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Option Strategies Insider by Chris Douthit is an excellent education service with trade alerts.

Alexander Voigt

By Alexander Voigt | Updated January 02, 2023

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Do you want to learn how to trade options the right way and receive options trading alerts? Chris Douthit, MBA, CSPO, and former professional trader for Goldman Sachs offers precisely this with his service called Options Strategies Insider.

But is the service really worth it? Does Chris offer the best options trading course and options picks? During the last couple of weeks, I checked every detail from the inside. I have full access to his program and created this Option Strategies Insider review based on my experiences, and discovered a way to test the whole program for only $7.

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What is Option Strategies Insider?

What is Option Strategies Insider?

Option Strategies Insider was created to teach investors how to trade options properly. The service includes educational aspects and swing trading alerts. The concept is based on the combination of insider knowledge and the profit power of options trading.

Some of you may have made similar experiences like the founder Chris Douthit. In 2014, he was consulting with a high net worth individual who was using an options trade alert service and noticed there was a big problem with the service. It was operated by people who had no professional options trading experiences, nor any education in general finance, while having misleading reporting methods.

Chris Douthit decided to make a difference by creating Option Strategies Insider to enable investors to understand the methodologies and options trading strategies correctly. Chris holds an MBA and multiple finance degrees and worked as a professional trader for Leads & Kellogg, Spear, TFM, and Goldman Sachs.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry and propper knowledge based on experiences by working with some of the best options traders make for a solid foundation to get things done right.

Options Strategies Insider offers two core products and services. First, the training center, where in-depth options trading education material can be found. Second, the research center and trade alert service with specific portfolio recommendations.

Now, let’s have a look at what’s in for the subscriber.

Training Center

The option strategies training center is the place where everyone should start his journey at option strategies insider. The great news is that a significant portion of the training center can be used with the free membership and includes access to:

  • Beginning and intermediate options course
  • The training center for the thinkorswim platform
  • Webinar training, Frequently asked questions database, and some trade examples.

With the paid membership, you gain additional access to the advanced options trading course, the thinkorswim plugins, the discussion forum, and specific trade alerts.

Before we come to the trade alerts, let’s get a bit more in detail with the training center’s educational material.

Members find a well-designed hub for the options trading education modules. They are split into three different sections.

  1. Beginning Options with 8 lessons
  2. Intermediate Options with 6 lessons
  3. Advanced options strategies with another 11 lessons

Optionstrategiesinsider Training Center

Beginning Options

The beginning options lessons start with the basics every options trader should know about. It is crucial to understand options trading inside out before starting with the first option trades. The knowledge about how to read options and how they are priced alongside with some learning about Option Greeks is a good starting point. And this is what beginning options are all about.

I like it a lot that all the content is based on videos. Videos are a much better way of learning content like options trading. In total, 90 minutes of video material is available, and users can post their comments below each video where Chris will answer the questions.

The module is entirely free for all subscribers, and even with the free membership.

Intermediate Options

Intermediate Options consists of 6 video lessons talking 25 minutes about buying and 25 minutes about selling options. It is an excellent concept that buying and selling options videos are well structured. In the first video, Chris explains the basics, then in the second video, he has his TD-Ameritrade platform thinkorswim open and shows subscribers the real world. In the third video, more specific details about buying and selling options are taught.

Again, these video lessons are available to all subscribers, and also with the free membership.

Advanced Options Strategies

The Option Strategies Insider advanced options strategies are only available to people with a paid membership. In 11 lessons, Chris discusses multi-leg option trading strategies. The lessons start with details about multi-leg options trading and buy-write trading. Then the seven most popular multi-leg option trading strategies are explained.

  • Long Vertical Spread
  • Short Vertical Spread
  • Iron Condor
  • Butterfly Spread
  • Calendar Spread
  • Straddle
  • Strangle

To close the video lessons, Chris explains the contracts to trade and how to adjust a trade properly.

You should invest the 75 minutes of your time watching the video series. Why? First of all, it is essential to understand options trading before using options strategies. Second, Option Strategies Insider trade alerts consist of all the types of options trades mentioned in the training center. So if you want to understand what Chris is doing, then watch the video series.

Generally spoken, I strongly recommend to take 3 hours of your time and watch all videos available. It is worth it! They are very well done, and things are well explained. Combining some slides with trading platform insights is a great idea and makes it easier to understand the context.

Trade Alerts

Option trading starts with market research and studying research reports. Instead of doing extensive research on your own, you can also follow the Option Strategies Insider guidance. Over the last three years, the trade alerts had a success rate of over 90% and more than 50% return on capital. Per month, about three to six trade ideas are posted. So, instead of flooding your inbox with five or ten trades a day, you receive well-researched trade ideas that can be managed while working full time in another job.

For those who can manage a bit more trades, the Ultra portfolios with another one to two trades per month are an interesting opportunity. I strongly recommend enabling the email-alerts in the Option Strategies Insider dashboard. Go to Account, select Trade Alerts, and hit the orange button called Click Here To Set Up Alerts. If you turn this on, then you get notified about new trades.

Set up trade alerts | Option Strategies Insider Dashboard

I like that the detailed trade alerts information is available for all open trades. As a new subscriber, you can log in and study the exact trade alerts for all open trades. This helps you to understand even better what kind of alerts to expect.

Open Trades

If you are logged out, then you see a navigation item at the top called Statistics. There you find details about the trade direction, return on capital, and the options trading strategy performance.

Option Strategies Insider Performance

It would be a great addition if the trade performance history would provide paid members the ability to check the exact trades made in the past.


Three membership types are available, and the costs vary between $0 and $167 per month.

Free Membership

The Free Membership should be used by anyone interested in options trading. The video material provided is a solid foundation for all aspiring options traders. Remember, Chris Douthit has a substantial investment bank background and worked for some prominent firms in this industry. With this free content, he wants to ensure that you take the right way from the start. He does it very well with interactive videos instead of using standard PowerPoint presentations or text.

Executive Membership

As a paid member, you gain access to the advanced options course and some nice additional features. The most important add-on is about the Executive Portfolio recommendations. About three to six trade ideas are being sent to subscribers. The trade ideas contain the detailed pricing of the options and fundamental data.

Pro Tip: Make sure to use the free membership having a look at the trade examples.

The trades can be easily managed by trading on a side and reflect the highest converting trade ideas on US-stocks and also ETFs. Based on their statistics, the strategies had a 90% success rate and a 50% annual return on invested capital in the past three years.

The Executive Membership costs $97 per month, or $970 if you subscribe for a full year. As a daytradingz reader, you can save another 20%, but more on this later.

Ultra Membership

The Ultra Membership is for subscribers who are looking for some extra trades. They have a smaller percentage of winning trades, but the return per winning trade was as high as 300%. That means that investors can have some consecutive losing trades in a row before a higher percentage winner comes up. One or two trade ideas are being sent out to subscribers every month. To make well-informed decisions, Chris analyses the company’s balance sheets and market settlements and takes politics and disruption into consideration.

The Ultra Membership normally costs $167 per month or $1,670 per year.


Regularly, subscribers can save costs for two months when subscribing to a full year in advance. This is a saving of about 17% compared to a monthly subscription for 12 consecutive months.

I kindly asked Chris to provide a special offer, and he came up with an awesome deal for daytradingz.com readers.

You can join Option Strategies Insider for a 7-days trial by investing only $7 getting full access to anything on the website. If you decide to stop the subscription during this time, you invested only $7 in this test drive. This is an excellent offer and much better than the free membership. Think about it. You can spend $7 and watch all video lessons on all modules for $7.

It gets even better if you decide to proceed with the subscription after 7 days, then you get another 20% discount forever on all subscriptions.

Here are the details on what that means about your total expenses:

Subscription Type Retail Costs Daytradingz Deal Savings
Executive Membership Monthly $97 $77 $20 per month
Executive Membership Annual $997 $797 $200 per year
Ultra Membership Monthly $167 $134 $33 per month
Ultra Membership Annual $1,670 $1,336 $334 per year

A decision should never be solely based on a savings amount. Instead, your demand should fit the choice you make. Independently from your choice, you get access to the package you chose for $7 and 7 days.

That means that even if you decide for the Ultra Membership via annual payments, you can test the whole package for 7 days by paying only $7. This is a high-value offer, especially when considering that the packages include education and trade alerts, and full access to the program.

Pros and Cons

Option Strategies Insider is a great trading service for investors who are looking for swing trading ideas and education. The concept differs from other solutions on the market with their video lesson structure. They are in a logical order, and the mix of some theory and trading platform insights makes it easy for the subscriber to follow. It is an incredible opportunity to use the majority of video lessons for free with the free membership. And it is even a better deal to test the full program, including trade alerts for $7 plus 20% discount forever.

Another significant advantage is that Chris is well educated, holds several financial degrees, and worked for big companies on Wall Street. Those insights help him to make the right decisions, and also to educate subscribers properly.

One thing that I would like to see in the future is a detailed trade history with date, option and strategy trades, and result per trade alongside with the holding period, and the underlying asset. I think that would make the offer complete.


  • The founder holds several financial degrees and worked for big institutions
  • The educational structure is beneficial for fast learning and easy to understand
  • Swing trading ideas can be executed on a side while working in a full-time job
  • Free membership provides access to 60% of educational material
  • 7-day free trial for $7 provides access to anything including all educational material plus all trade alerts


  • Trade details only visible for active positions and new trades

Who is Chris Douthit?

Chris Douthit worked for Goldman Sachs and has an MBA on various financial degrees. Chris founded Option Strategies Insider based on 20 years of experience in the industry.

How much does Option Strategies Insider Cost?

Option Strategies Insider comes with a free plan for basic option education and offers a paid subscription with more sophisticated strategies and weekly option trading ideas for $97 per month.

What is the best strategy for option trading?

Chris Douthit teaches the best strategies for options trading in his classes. The free membership grants access to some basic strategies.

What is the riskiest option strategy?

Selling calls and selling puts naked without hedging the position to purely aim for the options premium as the return on investment is the most riskiest option trading strategy.

How many options strategies are there?

Chris teaches 28 options strategies that all option traders should know. From Bear call spreads to short strangle and iron condor option strategies and butterfly trading



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