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Raging Bull Trading is a leading provider of trader education, trading communities and trade alerts.

Alexander Voigt

By Alexander Voigt | Updated August 09, 2023

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Currently, I have access to three different Raging Bull trading services and reviewed all of them in detail. For your convenience, I have listed all Raging Bull trading reviews below. Each section includes the most important facts about each service and exclusive offers.

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raging bull trading reviews

Raging Bull Trading Reviews: Top 3

1. Bullseye Trades

bullseye trades jeff bishop

Jeff Bishop is the co-founder of Raging Bull and the head trader at the Bullseye Trades program. Bullseye is all about options trading and a great mix of educational components and weekly trade alerts.

Every Monday, subscribers receive the Pick of the Week alert via email and a detailed outline of the stock pick with options contract details like expiration date, profit target and stop loss level. In addition, a new market recap video gets published every week.

Members can comment on the trades within the Raging Bull app, and it is impressive to see that all questions get answered with detailed background information. As a member, you also see the trades he made in the past with all trade details and comments. That’s an excellent addition to the educational components. Options trading beginners consider going through the options trading course with 20 video lessons and tutorials.

Best Offer: Here, you can join Bullseye Trades for $47 per quarter (51% Off), or $147 per year (63% Off).

The detailed Bullseye Trades review provides an inside look at the member dashboard and explains all subscription benefits.

2. Lightning Alerts

lightning alerts jason bond

Lightning Alerts is a Raging Bull day trading service led by Jason Bond. Lightning Alerts focuses on small-cap strategies for stocks and comes with live trade ideas, a live stream chat room and a daily pre-market watchlist. The trade alerts are sent via the Raging Bull app and with desktop notifications.

In addition, Jason newly added a small account challenge with options trades to this service. He streams his Lightning Alerts portfolio during market hours and tracks his trading results in a detailed trading journal.

Another integral part of the Lightning Alerts service is the education center. Here, subscribers can access how-to guides, trading strategy explainers, market recaps, and workshops. Within the videos, Jason frequently explains strategies by using his trading accounts.

Best Offer: The regular price for joining Lightning Alerts is $560 per year, but there is currently this active promotion to join with 47% off for $297 per year (or $47 per month).

3. Market Navigator

market navigator jeff williams

Jeff Williams is the head trader behind the Raging Bull service Market Navigator. Jeff is a well-experienced trader and has belonged to the Raging Bull team for many years.

The concept of the Market Navigator service is to make one trade at one time of the day by focusing on one specific asset – the S&P 500 index SPY. The concept is easy to understand for beginners, and consistency is one of the most important things when getting started. The SPY can be traded as ETF using the symbol SPY or via call and put options.

Jeff analyzes domestic and international markets each morning to prepare his game plan. The game plan is then shared with subscribers at 9:00 AM (30 minutes before market open). It consists of market insights, a morning update with technical analysis of the SPY, support and resistance zones, charts and a transparent trading plan. The trading plan also includes the exact options contract he uses, with the strike price and options expiration details. Jeff makes this one trade per day, and then it is all cash by the close of the market.

In addition, Jeff streams his trading platform from 9:00 AM in the morning and explains his game plan in detail, and he sends the final trade alert within the chat room and Raging Bull App. Finally, the chat room can be used to ask questions and interact with other traders.

Finally, the video recordings are published in the video vault.

Best Offer: The regular price for Market Navigator is $1,499, and with the current promotion, it is possible to save $1,000 and join for $499 per year.

Raging Bull Trading Reviews: Conclusion

The Raging Bull universe offers trading services for nearly every demand a trader can have. From trading stocks to trading options, from day trading to swing trading, from penny stocks to large-cap stocks – almost everything is possible.

The higher-priced services include real-time streaming of their brokerage account. There you see the positions, P&L, and some even stream the order details. This way, every subscriber can track all trades all day long. The Raging Bull app is an excellent addition to regular trade alerts via SMS, email, and desktop notification.

Instead of writing a long email to customer service, you can directly connect to your head trader by either joining educational events or making your comments below the blog posts in the Raging Bull dashboard.

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Is Raging Bull Trading Legit?

Raging Bull is one of the most transparent trading services out there. No matter if you aim to trade the stock market or if you want to start day trading options, with Raging Bull, everything is possible by having great trading mentors on your side.

The same rules apply as they always do for all trading-related products and services. Trading involves risks, and once you start with a new service or product, you are well-advised to start with simulated trading first. Before starting with real money, you must understand the trading strategy, the concept, your trading platform, and order handling.

What Do I Need to Trade Profitably?

Profitable trading needs time, education, a positive mindset, patience, and discipline. Raging Bull can help you to take some shortcuts by having great mentors on your side. But even those millionaire traders aren’t wizards and make mistakes.

Whether you follow Raging Bull’s founders Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond or coaches like Ben Sturgill and Jake McCarthy, they all have to handle losing trades and sometimes even a week finishes with losses.

This can happen and will happen to any trader. The key to success is appropriately addressing such challenges and the right attitude to make money from an overall perspective while trading stocks and options.

Options Trading Insights

What is a vertical put credit spread?

This options strategy speculates on rising prices on the underlying stock. This is also known as the bull put options strategy. You sell the higher put strike and buy the lower put strike to create a credit into your account. The premium received is your maximum reward, while the difference between the strike prices is your maximum loss.

What is a vertical call debit spread?

This options trading strategy speculates on falling prices on the underlying stock. This is also known as the bear call vertical spread options strategy. You sell the lower call strike and buy the higher call strike to create a credit into your account.

The premium received is your maximum reward, while the difference between the strike prices is your maximum loss. Vertical spreads allow

Buying Calls and buying Puts

A more conservative option trading strategy is buying calls and buying puts.

How to Limit The Risk

It is essential to understand this point. Instead of naked selling of calls and puts, the potential loss can be limited by adding a protective options position with another strike price but the same expiring date as insurance.

That means that you open both positions at the same time when you send the order out to your broker. There is no delay in between. Understanding the whole concept of options trading is important before considering a trade.

Remember that naked options selling comes with unlimited risk, unlimited risk! Ensure to understand ITM and OTM, strike prices, options assignment risks, order types, fee structures, etc.

Raging Bull Educators

  1. Jason Bond
  2. Jeff Bishop
  3. Jeff Williams
  4. Eathan Harms

Currently Paused Raging Bull Services

Important: The content below has not been updated yet. Once the services are available again, I’ll update the information based on the then correct service features and functionalities.

Jason Bond Picks

The first Raging Bull service I’ve ever audited was Jason Bond Picks. I have followed Jason since, and as he says, his trading service is the “Diary of a real trader.” His live streams prove that he is an active trader. In summer 2020, he introduced the new advanced notice feature, and all trades are now available via the new Raging Bull app, SMS, desktop notification, and email.

Paying clients receive an email before the market opens. Jason summarizes his perspective about current positions and explains the trade plan for specific stocks called Advance Notice. Charts, stock symbols, and buy- and stop levels are included. Jason also sends a trade alert when a trade is executed. For all his services, subscribers to Jason Bond All Access also see his live-trading portfolio.

Jason teaches you how to trade, and any subscriber gains access to the education material. Over 100 videos with trading lessons and trading insights are available. About 5-10 trades are made weekly, mainly for penny stocks and small-cap stocks. Sometimes Jason also takes a long call or long put option trade.


lottox service

LottoX is an options trading service led by Ethan Harms. The service focuses on so-called Zero Days To Expiration Trade Ideas on stock options. The options contracts used are highly volatile, and besides the high profit potential, there is also an increased risk.

Therefore, it is important to understand the trade ideas and concepts exactly. The LottoX video lessons are a great place to get started, and specifically, the video “0DTE Setup and What to Look For” is beneficial for understanding the strategy.

The newsletter on Thursday with the week’s Zero-Days-to-Expiration trade ideas includes a recap of the previous week’s trades and the new Lotto Plays for the week (the options contracts expire on Friday.)

In addition, every Thursday, Ethan hosts a 30-minute Live-Lotto session and a “0-HTE”-Power-Hour session on Friday for 60 minutes (0-HTE = Zero Hours to Expiration).

As the name of the service suggests, it is kind of a lottery to trade those options contracts since, often, the trades don’t work as desired, but when they work, the potential is incredible. So, it is essential to choose the right option contracts carefully.

Alexander Voigt
Alexander Voigt is the founder of DAYTRADINGz, was a regular contributor to Benzinga and has been featured and quoted on leading financial websites such as Business Insider, Investors, Capital and Forbes.