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It is hard to oppose that real estate is among the best investments in modern history. Yet, taking advantage of it somehow becomes a complicated task for investors. The reason is that, in our mind, real estate investments are still envisioned as becoming a landowner or buying an apartment.

The truth, however, is there are real estate investment opportunities for investors to potentially profit from. The question is how to find and make the most out of them.

Investors can either research on their own for real estate investment opportunities or rely on services like Motley Fool Millionacres, which specializes in real estate investment activities.

Millionacres is one of the premium offerings of The Motley Fool. This Motley Fool review explores everything you should know about the popular real estate investing service and how it can help enhance the portfolio. For that purpose, we take a closer look at the lower-priced Real Estate Winners and more expensive Mogul services, which are part of the Millionacres offering.

millionacres review

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About Milionacres

While Motley Fool needs no introduction, Millionacres might be a more niche set of services that investors might not know about yet. The comprehensive platform is designed to help real estate investors become more successful.

Motley Fool started Millionacres to demystify real estate investing and with the idea in mind, understanding the market doesn’t have to cost investors thousands of dollars. Instead, it aims at making it easier and more affordable for investors to get exposure to this often underrated asset and its remarkable wealth creation potential.

The real estate investing service is available for an annual fee and covers all aspects and investment opportunities within the niche. Members get continuous updates, recommendations, research, and real estate stock ideas.

The stock picks and investment opportunities spread across rental properties, real estate ETFs, real estate investment trusts (REITs), land investing, crowdfunding, etc.

Millionacres offers investment guides, in-depth articles, podcasts, and other investor resources available on the site are a great way to become a real estate expert.

The Motley Fool team that powers the Millionacres subscription services consists of writers and editors specialized in real estate investing. All the reviews of tools, products, services, and books are inspired by the own beliefs and expertise of the Motley Fool Millionacres team.

Real Estate Investing With The Motley Fool Newsletters

Two Millionacres subscription services are currently available. Real Estate Winners is a lower-priced newsletter with monthly real-estate-related stock picks. The Mogul service, on the other hand, is a higher-priced service with specific recommendations about real-estate property investments.

Special Offer: Real Estate Winners With $100 Off for New Members

1. Real Estate Winners Newsletter

The newsletter helps investors allocate their investment capital across REITs and real estate stocks. Members receive solid real estate guidance and tools delivered directly into their inboxes every month.

The marketing message on the Real Estate Winners newsletter’s page promises investors recommendations aimed at potentially positive returns and help them position their portfolios to benefit from “unfair advantages” like tax breaks or government-mandated payouts, even without becoming a landlord. While this might sound too promotional, it is, in fact, fair, as the newsletter’s team stands behind its words with better average returns compared to the S&P 500 index performance (as of March 31, 2022).

The regularly updated list of real estate investment opportunities is also accompanied by a review of past recommendations and their performance to date. This is great because it helps earn the trust of investors and remain transparent about the returns generated on the suggested investments. While this may sound natural for many investors, the truth is that a significant part of the newsletters doesn’t do so.

motley fool millionacres real estate winners


Real Estate Winner members receive one buy recommendation on the Wednesday in the middle of a month during regular trading hours.

The buy recommendation includes in-depth guidance, insights and key financial metrics. That makes it easy to understand the reason for the trade and enables investors to make well-informed decisions.

In addition, various market commentary and help guides about topics like REIT dividends and taxes are published multiple times per month.

The newsletter focuses only on the most specific and essential information around real estate investments. There is no fluff, and members get only valuable content and actionable insights. Its goal is to help investors who lack the tens of thousands of dollars usually needed for building a solid real estate portfolio access actionable guidance in that market sector by providing high-potential and affordable real estate investment opportunities.

Unlike the majority of other newsletters, this one isn’t just theoretical. Instead, it is packed with investment alerts and valuable data to help investors create a real estate portfolio with just a few clicks and start building real wealth right away.

Now, let’s talk about the costs for the Motley Fool Millionacres services.


A one-year subscription to the Millionacres Real Estate Winners newsletter costs $149 for new members in the first year with this offer. This is $100 off compared to the regular annual price.

So, for about $12 per month, investors get access to premium investment recommendations that can potentially earn thousands of dollars. It is also one of the most affordable services of Motley Fool.

The annual fee is fairly priced, considering the value members get from the Millionacres Real Estate Winners newsletter.

The only downside is the newsletter doesn’t have a trial period or offer refunds.

2. Mogul Real Estate Investment Newsletter

The Mogul newsletter is the flagship real estate investments service of Motley Fool or, as they call it, “the gateway to the $17 trillion commercial real estate world.”

You probably wonder what the difference between the Mogul and the Real Estate Winners is, so let’s get to it straight away. The former curates the portfolio style guidance, including allocation strategy and industry expertise, making it way more enhanced and practical.

The Mogul newsletter brings investment strategies, crowdfunding recommendations, in-depth due diligence, recommends what its experts believe to be high-potential opportunities across equities and REITs, and more.

The premium subscription service provides regular expert commentary on the state of the real estate industry and helpful guides and tools.

Among the key distinguishing features of the flagship newsletter is the exclusive guidance investors gain access to. That way, each investor can seek to capitalize on the team’s years of expertise in investing, due diligence, and more.

real estate investment returns


The difference with the Mogul Investment newsletter is the timely recommendations on public and private-placement real estate deals. In addition, all picks are based on Millionacres’ proprietary 100-point Mogul Score rating system, designed specifically for investors in the commercial real estate industry.

Let’s say a few words about the scoring system. First, the property rating platform gives members a detailed allocation guide with scores for different assets.

These include real estate ETFs and equities, REITs, single- and multi-family properties, single and multi-family rental properties, crowdfunding opportunities, Opportunity Zone properties, etc. So it basically covers every corner of the real estate industry by quantifying what the experts at Millionacres think the investment potential of the different opportunities could be.

Furthermore, each issue of the investor newsletter includes specific recommendations about REITs and real estate equities worth exploring. The service delivers individual commercial real estate deals curated explicitly for those who want a more hands-on approach to the industry.

We should also mention the private tutorials, events, member-only webinars, and workshops that Mogul brings every investor subscribed to it.


Brace yourselves, as the monthly subscription fee of the Mogul Investment Newsletter, is 12x higher than the Real Estate Winners services. So to save you the maths, the Mogul costs $2,999 per year. Unfortunately, there are no discounts for the first-year membership available.

Fees like these automatically put the newsletter out of the question for many reading this Millionacres review. Still, the truth is professional investment recommendation services are pretty expensive by default. Furthermore, considering the usual contents of the Mogul newsletter, including real estate deals or advanced investment strategies backed by industry data, it is understandable that the scale of investors Millionacres targets with this service is of a higher bracket. And so are their fees.

Whether or not Mogul’s annual subscription fee is justified depends on investment goals and capital.

Those with lower investment capital may find better value in the Real Estate Winners offering. In contrast, the Millionacres team suggests joining members have at least $100,000 investment capital to make the most out of the more expensive Mogul Service. However, with the annual fee for the Mogul service in mind, it’s likely better suitable for investors with even more budget.

Here you find more details about the Mogul investment newsletter.

Motley Fool Millionacres Review Summary

The Motley Fool Millionacres services are unrivaled for real estate investments. The service covers multiple aspects of the real estate market through the Real Estate Winners and Mogul investment newsletters. From buying property and investing in stocks to crowdfunding projects, the Millionacres newsletters aim to bring investors everything they need.

While the Real Estate Winners newsletter is a more affordable option designed to serve the needs of the average investor, the Mogul is for the more high net worth audience and those with more extensive portfolios.


  • Specialized in real estate investing
  • Market beating returns
  • Discounts for Real Estate Winners are available


  • Subscriptions are final and no cash refunds are possible

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