Millionaire Roadmap Review

Five traders on your side - they publish their trades every day in the trading feed, and three of them stream their portfolio in real-time. Sounds amazing? This Millionaire Roadmap review reveals - It is!

In summer 2019, I began auditing Jason Bond's services. In the first step, I've completed my Jason Bond Picks review. Now I take care of Jason's premium trading service; the Millionaire Roadmap.

In this Millionaire Roadmap Review, I am going to reveal in-depth insights about this service. I'll share all the information with you, and I will update the review regularly to share my newest experiences with his service with you.

Millionaire Roadmap Review

What Is the Millionaire Roadmap?

The Millionaire Roadmap is Jason Bond's premium service and sometimes also titled as "Raging Bull's Most Wanted." Raging Bull because the company behind all those Jason Bond services is Raging Bull LLC.

The Millionaire Roadmap is much more than just a normal trading education course. While education with existing content is part of the program, the primary purpose is to provide customers a hands-on experience trading the markets in real-time.

Every trading day, three traders share their account in real-time. That means that you can see the actual positions they have right in front of you.

Millionaire Roadmap Trading Rooms

The trading service business is a shady one, and most vendors never reveal their account statement, nor do they share their account with subscribers.

Kudos to Jason Bond and his team - they go new innovative ways by making their service as transparent as possible. It's probably one of the most transparent services all over the world.

Who Is behind the Millionaire Roadmap?

The Millionaire Roadmap team currently consists of five traders:

  • Jason Bond
  • Nathan Bear
  • Kyle Dennis
  • Bart Van
  • Taylor Conway

All of them have different trading approaches and are successful in what they are doing. As a subscriber, you are well adviced to give you enough time to study each one's trading approach before making a decision who to follow. Let me give you a brief overview of the different trading approaches:

Jason Bond

Jason runs various services like Jason Bond Picks and Weekly Windfalls. Within the Millionaire Roadmap, he shares his TD Ameritrade account in real-time with you.

Jason Bond | Millionaire Roadmap

He mainly trades vertical spreads with options, and stocks with his fish hooks and rockets setups. So, if you ever wanted to see all his positions, then the Millionaire Roadmap is the way to go. Jason shares his screen all day long with you in one of the three trading rooms.

He also publishes trades that are only available to Millionaire Roadmap subscribers. Three of Jason's Millionaire Roadmap members are now moderators and educators within the MRM. They all archived the goal to grow their account by $1,000,000 in trading profits.

Millionaire Roadmap Success Stories

Nathan Bear

Nathan Bear is calm, to the point, purposeful, and consistent. Nathan is the main moderator and publishes the most trades every day. Nathan Bear is also one of the head traders of Raging Bull's brand Weekly Money Multiplier. Nathan's TPS-setup is easy to understand, and all of his trades are comprehensible.

Trend Pattern Squeeze | Nathan Bear

Best of all, he mainly trades large caps. So when he enters a trade, you can easily replicate his trades because the market doesn't care if he buys some options on AMZN, GOOG, or ROKU. So if you ever considered to mirror trade, well, Nathan's trades can be replicated even minutes after he entered a trade.

Another benefit of following Nathan's approach is that he is buying calls and buying puts. So the risk is limited right from the beginning, and no extensive knowledge is needed to understand how it works. Nathan publishes the trades in the trading feed with concrete details about the option contracts he bought or sold.

He also provides clear instructions on the entry and potential exit conditions. You can follow Nathan all day long in one of the three trading rooms and most of the day you find him in the main trading room.

Millionaire Roadmap | Nathan Baer

Nathan made $2.22 Million in three years, focusing on options trading. Now, let's proceed with Kyle Dennis, the third millionaire trader who shares his account in real-time with you via desk share.

Kyle Dennis

Kyle Dennis is the third millionaire trader who is sharing his trading account via desk share during a trading day.

Kyle Dennis | Millionaire Roadmap Moderator

He also posts his trades in the Millionaire Roadmap trading feed. In his live desk share you will also see the positions he holds in his services Biotech Breakouts and Options Rockets. Kyle has taken $15,000 into $7.0 Million during a few years, and he mainly trades thinner traded Biotech and Small-Cap stocks.

That makes it harder for you to replicate his trades. When he enters a trade, the prices often directly rise 5%-10% within seconds. I think the biggest value from following Kyle comes from understanding how he screens the market for potential trades.

Millionaire Roadmap | Kyle Dennis

He is not a technical trader at all. Kyle is looking mainly for catalysts that might cause a move. But again, stocks he calls out, go up to fast since the average volume of those stocks is thin. In August 2019 he also started a small account challenge to grow his account from ~8,000 to 1 million USD.

The small account challenge is split into three main steps:

  • Step 1: $8k to $25k by trading stocks in a cash account
  • Step 2: $25k to $250k by trading stocks and options in a margin account
  • Step 3: $250k and beyond by trading stocks and options with more riskier strategies.

Right now, one month after the start, the small account is where it started. The market environment is a bit tricky due to trade war and some tweets with significant market impacts.

Kyle regularly explains in live stream conversations what he is looking for and why. I assume that the activity increases once the market settled down a bit again, and volatility of the overall market decreases. As I lined out at the beginning, in total, five traders share their trades with you.

The following two traders post trades in the trade feed and also provide educational material. However, they do not share their trading account via desk share with you.

Barth Van

Barth is a trader who mainly trades stocks and holds them for short term swings. Barth and Jason know each other for a long time already, and his activities are rare. However, he posts good trade ideas, and his trading style might fit your expectations too.

Within the Millionaire Roadmap user dashboard, you find some background information on how Barth Van trades, especially how he determines positions sizes. Barth is a swing-trader and day trader and only trades stocks. Now, let's proceed the Millionaire Roadmap review by taking a closer look at the trading style of trader number five.

Taylor Conway

Taylor is besides Nathan and Kyle, the third trader who won the Millionaire Roadmap Challenge by growing his account to over $1 Million. He turned $10,000 into $2.33 Million in three years.

Ever since he is part of the Millionaire Roadmap team. Taylor is a day trader and usually holds his positions only for a short time. He doesn't post his trades in the trading feed, nor does he share his account with you. Anyway, Taylor educates and hosts a monthly 3-hour trading session, called the Day Trading Master Class.

Millionaire Roadmap | Taylor Conway

Usually, it costs $499 per month to attend to those sessions, but for Millionaire Roadmap members it is free to attend. All education sessions are being recorded and available for you in the Millionaire Roadmap dashboard even if you cannot attend during the live session.

Recently Taylor also crafted a FAQ document answering the questions he often receives. However, if you like to ask questions, then you should participate in real-time. Taylor is straight forward and shows a realistic picture of day trading.

His trading style is news-feed based and not based on technical analysis. His average holding period is no longer than a few minutes. Taylor pays a ridiculous amount of money every month for news feeds, squawk news, and trading room subscriptions.

He studies what news drives the market, and he jumps in as soon as possible before the majority does. This is how he makes money, and his trading style is an excellent addition to the Millionaire Roadmap group.

Education Material

As I said before, the Millionaire Roadmap mainly focuses on real-time education. Live trading and live trading education is the main purpose of this service. Depending on who's strategies you are following, you can spend a few minutes a day or the full trading day sitting in front of your computer.

You are in the driver seat, and you can decide at any time how much time you like to invest in real-time education. Anyway, the live-trading events in 3 trading rooms from market open to market close are not the only benefits of the Millionaire Roadmap.

Millionaire Roadmap Dashboard

Jason, Nathan, Kyle, Barth, and Taylor also publish recorded material. It might take some time to watch all of them but every minute is worth it. Remember, you pay a reasonable amount of money, so you should make sure to benefit from every single Millionaire Roadmap service.

Also, Millionaire Roadmap students can attend to one of their Mastermind Meetups in Boston, Miami, Atlanta, or Portsmouth. Meet Jason and his team for live training!

Millionaire Roadmap Mastermind Meetups

Millionaire Roadmap Costs

When it comes to the Millionaire Roadmap costs, then some of you might get scared. A retail price of $9,999 per year is a word. But you have to put it in the right context.

Three traders share their trading account in real-time with you and teach you every day on how to trade. Two more provide education material and post trades based on their trading strategies too.

There are other trading courses available for lower costs. But who of them share their trading screen with you? Do you prefer to follow a trader for a small monthly fee why may not trade himself at all?

Or do you prefer to pay a higher price to follow real money traders in real-time? This decision is up to you, and it not an easy decision. On top of that, even if you decide to join the Millionaire Roadmap program, another hurdle comes into play.

The official applications for the Millionaire Roadmap are closed right now. There are already about 1,000 traders in the chat room every day, and Jason and his team limited the seats.

Millionaire Roadmap Discount

Millionaire Roadmap Benefits

  • Trade alerts by SMS, email and chat
  • Access to four millionaire stock- and option traders
  • High learning curve with high conviction trading strategies
  • Daily Watch lists
  • Mastermind Meetup access for Millionaire Roadmap members
  • Live streaming of real trading accounts to see every trade
  • Bonus: Access to all of Jason Bond's trading lessons, guides and educational DVD's
  • Training from millionaire traders Nathan Bear, Kyle Dennis and Taylor Conway (three former Millionaire Roadmap students) and Jason Bond

Jason Bond Millionaire Roadmap Review Summary

Update: The Millionaire Roadmap is permanently closed to future clients. The service will exist further in the future for those who already signed up.

Raging Bull alternatives available to new members:

Jason Bond's Millionaire Roadmap is one of the best trading services I have audited so far. I was able to review any part of the program. Things I like the most are the real-time screen share from Jason, Nathan, and Kyle as well as the realistic risk adjustments during volatile market environments.

My favorite coach is Nathan Bear because he is an exceptional coach and real-money trader. He doesn't hide anything, and I like that. That's how a real traders life goes. There are up and downs, and it is important to handle those situations professionally.

But that's my point of view. You guys might even enjoy Jasons or Kyles strategies and education methods the most. And this is another benefit of the Millionaire Roadmap - the diversity is great. You can see traders execute stock- and options trades covering nearly any niche.

Users can choose between higher risk and lower risk strategies. News trading, scalping, day trading, swingtrading, here you can learn just everything. The most important thing is to be patient without trading a real-money account. Jason and Nathan point that out frequently.

Start with a paper trading account and first get a feeling on how those guys trade, what they trade and why they make a trade. Ask yourself, what happens if you see that Nathan just made another $40,000 at one day?

I saw it in real-time, and I also saw the total P&L on this day. What will it cause if you see this? If the answer is, that you jump right into it on the next day trading the same size as Nathan, well, then you have a problem.

You need to be patient, and you need to listen, you need to learn and understand. Once you are profitable on paper, then you can make your first little steps trading live.

If you try to make your subscription fee back as soon as possible, then you will probably fail. These days a single tweet can impact the market, causing a 500 point move in minutes.

If you make your first trade on such a day without applying excellent money management rules, well, then you might find you in an uncomfortable position.

Remember, you aim to make money by learning and trading. Do the right steps one by another. And also, please, be realistic. I revealed a lot of details in this Millionaire Roadmap review. Read it twice or read it three times.

Make sure to understand that you cannot hop on each trade Jason and his team make. Nathan's and Jason's options trades on large caps are easier to replicate. But it will be nearly impossible to have the same executions for small-cap- and penny stocks that Kyle trades.

Anyway, it always leads to the same. You need to take your time to analyze their trades, ask all the questions you have regarding their strategies, and trade executions. You need to invest time to learn and to apply in a paper trading account.

If, and only if you are successful on paper, then you can consider moving onto the next level trading with small sizes. I hear Nathan saying this nearly every day. When you see him making $40,000 a day, then you might feel in a hurry to do so as well. Who wouldn't, right?

But it took Nathan many years to convert from a trader who is losing money every year into a trader making consistent money. With the Millionaire Roadmap, you can archive your goals even faster, but in any case it takes time, patience and commitment.

I hope that the Millionaire Roadmap review is of help for you and I will update it from time to time once I notice mentionable changes and developments.


  • Excellent Transparency
  • Three Trading Rooms with real-time trading platform sharing
  • Five traders on your side
  • High diversity of trading styles
  • Real-time education


  • Hefty price tag
  • No free trial
  • No refunds

About the Author: Alexander is an investor, trader, and founder of After devoting many years to educating himself on powerful day trading techniques and effective investment styles, he started trading and investing more actively. In the past 20 years, he has executed thousands of trades. In 2015, he began writing articles about trading, investing, and personal finance. He is very passionate about sharing his knowledge and strives for success in himself and others. Alexander has been featured on Benzinga, Rockstar Finance, and ESI Money.

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