NOFT Traders Review 2019 |The Good (And Bad) About It + Free Bonus

​NOFT Traders provides the Ninja Order Flow Trader which is an analysis tool running on NinjaTrader 8 along with an Order Flow trading course. Thanks to its features, NinjaTrader belongs to the most preferred analytic software for retail and institutional traders.

There is some major news coming in the pipeline for NOFT. I will keep you updated about the most recent developments. If you are looking for a trading education at low costs, you should consider reading the TradeSpoon Review. They offer a 7 day free trial and a stock forecast toolbox compatible with NinjaTrader.



Please be aware, that the following information is not necessarily up to date due to the changes at NOFT.

Traders Innovation LLC offers this trading tool, and they firmly believe that traders may achieve a truly competitive advantage if they are provided with a tool that accumulates the distribution and accumulation of trading volumes and prices for the entire trading day.

NOFT claims to help traders to identify, to monitor and to take advantage of the intentions of hedge funds and banks that use to have a significant influence on the direction that the market takes.

The NOFT educators like Troy Epperson enjoy teaching the traders all about world-class trading indicators that assist by revealing the best secrets of the big institutional traders.

NOFT aka. Ninja Order Flow Trader – Their mission

​To make profits, traders need to identify the perfect trade opportunities and to make money with them. NOFT believes that this may be accomplished with the help of the order books that are arranged electronically according to the price-time priority.

NOFT offers tools to analyze the direction that the market takes based on the order flow sequences.

Those order flow sequences are based on the order book movements, and the analysis tool captures price movements based on a variety of parameters, like e.g., Fibonacci, 200-day moving average, candlesticks, and price among other market parameters.

With the goal to identify the best trading opportunities, NOFT wants to enable traders to know where institutional traders have stepped into the market. This way, traders can find and to enter positions and manage them.

Beside this, NOFT provides other order flow tools that contain useful information about aggressive sellers and buyers who are actively involved in the market at every given time.

The real-time signals that are available are capable of watching the activities of institutional traders in the market.

With this kind of information, retail traders can choose the most appropriate entry and exit points in the market.

NOFT Traders – Products and Services

​There are two main NOFT products available. However, I have to tell you right at the beginning, that there is no pricing information available on their website right now.

The Institutional Edge System (IES) (Futures trading) – What NOFT wants to provide

​The Institutional Edge System (IES) is a trader education program and real-time order flow software.

Experienced coaches teach you how to be successful with order flow sequences.

NOFT | Institutional Edge System

NOFT | Institutional Edge System

Veteran futures traders like Troy Epperson teach the program. There is also a chance that they fund your account (comparable to TopStepTrader) after you have proven that you can make consistent profits.

This system teaches many useful things that the majority of retail traders ignores in their trades.

The system offers more than 50 training techniques and tactics that are helpful to create low risk and highly rewarding trading opportunities.

Other features are live day trading exercises, an intelligently built order flow sequence indicator for NinjaTrader 8, free software upgrades, free master-class updates and individualized remote installation support that enables you to be up and running within the shortest possible time.

My opinion about the Institutional edge system

​The IES program is nothing for part-time traders because the upfront investment is high.

The trading courses are comprehensive, and it will take days or even weeks until you have completed the trading course.

I like the fact that it is possible to join a learning group to talk about the most recent setups. However, this costs a monthly fee.

The IES does only work with NinjaTrader and is not compatible with any other trading software.

FOREX ALPHA (Forex trading) – What NOFT wants to provide

There are always some unseen forces being the reason for wild price swings and volumes of currency pairs.

As a retail trader, the best that you can do is to sit and wait for moves that institutional traders make before acting on them.

If you are unlucky, the big boys in the market will have decimated your trading plans, reversed the price-setups or even blown up your trade-setups with their aggressive buying and selling.

NOFT-Forex Alpha

NOFT-Forex Alpha

It makes the market more complicated that the Forex market is not regulated. So, there are always some unchecked trends on the side of the participants.

Far too often the retail traders don't understand that banks and other institutional investors who control the market rely on stable institutional grade currency-analyses to set up their risk to return ratios.

The traders will be able to stop spending precious time watching the analytical charts, and the news feeds for less useful advice. This gives the traders peace of mind as they know that they won’t be wiped out by a few bad trades a year.

My opinion about the Forex Alpha Program

I haven’t had a chance to check the Forex Alpha Program in detail. I think the main disadvantage is that the visualization is based on ticks and trading forex means that there is a difference between any forex broker. Chances are very high that the setups you see are entirely different using the tick charts from your brokers. Furthermore its only compatible with NinjaTrader just like the Institutional Edge System.

NOFT-Traders YouTube Videos​

NOFT Traders Review Summary

NOFT is a unique kind of trading tool in the premium pricing segment. (There is no official price info on the website, but you have to calculate with $3,000 to $10,000 for the whole program depending on the exact education program.

NOFT’s order flow analysis tools want to ensure that traders can identify key points that may help them to make the right trading decisions.

While this might be the case, you should always be aware of the fact, that NOFT is only compatible with NinjaTrader trading software!

Free resources are being available on the NOFT-website. The free newsletter is ​a starting point but the number of emails you will receive is high.

As always, I would like to emphasize that everyone interested should first try out the free tools that a provider offers. Only those who are still 100% convinced that the product is the right one should spend money on it. This is a principle that everyone should follow.

If you consider using NinjaTrader 8, free trading indicators may help you to start from the right point. Get your first FREE NinjaTrader trading indicator (provided by Ninjacators).

NinjaTrader is one of the best charting tools available.

NOFT - Ninja Order Flow Trader Advantages and Disadvantages


  • ​​Unique order flow & tape reading approach
  • NOFT newsletter subscribers receive invitations to free webinars
  • Free detailed information about order flow trading


  • ​NOFT order flow & tape reading trading software only works with NinjaTrader.
  • No pricing information available but lots of advertisement emails arrive once you signed up for the free services.
  • NOFT does only support futures and options
  • Analysis based on tick data and high accurate tick data is expensive

Alternatives to NOFT Traders

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