lot of diligence but nothing more!

One has to realize that requirements and achievements are at a level where you simply can’t expect to make a fortune.

About the final two ideas to make money online, nos. 10 and 11, well, these may prove risky.

Opening bank accounts and collecting bonuses work once or twice, then the tables might turn and hidden account maintenance fees usually devour the gained premium.

For beginners day trading ​can get really expensive as well.

The real winners by way of earning potential are nos. 6 to 9, but they may require talent and equipment.

But they can certainly give the operator a good monthly income and more – without the risk of losing hearth and home.

We’ll take a closer look at the areas YouTube videos and photography or Instagram respectively in the following articles.

What other options are there for making money online?

Actually, everything is possible, such as the creation of apps, a process that thanks to special modular systems can be carried out even by laymen nowadays.

These are predominantly fairly simply programmed game apps, the number of which is now in the millions.

You can also make money online based on your own experience and professional knowledge, for example by creating e-books.

Here the challenge is not the actual making of a digital book, but the content is important.

The market for e-books is growing slowly, but steadily.

As an example:

Currently, as of 2017, e-books account for 5.6% of total public book sales in Germany. 

Anyone who thinks that is quite modest, should take into account that book sales generate revenues of more than 9 billion euros annually in Germany, of which more than 450 million euros come from e-books.

As in the analogue book world, all genres are represented among e-books.


Top sellers in terms of sales are thrillers and fantasy. Anyone who does not have the talent to tell an exciting or imaginative story might just succeed with non-fiction.

E-guidebooks and companions are much in demand, depending on the chosen niche in which the e-book is to be placed.

Digital publications can easily be self-published and there are also appropriate distribution channels, but if the success is to last, especially electronic non-fiction needs regular maintenance.

Just as there are new editions with revised chapters for regular non-fiction books, updates are necessary for e-books, too, and so it’s not possible to rest on the once written laurels.

Tales of crime

It’s hardly surprising that thriller or suspense e-books are at the top of the bestseller lists – they are certainly very fascinating.

In the digital world these crime stories can easily become real. Many examples can be found especially on the subject of making money online, like with emails offering lucrative jobs.

Here gullible persons are exploited by credit card fraudsters who transfer funds to the victim’s bank account.

These funds are then to be forwarded – after deduction of a percentual share – via Western Union.

Such stories tend to end badly for those who accept these “jobs” because they end up as the only accomplice identifiable for the police.

Making money at home without internet access

Home based work has been around for a long time, and before the industrial revolution, it was even more common than permanent employment with an employer.

Today, most home based work offers are based on the requirement of having a computer and an internet connection.

Home based work opportunities without internet access are, for example, lessons for students, but pressers or tailors are sought, too.

Not exactly wanted, but often advertised are jobs assembling ballpoint pens or fill kid’s surprise bags. Such homework offers are simply scams and rip-offs.

High-quality writing instruments are manufactured in factories and not circulated abroad in parts.

Cheap disposable ballpoint pens are being assembled by machines. Likewise, the filling of surprise bags takes place fully automated in suitable plants.

The providers of such "jobs" try to elicit advance fees from the prospective worker – so stay away from this!

Making money online – 200 - 500 ​dollars a day, is this truly possible?

Yes, it is, but it’s not easily earned money. It’s suggested quite often that money can be made on the web at the drop of a hat.

This might be true where the dubious and illegal segments are concerned, but for honest trade or services the situation on the web is similar to real life.

You just can’t make something out of nothing. And sizeable sums of money on the very first day are just as doubtful. More in one of the following paragraphs.

Occasionally one comes across tempting offers ultimately leading to a gambling site.
Which brings us to a very special area of making online.

Making quick money online

Poker, roulette, baccarat and other online gambling games are among the areas with amazing sales, and many poker aficionados do not consider it a game of chance.

There are always stories about poker kings, pros in horse betting or people who have developed a foolproof roulette system, thus becoming wealthy within in a very short time.

Gambling is probably as old as mankind, and by the time gambling became a profession the pros devised methods to win at least six games out of ten. It’s no different on the web.

While most of the games are conducted by a "bank", such as roulette or baccarat, and thus several players play against the holder of the bank, in a poker game the participants compete against each other.

Considerable sums can be "earned" with experience and sure instinct, in addition to the prerequisite luck of cards.

But – and this happens to the majority – one can lose a lot of money. The professional history of all poker pros is characterized by extreme ups and downs.


One year a king, the next few years mediocre or even making losses. Poker is not a reliable source of income, even if some online casinos would have you believe this.

And by the way, many of the professionals live off their once-established reputation and are paid extra for participating in tournaments, making  a living mainly by advertising, not playing poker.

As for games where several participants play against a bank, it is quite certain who wins in the end – it is always the bank.

The raunchy side of the web

Sex sells, online even more than offline, it would be stupid to deny this. In fact, around 30% of the world’s total internet traffic is about pornographic content.

​Making money from home on the PC

In one of the preceding paragraphs, affiliate marketing was mentioned as a means of earning money.

It's about advertising on websites or blogs.

The operator of a website cooperates with one or more online providers.

The first and most important of these are of course Amazon and Google.

Advertising on a domain depends more or less on the content of the page or pages.

Depending on the agreement, the payment for advertising will be made based on clicks, as with Google, or for a percentage of the sales proceeds, as with Amazon.

For the owner of a site that is now an affiliate partner, it's all about generating traffic to his or her site.

The higher the traffic on the page, the more clicks or sales result.

To accomplish this one can use a combination of several methods.

On the one hand, it is important to publish new and original content regularly, like photos, videos and texts, but no content copied from other sites, because search engines recognize this and it leads to trouble regarding the copyright.

On the other hand, content must be processed in an SEO-friendly manner. What this entails is relatively easy to learn.

That’s the big advantage of affiliate marketing.

It does not require talent and practically no equipment. A personal domain plus web space is helpful and costs only a few euros a year.

Remains to find a niche topic for the site, but that is easily arranged. Initially profits will be modest, but with patience and regular updates one can build a base of followers.

Successful affiliate partners usually run several pages with different niche topics as well.
There’s no quick success, but with a consistent strategy a four-digit monthly income after about two or three years is quite realistic.

Conclusions about making money online

The majority of users will have already noticed that on the web not all is gold that gleams.

Sure, one can make large fortunes online, but where this is legally done it usually takes a lot of work and patience.

But still – the internet allows anyone, with or without basic capital, to risk self-employment.

That's almost impossible in offline business. 

Besides, all you need to know about doing business online is also available on the web.

Again, for the most part completely free.

As mentioned initially, the internet is an enormous growth market giving birth to new trade ideas for making money online daily.

Fortunately today and in future one cannot predict which of these ideas is the best choice, but one thing remains the same in both the digital and the analog world – those who approach it with enthusiasm and interest have already won in one way or another.