Maverick Trading Review 2019 (3 Things Caught my Attention)

There is a way to really professionalize trading and even become a professional trader with access to capital and tools of highly professional trading companies. One doesn’t even need a financial background with years of experience. Where it comes to trading everyone knows “If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.” What about Maverick Trading? Go on reading this Maverick Trading review to find out if their education and trading courses are worth it.

Maverick Trading Review

Maverick Trading Review

What’s Maverick Trading – and what do they offer?

The company behind the name

​Maverick Trading website is operated by Maverick Trading Inc. from Utah, USA.

The Web Platform

​The website is highly interactive, offering many subpages containing the most important information about the services provided.

There‘s an introductional video  explaining the idea behind Maverick Trading application, the Maverick Trading Book within a few minutes. The menu is clear and user friendly.

Maverick Trading Review

Maverick Trading Review (source)

All necessary information is found in the video, the different sub pages and above all, in the very detailed and informative FAQs.

What can be found out about the company itself?

Maverick Trading presents itself as a company set up to help traders increase their wealth and provide them with the knowledge necessary for obtaining more success trading the markets.

To this end the company offers highly detailed and professional strategies on spread trading stock options. The acclaimed goal is “to make you the best trader you can possibly be”.

What sounds preposterous at first is bolstered with further information on the following pages and appears to be well thought out.

The company has many traders working for them who engage in teaching newcomers as well as trading actively.

The step-by-step tutorial

The website describes the process quite succinctly. After going through the first set of FAQs the user is guided to the sign up area to obtain access to the full length video of 106 minutes length.

This video describes the business model, operational structures and all circumstances as detailed as it gets.

Thereafter, the hiring process is started via an interview with one of the company‘s heads to reach a decision about whether the trader suits the requirements for a further partnership. 

trading course warning signs

The Maverick Trading website does not mention any expenses, neither on the front page, nor in the FAQs. The only thing mentioned is that the money earned depends on the trader’s success.

There‘s no mention of any expense for the training program.

Maverick Trading – The business idea in detail

The main service offered by Maverick Trading consists of recruiting for their own business. There ​are only a few comparable service currently online.

Maverick Trading is offering kind of a double edge: they provide new traders with the needed knowledge about markets and movements as well as professional software and data.

Once a trader has acquired the knowledge, he will eventually be offered a partnership with Maverick.

The Maverick Trading offer consists of distributional products, such as a book, which is also available via Amazon

The purported goal is to make traders better and provide them with the company‘s own system of trading.

This consists mostly of spread trading with stock options. The objective is to make traders apply the company‘s trading style and to generate profits at trading.

The next step is providing traders who have met the membership requirements with trading capital of the Maverick Trading Partners LLC, applying their trading systems and strategies in order to generate profits.

These will be split at the end of the month.

The mentioned edge about that is that Maverick Trading is putting its own capital on the line. The trader will use (at least mostly) the company funds, keeping 70 to 80 percent of the generated income at the end of the year.

Maverick states to generate income by splitting off the difference of 20 to 30 percent of the generated profits of their team traders.

The website claims that it is possible to earn more than US$ 100,000 once all the training and the following approval has been passed

The process is well explained in the website’s introductional video, also revealing the idea behind that rather unusual service.

As a fact, Maverick Trading have considerable confidence in their own methods to be successful and even more, to create successful new traders.

As stated, there has to be little to no experience in finance, yet a financial or mathematical background is appreciated. As a most important value,  Maverick Trading demands a passion for trading and market movements.

Once the application at Maverick is completed there is a full-lenght introduction, a personal interview and further information.

What you learn about the so-called team of Maverick Trading, eventually describing the staff behind the service, is that they claim to have team members from around the globe, with plenty of experience in trading the markets and especially teaching others the fundamentals as budding traders.

As stated on their website, every staff member of Maverick Trading is an active trader himself

An important focus point seems to be risk management, something that is taught during lessons with professional traders taking care of their customers.

Overall, that seems to be one thing many other providers of trading lessons are missing out way too often. Focusing on maximizing earning is one of the reasons why many traders fail early. There is simply too little attention paid to the fundamental risks of loss.

Trading markets, especially on a short time basis, means putting your capital at risk of total loss and the fact that markets are not always predictable is often compared to gambling.

Thus risk management is the key to the strategies provided by Maverick  as stated in their introduction.

Perusing the website‘s FAQ one will notice that there is no guarantee whatsoever that the accomplishment of the training program will necessarily lead to an offer or a recruitment by the company.

One has to be aware, that this is not a job offer, nor any kind of employment. It‘s an offer for trading training and teaching, eventually leading to an independent contract.

The actual trading, when it comes about, will take place via a sub-account of the company‘s trading bank account. 

Once consistent profits have been generated over a reasonable span of time, there will be the optional advanced program leading to more trading capital, increasing the profits and thereby the yearly income of both the trader and Maverick.

Personal Summary

The idea of a partnership between active traders and a company itself is ​interesting. But this has to follow strict rules to not end up as a money meltdown.

Only if traders show a good-enough consistency in their profits, the system will successfully pass the long-term test.

Maverick Trading itself sounds more than convinced to have found a way to make both sides profit from the idea of shared capital and trading all the same style with strictly capped risks.

But on the other hand what else would they say on their website? The actual idea of selling trading strategies isn‘t new and has always paid off for the providers. The main difference is that the trader has always carried his own risk – the Maverick Trading review shows off that the company is highly trusting their strategies of options trading.

Even if the trader is not provided with an independent contractor offer, he may get the tools to successfully trade stock options on his own. I asume, that they use a stock screener as one of their major tools.

Overall, Maverick seems to elegantly manage the balancing act between adding a social component to trading and providing the trader with real, fundamental and valuable knowledge. Indeed, using the company‘s capital in order to generate higher profits sounds more than attractive.

To sum it up, the Maverick Trading service sounds interesting.

But one major question remains.

What is the Maverick Trading business model? How do they make money when splitting profits with their traders. ​How do they protect their money?

Would you ever let other people trade within your account with all the risk associated?

I would not. 

More transparency about the pricing would be benificial. Otherwise it remains a black box.

One thing is for sure. ​The offer is definitely less suitable for those who just want to try trading for the first time.

Maverick Trading Review - ​Pros & Cons

  • ​professionalizing at trading
  • ​supervision by experienced traders
  • ​chance of access to capital
  • use of professional trading tools
  • no guarantee of independent contract
  • website could provide more information
  • no factually proven success
  • lack of transparency
  • no pricing information on their website


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