Quantamize – Unbiased Quantitative Research

​In October 2018 I heard about Quantamize and ​its A.I. based products for the first time.

I am ​fascinated by Blockchain Architecture, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

So I asked Stephen, the co-founder of Quantamize, for an interview to introduce himself and his company.

I am pleased that he has taken the time to answer my questions.


Quantamize is a quantitative investment research site for individual investors.

Our mantra is very simple: we crunch the numbers so that you can make the trade!

The goal of Quantamize is to help individual investors gain access to AI and quantitative investment analytics and research to help them when making investments for their portfolios.

We use Artificial Intelligence to help us better understand the factors that best explain the price movements of stocks (and how these factors interact with each other).

We try to present these factors in a very transparent way to help individuals understand the factors and how we get to a multi-factor score.

After that, we use these models to generate top ideas and recommended concentrated portfolios.

At Quantamize, we offer complete transparency into all our models and portfolios to help the individual investor understand how the models and portfolios have performed on an absolute basis and risk-adjusted basis (using Sharpe Ratios and Sortino Ratios).

In addition to stocks, we also generate options trades and options portfolios developed from our top ideas.

At the moment, we are covering 10k+ stocks globally with our AI multi-factor models, and as a result, we have been able to create some really interesting portfolios ranging from a concentrated US Quality-Value Portfolio to a US Tech Yield Enhancement portfolio (where we are writing OTM puts on some of our top tech names).


​How does Quantamize work?

Users need to log in to Quantamize and they immediately can access our platform. On our homepage, users are prompted to some of our best ideas for the day across stocks, options, cryptos, and ETFs.

Products are organized around asset classes. Someone interested in ONLY stocks can navigate to the stocks overview page.

They will have access to the entire stocks research platform which includes top buys and shorts for the day, our global top stock ideas across global markets, recommended concentrated stock portfolios and stock research reports.

Similarly, our options overview presents bullish trades, bearish trades, yield trades, tail risk hedges, and yield enhancement portfolios.

​Who is behind Quantamize?

The team behind Quantamize is a very experienced team of Wall Street professionals with an average of 30+ year experience investing in the global market across multiples asset classes.

​Where is the headquarter?

Quantamize is based in the tri-state NY area.

​For whom is Quantamize the right choice and whose problems getting solved?

Quantamize is the right solution for individual investors looking for unbiased quantitative research to help them make investment decisions for their portfolios.

At the moment, individual investors are forced to choose between fundamental investment research, technical analysis and vanilla quantitative research (basic ranking).

Quantamize is the first site to offer total access to AI multi-factor research for the individual investor.

Multi-Factor Investing at Quantamize

​What products does Quantamize offer?

​​Quantamize offers stocks, options and cryptos research.

  • ​Stock Search functionality that permits our subscribers to search our database for over 20,000 stocks and ETFs globally
  • ​Global Top Stock Ideas
  • ​Q-Folios – our “Quantamized” AI-derived concentrated quantitative portfolios
  • Q-Options Strategies – options strategies derived from our global AI multi-factor models and optimized using advanced volatility forecasting
  • QuantShots – Quantitative snapshot reports (includes some fundamental analysis as well) covering our Top Buys and Top Shorts of the day.  Our deep learning algorithms select what stocks are highlighted as Top Buy and Top Shorts for each day.
  • AI/ML Buy/Sell Signals for 30 cryptos  – using over 10 different AI models.​
  • “Quantamized” Cryptocurrency portfolios – quantitatively optimized Cryptocurrency portfolios
  • Crypto QuantShots – reports on all things Crypto

​In the coming weeks, we are excited to release our suite of ETF Products that will include:

  • ​Buy/Sell signals for north of 200 ETFs based on advanced deep learning algorithms we have built – pretty happy with the accuracy rates of the models which have been “juiced” by using a voting structure
  • ​Smart Beta exposures for about 150 ETFs -- first product to market telling individual investors what the attribution is of that ETF they are buying
  • ​ETF portfolios based on an advanced form of AI clustering

​What does Quantamize offer that others don’t?

What makes Quantamize unique is the fact that we try to take the “noise out of investing” and simplify the quantitative investment process to offer actionable investment ideas to our subscribers.

While many different shops are using AI in unique and interesting ways, Quantamize attempts to take the process of implementing AI investment methodologies.

We make it accessible for individual investors interested in using this kind of research to make investment decisions.​

The use of AI and multi-factor models across stocks, options, ETFs and Cryptocurrencies makes Quantamize a truly unique experience for the individual investor hoping to gain exposure to these new, burgeoning investment techniques.

​What is the Q-Factor Score?

The Q-Factor Score is the heart of Quantamize and fuels our options and stock recommendations. 10,000+ stocks from 30 different countries get ranked every month by using our proprietary Big Data AI multi-factor models.

Q-Factor Stock Rating | Quantamize

The Q-Factor Score is assigned to rank stocks from category A to F. So these Q-Factor Scores represent our expectation for how each stock will perform that particulary month.

​How much does Quantamize cost?

Quantamize is only $49/month.  Users can sign up for an annual subscription and receive 50% off the first three months.

​Does Quantamize offer a free trial?

Yes!  Quantamize offers a 21-day free trial – No Credit Card Needed! Interested subscribers need to enter in their name, email and a password to get access to the Quantamize platform.

Quantamize.com | Stephen Mathai-Davis

​About Stephen:

Stephen is the co-founder, Managing Member and Chief Investment Officer of Quantamize.  His investment experience and approach involve developing specialized AI multi-factor quantitative analytics and Artificial Intelligence multi-asset options-volatility strategies.