The Best Personal Finance Text Books 2019

Managing finances is not the easiest thing in the world. Still, some people do it like they were born already mastering these skills. However, some people just need a little impulse, and that is possible through the best personal finance books.

Even so, finding the right books may take a while, as you never know which book has accurate information, or information you can easily put into practice. Having that in mind, we came up with a list to help you out – thus, you can find balance and you’ll be able to properly manage your finances.

Tony Robbins – Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook

As world’s #1 life and business strategist, Tony Robbins, the man who has coached more than 50 million people from 100 countries, came up with this amazing book.

Teaming up with the #1 financial advisor in the US for 3 years, Peter Mallouk, it’s not such a surprise that this book has potential.

​Together, these two have come up with some ideas for you on how to become economically volatile, and someone who can be financially stable.

This book does a great job of telling you how to become financially free by completely transforming your financial life​

It can be done through hard work, regardless of your life stage, salary and other such factors.

Through this book, you can learn about the 4 principles that many of the world’s greatest minds use for financial well-being.


Moreover, you can find out about strategies from the top investors of the world. Thus, you will discover ways to protect yourself and your family from financial hardship.

It is one of the best personal finance books you can find, so you shouldn’t refrain from purchasing it if you have the chance. It might help you achieve a fulfilling financial life.

John C. Bogle – The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

Sometimes, in order to gain financial stability, you have to be smart when it comes to the market.

It is possible to do so through this book by John C. Bogle, a book in which he talks about his ways of obtaining more through investing, respectively through low-cost index funds.

Basically, the author explains how you can invest in such a way that you can build wealth over the long term.

All in all, it can be done through buying and holding a mutual fund that tracks a broad stock market index, at a very low cost.

In addition, Bogle made sure to include two chapters that serve as guidance for those who want to invest.

One of these chapters focuses on retirement investing, whereas the other talks about asset allocation.

Little Book Common Sense

That being said, if you want to become a better investor and win over the long term, this book can definitely help you in this regard.

Daniel Kahneman – Thinking, Fast and Slow

Kahneman knew what he was doing when he wrote this book, as it is a way to engage the reader in a conversation about the way people think.

Basically, the author does a great job in revealing how our intuitions are not to be trusted at all times, and how slow thinking is beneficial.

Moreover, he talks about how you can overcome the thoughts that are often obstacles in your way towards success.

Although it isn’t solely based on finances and investing, it’s a prime step towards improving your mental state in such a way that financing becomes much easier.

Kahneman explains the two systems that lead the way you think.

With that being said, one system is centered on the logical way of thinking, while the other on the emotional and fast-paced one.

Thinking Fast Slow

So, he is trying to show you the pros and cons of these ways of thinking and helps you understand them and use them to your advantage.

If you’re interested in such things and you think that the mind is the key to unlocking the secrets to a good financial life, then this might be one of the best personal finance books for you.

Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez – Your Money or Your Life

When your relationship with money is not as good as you’d like it to be, this book comes as a savior.

Basically, it is considered a book that anyone should read whenever financial struggles are being too harsh.

​This life-changing book is telling you about 9 steps you should take, and how each one will help you get back on your feet and attain personal finance fulfillment.

As such, thanks to Vicki Robin’s guide, a huge number of people has been able to have a more meaningful life and live more deliberately.

It is a wonderful guide that works regardless of your age, and it goes into detail about more topics.

Some of these include managing revenue streams, tracking your finances online, investing in index funds, and the list can go on.

Your Money Life Transforming Relationship

Besides, the book will show you how to get out of debt, save the planet while saving money (which is a great topic), and many others.

If you want to live a much happier life on the financial side, this is definitely one of the best personal finance text books that could help you do that.

Suze Orman – Women & Money

If you’re a woman, you might want some special advice on how to handle the dysfunctional relationship you have with money.

It can be really complicated, and it’s even harder to get on the right track without someone giving you a hand.

Suze Orman may have just the solution what you need regarding this issue, as she offers it through this book.

It pretty much offers you just the right mix of compassion, insight and soul-deep recognition.

So, she gives women the financial knowledge they need to overcome any obstacle in their way, as well as the emotional awareness to act in the best interest of their money.

The book gives its female readers a five-month program, which is meant to give them long-term financial security.

Women Money

 Additionally, Suze Orman talks about something more important than money, which is a woman’s sense of who she is. This will help you find out your own worth, as well as how to save yourself and your financial life.

Besides the very useful five-month plan in the book, you will find some other details that could prove themselves to be very helpful.

These include the 8 qualities of a wealthy woman, information on how to value yourself, analysis of the causes and effects of reckless financial behavior, and many others.

All in all, it’s a good addition in the library of every woman who seeks financial closure.

Burton Malkiel – A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Another one of the best personal finance books out there is definitely Burton Malkiel’s “A Random Walk Down Wall Street”.

​Being a million-copy bestseller, it should definitely serve as a useful tool if you want to gain financial strength and stability.

It has been revised and updated with many new investment strategies for retirement, as well as the insights of behavioral finance.

Not only that it teaches you about finances in their essence, but it also reveals the psychology found behind investment decisions.

Basically, the author evaluates the range of investment opportunities, from bonds, stocks, and many others.

Random Walk Down Wall Street

Also, it comes with strategies for rearranging your portfolio for retirement, along with the classic life-cycle guide to investing.

For those who seek a good financial life, this book is a must read. The great thing is that it works for people of any age, especially those who are just about to start a portfolio.

Having said that, if you want to become a good investor and join the market, you should make sure you follow Malkiel’s steps presented in this book.​

It’s one of the best investing guides you will find, and it deserves its place on the list of best personal finance text books.

Best Personal Finace Text Books: Conclusion

No matter how much you want to avoid finances and the headaches they come with, you have to deal with them sooner or later.

The topic is not an easy one and help in any shape or form is always welcomed. So, if you need to shape your way towards success but have no idea where to start, one or more of the books on this list should be able to help you.

Therefore, this list consisting of the best personal finance books should be enough to show you the path that leads to financial fulfillment.

They could represent the first step toward making your life better. You just have to find the book(s) that fits your needs, and then you’re ready to take over the market.

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