Prop Firm List 2024 for Forex & Futures Trading [Top 100]

This list of proprietary trading firms highlights the top 100 companies in this sector, specializing in futures, stocks, forex and quant trading.

Prop trading firms, by definition, trade their own capital by using proprietary technologies rather than the money of their clients. Traders seldom earn a fixed income. Instead, the prop firm splits the profit with the trader based on their performance.

My list of prop trading firms covers two types of prop firms:

Challange-based prop firms specialized in forex, futures or crypto trading have dominated the industry since 2021 by offering trading challenges to all traders worldwide without entry hurdles. The trader has to pay an attendance fee for the trading challenge, and when he passes, the prop firm lets him trade their capital. Successful prop traders earn a profit split typically around 80/20, where the trader can withdraw 80% of profits. Another benefit is that traders can work online for those prop firms.

Quant trading prop firms gave proprietary trading its name. Those companies can often be found in Chicago. Traders need to go through interviews before they are allowed to work for those prop firms, and they need to come to the office. Proprietary trading firms typically hire mathematicians, physicians or people specialized in computer science to help them create even better algorithmic-based trading models.

List of Prop Trading Firms

Name Headquarters Trading
3Red Partners USA Quant Trading
Akuna Capital USA Quant Trading
All Options Netherlands Quant Trading
Alpha Capital Group UK Forex Trading
Alpha Grep India Quant Trading
Amplify Trading UK Quant Trading
Apex Trader Funding USA Futures Trading
Auda City Capital UK Forex Trading
Avatar Securities USA Quant Trading
Belvedere Trading USA Quant Trading
Blue Guardian UAE Forex Trading
Breakwater Investment USA Quant Trading
Bright Trading USA Quant Trading
bulenox USA Futures Trading
Chicago Trading Company USA Quant Trading
Citadel Enterprise Americas USA Quant Trading
City Traders Imperium UAE Forex Trading
Clarity Traders USA Forex Trading
Crypto Fund Trader Spain Crypto Trading
Da Vinci Netherlands Quant Trading
Deep Blue Capita Netherlands Quant Trading
DRW Holdings USA Quant Trading
DV Trading USA Quant Trading
E8 Funding USA Forex Trading
Eagle Seven USA Quant Trading
Earn2Trade USA Futures Trading
Fidelcrest Cyprus Forex Trading
Five Rings USA Quant Trading
Flow Traders Netherlands Quant Trading
FTMO Czech Republic Forex Trading
FTUK UAE Forex Trading
Funded Engineer UAE Forex Trading
Funded Trader Capital USA Forex Trading
Funded Traders Global USA Forex Trading
Funded Trading Plus UK Forex Trading
FundedNext UAE Forex Trading
Funding Pips UAE Forex Trading
FXIFY UK Forex Trading
G. H. Financials UK Quant Trading
Gelber Group USA Quant Trading
Geneva Trading USA Quant Trading
Genk Capital Singapore Quant Trading
Grace Hall Trading USA Quant Trading
Grasshopper Singapore Quant Trading
Great Point Capital USA Quant Trading
Group One Trading USA Quant Trading
Hardeight USA Quant Trading
Hudson River Trading USA Quant Trading
IMC USA Quant Trading
Integra Capital USA Quant Trading
Jane Street Group USA Quant Trading
Kershner Trading Group USA Quant Trading
League Trading USA Quant Trading
Lux Trading Firm UK Forex Trading
Mandara Capital London Quant Trading
Maven Securities UK Quant Trading
Maverick Derivatives Netherlands Quant Trading
OFP Funding UK Forex Trading
Old Mission Capital USA Quant Trading
OneUp Trader USA Futures Trading
Optiver Netherlands Quant Trading
ORA Traders Netherlands Quant Trading
OSTC UK Quant Trading
Peak6 Investments USA Quant Trading
Positive Equity Croatia Quant Trading
Prime Trading USA Quant Trading
Pro Traders Fund USA Forex Trading
Quantbox Singapore Quant Trading
Quantlab USA Quant Trading
SIG Susquehanna USA Quant Trading
Simplex USA Quant Trading
SMB Capital USA Quant Trading
SurgeTrader USA Forex Trading
T3 Trading Group USA Quant Trading
TakeProfitTrader USA Futures Trading
TenTrade Seychelles Forex Trading
The Funded Trader USA Forex Trading
The5ers Israel Forex Trading
TheTradingPit Cyprus Forex Trading
Tibra Australia Quant Trading
Topstep USA Futures Trading
Tower Research Capital USA Quant Trading
Trade The Pool Israel Stocks Trading
TradeDay USA Futures Trading
TradeLink Holdings USA Quant Trading
trader2B USA Stocks Trading
TradingFunds UAE Forex Trading
Transmarket Group USA Quant Trading
True Forex Funds Hungary Forex Trading
Two Sigma Investments USA Quant Trading
Tyler Capital UK Quant Trading
Ultimate Traders USA Forex Trading
Uprofit USA Futures Trading
valkyrie USA Quant Trading
Webb Traders Netherlands Quant Trading
WH Trading USA Quant Trading
Wolverine USA Quant Trading
XR Trading USA Quant Trading
XTX Markets USA Quant Trading
XYCapital Hong Kong Quant Trading

The list of proprietary trading firms wasn’t intentionally meant as a top 100 list since the original list I researched contained 129 firms. However, to ensure that you see only the most trustful sources for proprietary trading, I’ve conducted an in-depth analysis of the company credentials.

I noticed that many firms, especially newly founded firms, hide their company information on their website. That’s a no-go since a company that sells a product should transparently show where it is located with office addresses, contact information like email and phone, and a detailed about us page.

So, here, you only have the highest quality and transparent prop firms listed.

If you know about a prop firm that’s not on the list and where you see a proper contact page on their website with a detailed company address and contact information, please send over the URL, and I’ll add it to the list to let us all benefit from it. Thank you!

Alexander Voigt, CEO
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Alexander Voigt is the founder of DayTradingZ, was a regular contributor to Benzinga and has been featured and quoted on leading financial websites such as,, Business Insider and Forbes.
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