Profit ly Review 2019

​​You are probably here because you already heard of, because the founder of this platform, Timothy Sykes, is extremely popular. More than 20,000 people are checking google each month for Tim Sykes name.

You may also be curious for more detailed information about and the services they offer.

First of all, presents itself as the right partner to optimize the trading world.

They promise that their service will help traders and investors to improve their skills and performance with their trading courses to enable them to get better in analyzing and in making the right decisions.

The company's philosophy was inspired by its founder Timothy Sykes who wants to teach his students to use detailed, reliable data to focus on what will be the best and the most profitable decisions for themselves.

Instead of focused on breaking news, they recommend to better use fundamental analysis for long-term success.

By now 153,310 traders are using (according to

profitly review

About 2 years ago they mentioned on that 131,668 were using their services (Profit ly stats). website

Is it legit to think, that is a service we can trust and what products and services do they offer? Is a user growth of >20,000 users in about 2 years realistic?

That's exactly what we are going to check in this profitly review. ​Please, continue reading if you want to get to know what may do for you.

What does Tim Sykes offer at

When people are talking about, all automatically they are also talking about Timothy Sykes. 

So, let's better start with a short introduction of the founder.

First of all, he gained fame by becoming a self-made millionaire at the age of 22.

Yes, you read it right.

And he reached this with penny stocks.

He uses to tell the story how he turned $ 12,415 into $ 1.65 million and how he made a lot more millions since then.

Soon he was featured on the TV show Wall Street Warriors.

And just a little later he decided to become a teacher to share his experience and the secret of his amazing success with others.

The platform contains ​only a few pages and the navigation at the platform didn't impress me too much though.

There is no clear overview to explain what is actually offering and you always have to push the “Get Started”-button to find out more.

So, you can only gather all information little by little and step by step and this takes quite some time.

​​Products | Services | Costs

Let's start with the good news. Also is offering some services for free.

In the “Learn for Free” section you have the opportunity to explore's trading communities and to watch live day trading to understand who is trading how and why.

Beside this, you can join the community for free. Thats all that you get for free.

This will enable you to interact with other traders, to track the profits and to verify trades.

You will have to pay for the other services.

​ "Watch and Learn"

The first paid ​service that offers is the “Watch and Learn” section offering a lot of books and DVD's for detailed training.

Check them out if you are interested.

But don't be shocked as the prices for these lessons are really high. However, if you decide to buy one of them, you will find out if it was worth the price.

​Profitly "Find Your Guru"

But the main and most important service that offers is the well-known section “Find your Guru”. This option offers you to learn from ​two "Gurus" you can choose to become your personal teacher:

Tim Sykes himself teaching penny stock trading: This is your chance to learn from a self-made millionaire who promises that by now, his students have already made more than $ 16 millions.

Superman teaching you all about premium research and trade ​ideas: He is an experienced professional in swing trading who knows well how to buy stocks with an outstanding potential.

profitly teachers: Tim Sykes and Superman

Yes, I agree, this is not enough information at all to find out who might be the perfect teacher for you.

​So, I better add more details about the services that each one of the "Gurus" offers. And of course, I will add the fees. That's important because the pricing tag is a bit hidden at

Tim Sykes himself offers two different packages

​Tim's Alerts - including:

  • ​Daily access to the chat-room
  • ​Daily watch-list with 5 to 10 stocks
  • ​Real-time e-mails, SMS and push alerts
  • ​Real-time ProfiDing trade alerts
  • ​iPhone and android app

for $ 74.95 per month – with the option to save 24 % if you decide to pay yearly

​Pennystocking Silver - including:

  • ​Everything that is offered in Tim's Alerts
  • ​A video lesson library with more than 4,400 lessons
  • ​New video lessons in every week

for $ 149.95 per month – with the option to save 28 % if you decide to pay yearly - Timothy Sykes

Superman also offers two different packages

​Superman Alerts - including:

  • ​Access to the chat-room
  • ​A daily pre-market stock watch-list
  • ​Real-time trade alerts by SMS and e-mail
  • ​Real-time ProfiDing trade alerts
  • ​iPhone and android app

​for $ 147.00 per month – with the option to save 26 % if you decide to pay yearly

​Superman Pro - including:

  • Everything that is offered in Superman Alerts
  • A video lesson library
  • New video lessons in every week
  • Premium research reports
  • ​IPO & earnings tracker

​for $ 247.00 per month – with the option to save 32 % if you decide to pay yearly - Superman

So far, so well. Now we know what the "Gurus" are offering and what it costs.

But how does it work?

Do the subscribers really get what they pay for?

Unfortunately, there is no more detailed information about the Gurus' packages, but on the bottom of every page you can read reviews for every one of the four Gurus.

These reviews sound quite enthusiastic, but just as always, here you cannot see if these reviews are real. Advantages

​​Finding any advantages is hard. Yes, there is a free learn section that might you a first impression about the service and the free access to the community might be useful to get a better understanding of the profitly leaderboard.

But in the end, there is just no real valuable service that seems to be worth trying it. As you know from my other trading course reviews, I always aim to find the best trading course available reviewing all those services. Profitly is not at the top of the list.

Continue reading the profitly review to find out more about the refund policy and my summary. – Refund Policy

As you can not really check the services in advance, there is always a slight possibility that you may end up not being happy with what you get and that you may want to cancel your subscription.

If you do this, you will not get any money back, no way.

The refund policy of states clearly that you benefit from the knowledge, the newsletter and the analysis as soon as you sign in.

So, there are no refunds at all.

To make this sound better explains that it is always worth it to invest in your education and in becoming a better trader and that they charge less than a night out with a dinner and drinks would cost.

Well, I think, this depends on where you go.

​​Free Trial | Promo Code

​Actually, for the paid services there is no free trial available. You can check out the platform for free, but that's all. And once you left your email-address​, you should expect to receive upselling-emails for the paid services.

​Provider Checklist

  • Founded: ​201​0
  • Number of members:  153,310 registered users
  • Company Address check: TLC Media LLC, ​80 S.W. 8th Street, Suite 2000, Miami, Florida 33130, (203) 980-1361
  • Free trial: No
  • Free resources: ​Not really
  • Coupons and Promo Codes: ​No
  • Money back guarantee: No
  • Affordability: ​Mid-price-segment
  • Transparency: ​Not that good
  • Verified income statements: None

​​​Who is ​Timothy Sykes Profitly Best for?

​ is offering fewer services then they did two years ago when I wrote my initial profitly review. Nothing has improved so far, and I still have to come up with the same criticism points as I did in the beginning.

​I think, especially a platform that also offers services for beginners should not hide and ignore the risks of this business. Everything would feel much more honest to me if they would mention the risk at least.

But well, maybe it is right to believe that everybody should be aware of this and that there is no need to talk about it.

I do not think that there is a group of traders that Timothy Sykes is best for. Check out my review summary to find some ​smart alternatives.

​ Review Summary


​Overall 2.5

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Free Resources


Free Trial


​If you are really serious about learning how day trading for beginners works out the best, then you should consider choosing a market leader in this business with tons of education material, excellent versatile products and services, free trials, promo codes and so on.

I recommend you to check out my Warrior Trading Review as well as my Trade Ideas Review today instead of using Timothy Sykes profitly products and services. Why?

Because in case of, I have to admit that it is a little hard for me to tell you my personal impression.

This platform seems to be amazingly popular and it has a lot of members​ based on the stats.

But me personally, I am skeptical if somebody advertises with the stories of traders who became millionaires and if somebody tells me that also some of the students are millionaires by now.

Is this truly the meaning of trading?

Is it so easy?


Of course everybody starts day trading to gain profits, but only a few will make so much money.

But in a serious business, me personally, I wouldn't be too fond of a "Guru" teacher who calls himself Superman or so.

​But this is only my opinion. Furthermore, I did not find any verified bank statements on their website, and reduced functionalities indicate, that the business is not running that good anymore maybe because Timothy Sykes is focusing on his other projects.

As there is not much detailed information at all on this platform, I think, if you are curious for the "Gurus'" services and secrets, there is no other way, but to go on and to check it out yourself.