Monday Movers Review

Monday Movers is a short-term swing trading service by Jason Bond. The concept is to predict stocks on Friday with a chance of gapping up after the weekend. Jason sends his watchlist, entry and exit alerts via email and via the new Raging Bull app to subscribers. Is Jason Bond's Monday Movers stock picking service worth it? I analyzed the full program and wrote the Monday Movers review focusing on the most important aspects.

Monday Movers Review

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What is Monday Movers?

Monday Movers is all about swing trading stocks over the weekend. The typical holding period is from Friday evening to Monday, shortly after the market open. Subscribers receive the trade alerts via email and by using the Raging Bull mobile app.

I investigate the service for a couple of months now, and about 95% of trades are executed by buying stocks. Sometimes Jason trades Call or Put options, but so far, this only happened a couple of times. Jason only trades stocks and options long. The trade ideas are easy to understand, and the email alerts contain detailed background information, including the reason for the trade, a buy zone, the price target and the stop loss level.

Program Details

Monday Movers Review: Jason Bond

Get Started

Here you find a short welcome letter with some background information and a 3-minute introductory video. You only need about 10 minutes in total, and it is the right starting point.

Intro to Monday Movers

The intro to Monday Movers explains in detail how to read the investing newsletter. Jason shares the stock ticker symbol and all price levels, including the entry, target and stop-loss with subscribers. The newsletter also contains charts with annotations. It is beneficial to read the five introduction blog posts since it enables you as a subscriber to interpret the newsletter correctly. A cool feature is the comment section below each blog post. Here you can ask your questions regarding the Monday Movers strategy and read older comments. The five sections are:

  • Welcome to Monday Movers
  • Why I Trade Momentum Stocks
  • The Biggest Tools in My Trading Belt
  • Plan Your Trade and Trade Your Plan
  • How I Scan for Winning Setups

Jasons Vault

Jasons video vault is a collection of about 100 video recordings divided into seven categories.

  • Jason Bond Strategy Course
  • Penny Stocks 101
  • The Basics of Swing Trading
  • How to Trade Like a Pro
  • The House Always Wins
  • 3 Minute Tips
  • Jasons Profit Booster

You can subscribe a year for $97 using the discount link in this Monday Movers review within the Monday Movers cost section, and you get access to about 100 educational videos besides the weekly trading signals. I think this is a significant benefit, even by considering that some of the videos are older. Anyways, trading is timeless, and trading basics never expire. I think the section Basics of Swing Trading is the most important one when taking the basic concept of Monday Movers into account.

Stocks Of the Month

The stock of the month section includes the monthly bonus trade. Once you subscribe to Monday Movers, you will find all historical analysis. The reports are linked within each week's blog posts. Here you can download the monthly report as PDF-file and leave your comments.

Weekend Gameplan

The weekend gameplan category is the most important one. As I said earlier, the weekly alerts are submitted via email and via the Raging Bull app. The app is the fastest, and I mainly use the app on my iPhone now. But if you have the alerts in your email inbox, well, why is that section important, you may ask. To me, the most significant value comes for new subscribers since each week's alerts are stored in this section of the Jason Bond Monday Movers members dashboard. You can go back in time and analyze the recent stock picks by opening the older newsletter information in the Jason Bond Monday Movers Weekend Gameplan section and parallelly opening a chart in your trading platform to analyze. You can even take it a step further and create an excel spreadsheet with all stock picks and results.

Exclusive Content

Jason Bond shares some insights with subscribers within the exclusive content section. Jason shares trading strategy insights for stock trading and options trading. There are some similarities to Jason Bond Picks. His long term success is based on improving his strategies further and further. The good news is, you don't have to read all those blog posts. There are so many articles, and reading all of the time would take a lot of time. But if you have a free minute, it is worth reading those with headlines that get your attention.

Jasons Masterclass

Jasons Masterclass is a little and probably often undiscovered diamond. There are twelve video lessons with a duration of about one to two hours each. The content is not directly related to Jason Bond Monday Movers service. Those videos teach you to understand the markets in the way Jason does. Here you figure out more about his trading strategy, how he trades the bull flag and bear flag patterns, and the technique he uses to leverage his success and more.

Monday Movers Cost

Jason Bond Monday Movers officially costs between $799 and $1,497 per year, but this little webinar unlocks a discounted price of $97 per year. Alternatively, webinar attendees can pay $297 for the first year plus $1 per additional year with the unlimited deal.

To me, the $97 per year deal is the best one to keep the costs low. The $297 makes sense if a monthly live training with Jason and RagingBulls chat room access is important to you.

Is Monday Movers Legit?

Jason Bond Monday Movers is a legit service. Jason is transparent about subscription terms, and one year for $97 is a good deal. I always received the trade alerts with the detailed trading plan in time on Friday before the market close. Access to previous stock picks for all subscribers is a big plus in terms of transparency.

Jason Bond Monday Movers Review Summary

Jason Bond Monday Movers is a stock picking service focusing on swing trading from Friday shortly before market close to Monday around market open. Jason mainly trades momentum stocks, and sometimes he adds Call or Put options. It is an attractive service for investors with a full-time job. The Monday Movers sections Intro to Monday Movers and Weekend Gameplan are the most important ones. You can either subscribe to the high price directly on his site or go through the short webinar to unlock the annual subscription for $97.


  • 2-3 swing trade ideas per week with short holding times over a weekend
  • Free educational material available to subscribers
  • Relatively low annual costs starting at $97 per year for webinar attendees


  • Access to the chat room and the monthly classes with Jason cost extra.



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