MarketClub Review

MarketClub offers an impressive range of technical analysis tools and trading signals.

Alexander Voigt

By Alexander Voigt | Updated December 27, 2022

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If it’s stock analysis software you’re after, MarketClub is the place for you. Sporting an excellent combination of trading experience and proprietary technology, Andrew Hewison applies unbiased trading tools and advanced algorithms to exploit inefficiencies in the securities market.

Whether it’s stocks, options, futures, forex, ETFs, precious metals or mutual funds – MarketClub has data tools that can help keep you ahead of the trading curve.

But does its technology really work? In this Market Club review, we’ll take you step-by-step through the offering and let you know if it’s better to be a member.

MarketClub Review

Update: MarketClub does not answer my emails and questions anymore. That’s why this review is on hold and won’t be updated for now.

What is MarketClub?

Powered by Inc., MarketClub is a provider of advanced screening and data tools that help traders gain an edge in the markets. Founded in 2002 by Adam Hewison, MarketClub is used by more than 200,000 traders in over 91 countries worldwide.

As a former floor trader and private fund manager with over 30 years’ experience, Hewison – alongside David Maher – developed MarketClub’s trading tools by applying time-tested algorithms and market-proven analysis.

Designed by traders for traders, MarketClub prides itself on developing actionable data tools as opposed to providing simple trading advice. For the team, it’s a two-way street: as members become more successful, the company becomes more successful.

Products | Services | Costs

With specialization in mind, MarketClub offers two main services: full-service membership as well as an options training course. Let’s see how they stack up.

MarketClub Membership

Designed to provide full-access to all of the sites features, a MarketClub Membership has three pricing options:

  • Monthly Membership at $59 per month
  • Quarterly Membership at $150 per quarter
  • Yearly Membership at $449 per year

Doing the math, you can see a yearly membership saves $259 annually compared to a monthly membership.

So what’s included in the subscription?

  • Trade Triangle signals that tell you when to enter and exit a position
  • Market scanning tools that find profitable opportunities within your trading style
  • Email alerts that keep you up to date on all of your positions
  • Portfolio manager applications and interactive charts to help keep your positions organized
  • ‘Top market’ lists of the best stock, ETF, futures and forex plays at any point in time
  • Access to educational videos and audio seminars
  • Historical data for over 300,000 securities with the ability to organize end-of-day data instantly
  • Access to MarketClub’s members blog where you receive support, trading tips and share ideas

Let’s run through the list.

With Trade Triangles, you receive access to MarketClub’s proprietary algorithmic system – which lets you know exactly when to enter and exit a trade.

Whether it’s stocks, options, futures, forex, ETFs, precious metals or mutual funds – the algorithm quickly identifies the strongest directional trends to help maximize your profits and minimize your losses.

So how does it work?

Well, first up is Green Triangles. Like green lights at an intersection, Green Triangles tell you when to go and ride a strong upward trend. The sweet spot occurs in between the established trend and the first bend in the trend.

Next is Red Triangles. Like you may have guessed, Red Triangles tell you when to stop. As trends lose steam, the indicator will tell you the best time to get out and the best price to capture profits. Most important, the indicator also includes a scoring feature.

In order to profit off a trending market, you first need confirmation that a trend is actually in place. Using its proprietary technology – built from advanced statistics – MarketClub’ algorithm will place a checkmark by each triangle to let you know if it spots a daily trend, weekly trend or a monthly trend.

What makes MarketClub so useful is its combination of advanced screening software with easy-to-use application. Instead of spitting out results in the form of advanced statistics, results are explained in laymen’s terms – so traders of all skill levels can understand.

Now for market scanning tools.

Designed to quickly spot winning plays for any security, MarketClub’s Smart Scan scours the market and highlights opportunities that fit your trading style and preferences. Whether it’s stocks, options, forex or ETFs – you can customize its scanning inputs to match your individual time horizon.

With its email alerts, you also never worry about missing a play. When setting up the scanner, you can program the platform to automatically send email alerts when certain thresholds have been breached. These can be net price changes, new highs and lows, changes in trade triangle scores, price breakouts as well as when new trade triangles form.

With the portfolio manager and interactive charts feature, you can stay organized and customize your data in one consolidated place. You can view your current portfolio, quickly see trade triangle scores, create watchlists, view interactive charts as well as access a complete set of charting tools and technical analysis studies.

So with all that said – what should we make of a MarketClub membership? Well, after processing all of the above, there is a lot to like about the service. Rather than marketing trade recommendations from the individuals themselves, MarketClub’s team uses concrete data and proprietary algorithms to do all of the heavy lifting.

By applying a statistical approach to trading, it allows them to remove emotion from the equation and focus only on high probability plays. With that, it’s hard to find any reason why MarketClub’s data tools won’t help you succeed as a trader.

Now what about price?

Relative to many other service providers, the price is reasonable. At $449 for an annual subscription, it’s a rather small outflow to gain access to proven technology. Even better, MarketClub offers a 30-Day Trial for $1.

Beyond adding credibility to the offering, the 30-day trial also allows full access to the entire site and lets you test out the products in real-time. This way, you can apply the algorithms to your own unique trading style and see if MarketClub lives up to the hype.

From our perspective, we think it’s worth a look. For most trading service providers, it’s easy to gain new customers, however retaining them is the hard part. By allowing a 30-Day Trial for $1 it shows MarketClub stands behind its product.

If it doesn’t perform exactly as advertised, the team knows people won’t become official members. Because of this, it gives us even more confidence in its overall validity.

MarketClub Options Strategy Blueprint:

Developed as an add-on to the Ino marketclub memberships above, the Options Strategy Blueprint – taught by Trader Travis – is an options boot camp that outlines everything you need to know about how to replicate his winning options strategies.

Here’s what you get when you join:

  • Three video lessons explaining options basics
  • Lessons on how to avoid mistakes rookie options traders make
  • An options 101 eBook that covers both options trading theory and basic trade setups
  • A MarketClub Options Blueprint that includes 9 video lessons, downloadable worksheets, Q&A sessions and more
  • Access to the members only ‘Trading Tribe’ where you can share ideas and ask questions

As well, there are two pricing options:

  • $299 which includes a 90-day MarketClub membership
  • $499 which includes a 1-year MarketClub membership

Based on the pricing and overall content, we have to pass on this one. Your best option is to try the 30-Day Trial for only $1 before making a full purchase. However, if after completing the free trial, you feel an annual subscription is right for you – purchasing the Options Strategy Blueprint will only cost an extra $50.

From that point of view, it can be great add-on for a prospective full-time member.

MarketClub Free Trial | Promo Code

While MarketClub doesn’t offer a free trial for its membership, it does offer the next best thing. Through a time-sensitive promotion, you can register for a 30-Day Trial for $1.

Without a doubt, this option provides tremendous value and also a risk-free way to test out all the site has to offer without worrying about breaking the bank in the process.

The company also provides plenty of free resources through its MarketClub Blog.

You can read articles on topics such as, the 10 Hot Stocks for March, A “Monster” Stock Play That Won’t Last Long and The Feeling of a Double-Digit Gain. You can also follow the team on its official MarketClub Facebook, MarketClub Twitter and MarketClub YouTube pages.

MarketClub Checklist

  • Founded: 2002
  • Educators: Adam Hewison, David Maher, Trader Travis
  • Number of members: 200,000+
  • Company Address check: 228 Park Ave S, Suite 320 New York, NY 10003-1502
  • Free trial: No
  • Free resources: MarketClub Blog, MarketClub Facebook, MarketClub Twitter, MarketClub YouTube
  • Coupons: 30-Day Trial for $1
  • Money back guarantees: No
  • Price level: $59 a month to $449 (annual membership). You can also purchase a $499 annual membership which includes the Options Strategy Blueprint
  • Transparency: Above average
  • Verified income statements: No

Who is MarketClub Best For?

A MarketClub membership can benefit traders of all skill levels. Because the service is technology-based, it’s easy to follow and implement – even for beginners.

The best part about the offering is you can sign up for a 30-Day Trial for $1. If you’ve read our reviews before, you know how important free trials are to our rating system.

I mean, if a product is everything a company claims it to be, let people try it out. Fortunately, MarketClub subscribes to this logic. By offering full access for $1, it shows they stand behind their product and believe in it enough to let the results speak for themselves.

MarketClub Review Summary

We’re bullish on MarketClub because of the 30-day trial offer and the fair pricing model. Through its membership plans, you gain access to advanced scanning equipment as well as proprietary algorithms that help simplify trading.

More importantly, the site let’s its technology speak for itself. Rather than marketing any one individual, the team focuses its attention on providing useful tools that are essential to traders in the real world.

I mean, to succeed as a trader – speed is everything. In order to outpace the competition, you need real-time data that’s both actionable and reliable. With MarketClub, you’re covered from both angles.

Our recommendation is to sign up for the 30-Day Trial for $1 and then start with a month-by-month subscription. This provides maximum flexibility. At MarketClub get full access to all its software – including Trade Triangle signals, stock market screener, email alerts, portfolio management and charting tools.

  • MarketClub is a members-only website allowing you to analyze the markets based on market-proven and time-tested methods.


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