The Glorious Post-Retirement Life | Be the Adrenaline-Junky Rabbit

You likely believe that, as soon as you retire, your life switches to a slow-motion mood, so to say, and that you can just relax all day.

​While this is not far from the truth – in order to have a glorious post-retirement life you should rediscover the meaning of a relaxing day.

Don’t be the turtle, be the adrenaline junky rabbit to make things happen!

You also have to understand that, once you retire, you are only old if you let your spirit be that way.

Retirement comes with wisdom, free time, and pleasure of life. So, let’s see how you can have the retirement of your lifetime – literally!

Post Retirement Benefits

The Escape from Routine

Routine is a silly, yet much-needed, kind of open-air prison. Since you were a high schooler, or even probably before that, you had your life built around this dreadful thing.

You always had to respect a schedule, most of the times even work it out yourself in order to have a safer, more secure future in your grasp.

Then, as soon as you started working, no matter the field of activity, your life was still being dominated by routine:

  • ​wake up at that hour
  • ​don’t be late for your job
  • ​get back home
  • cook dinner
  • maybe watch a stock market movie or read a book
  • then get to sleep...

​ that you’ll be fresh and ready for the next day of doing the same thing.

​Sure, you had your share of holidays, trips, and such, but you never actually felt true freedom while stretching your fingertips towards the sky on the last day of your trip, for example.

​Well, one glorious thing that retirement offers you is the escape from the same old routine.

You no longer have boundaries and are free to live the way you always wanted to!

Don’t Be the Turtle

After you retire, you should not turn yourself into a grumpy turtle that could easily be defeated by any rabbit in a race of some sorts.

If we are to look at things from a certain point of view, you’ve been a turtle for your entire life.

​The high school you studied at and the job you had were just some necessary means you had to endure in order to keep up with the rest of the society – you always had to go by their beat, and probably never by yours.

​We all have dreams throughout our lives and some of us have the wildest and most spontaneous ones.

But the turtle-like pre-retirement life shut the door in your face when you were merely gazing at those dreams and desires.

However, with retirement comes the ability to turn yourself into the adrenaline junky rabbit, so to speak.

Discovering the world? Sky diving? Scuba diving?

You should answer all of these questions with a firm, strong yes if you think you can complete them and make your retirement happier.

You should not take age into consideration when visualizing all of the dreams you had throughout your life – come up with a bucket list and make sure to cut off as many things as you can from it.

You don’t have to be James Bond, a former president, or the CEO of a company in order to have a glorious post-retirement life.

Many people settle with little after they retire – but if you don’t want to have any regrets later on, this is the time when you should take life by its horns and ride it into the sunset.

The Remnants of Routine

You know very well that, in most cases, you can’t just let go of the worst things you experience in your life. This applies to routine as well.

For the last 20, 30, 40 years, you’ve been a train stopping at the same station at the same time – it’s quite hard to let that go.

This means that, after you retire, you should still set up a sort of routine, for the old time’s sake.

However, this time, you get to choose your routine!

Have you ever wanted to pick up a sport and see where it takes you?

Well, now’s just the perfect time – even if it’s just jogging.

You should consider a sport, among many other things, mainly because, as mentioned before, you do not want to be the turtle of your post-retirement.

​You want to keep yourself in shape for the next trip or adventure that you may have in mind.

​Plus, it will be much easier for you to keep up with a routine now. Have your mindset in a way that yells freedom.

Think, for example, that all of your future days are as blank as a piece of paper and that you have to fill them up.

Naturally, the first thing to do is to have some activities scattered throughout the way – activities that you enjoy or that you’ve always wanted to enjoy.

What about the rest of the day?

Well, it’s up to you to decide, right there, on the spot, what’s going to happen!

Have you ever wanted to visit Japan and see the cherry trees in bloom?

Cherry Trees

The best way to make that happening is to have a routine that keeps you in shape and motivated to do so and, for the grand finale, just the spark of a thought crossing through your mind.

As soon as you start thinking of that trip that will probably change the way you see the rest of the world, you should do all it takes in order to make it happen!

A Second Life Begins

You should see retirement as the start of your new, second life. Now, you have plenty of time to do anything you’ve ever wanted – even the smallest of things.

For example, you now have more time to cook and, therefore, eat healthier – especially if you know that you didn’t have the best diet while you were working or studying.

You have ENOUGH TIME to practice your skills, evolve your hobbies, make new friends, spend quality time with the good old ones.

Until your retirement, all you had to do was to bring your ship or boat on the seashore. Now, after retiring, you have to let the wind blow through its sails and discover the sea of wonders that you could not see while on shore!

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