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Here you will find the answers to the most important questions that all private investors already wanted to ask Ross Cameron for a long time. Ross will tell us something about the philosophy of Warrior Trading and he will also reveal some details about his personal way of dealing with the financial markets.

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Ross Cameron - Head Trader - Warrior Trading

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Ross Cameron – Founder of Warrior Trading

Question: Ross, first of all, thanks a lot for being ready to answer these questions my readers and me are interested in! Could you, please, start with telling us a little bit more about yourself?

Ross Cameron: Hi Alex, thank you for asking me to do this interview. I was born in raised in a small town in Vermont. I grew up believing success was working a 9-5 job. For many in Vermont, working class jobs is about as good as it gets. I personally wanted something different. After graduating college I lived in New York City and worked in an architecture & design studio.

Ross Cameron - 9 to 5 job in NY

Although I really enjoyed the work, after 4+ years of being in the city I realized I needed a change. I was no longer enjoying the 9-5 grind (which for me was an 8-7 grind). I moved back to Vermont and began to think about living a simpler life.

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The Stock Market and Ross Cameron

I looked to the stock market to help supplement my income. I thought if I could make an extra $500/week trading or investing, I could live a better quality of life without having to work a typical 9-5 job. That began a 2 year process of learning to trade stocks. In my early months, I traded penny stocks, losing over $15k on my worst trade.

That was an awful experience because at the time, I don’t think I’d had a winner of more than $1-2k. So to take that massive loss was really devastating. Some people would take that as their queue to get out of the market. I instead realized just as quickly as I lost $15k I could have made $15k if I was a better trader. That made me more motivated than ever to figure out. Looking back, I realized trading is a 2 phase career.

The first phase is learning a consistent strategy. Unfortunately, most traders will never complete this phase. The second phase is live trading a proven strategy, and that’s the easy part. My day to day routine now is simply to sit down at my computer each morning and look for 2-3 stocks that meet my criteria to day trade.

I’ve been pretty consistently returning $500-1k/day, vs my original goal of $500/week. In addition to my own trading, I now spend a lot of my time teaching other traders how they can fast forward the strategy development phase, so they can be consistently trading a proven strategy the way I am.

Question: To which kind of investors do you offer the services of Warrior Trading?

Ross Cameron: I founded Warrior Trading in 2012 to help teach beginner traders how to avoid the mistakes I made, and to show them the strategy that has given me so much success. Anyone who is really good at something, has two choices. They can either keep it to themselves, or they can teach it and help other people enjoy the same rewards of learning that skill.

I’ve always enjoyed teaching, so it was a natural progression for me to begin teaching day trading. It’s something I’m obviously very passionate about, and I’ve also realized teaching has made me a better trader. It forces me to really analyze my own successes and failures.

At Warrior Trading we provide educational courses to aspiring Day Traders, Short Term Investors (Swing Traders), and Options Traders. Our team has grown to provide educational content for strategies beyond the ones I trade every day. In addition to providing streaming courses, we provide in person training events.

These have been a great opportunity to meet face to face with our students and help take their learning to the next level. I feel at this point in my career it’s my obligation to pass down the ladder, so to speak, to help beginner traders make their way up the hill so they can enjoy the same success I’ve seen.

Question: What is the main difference between Warrior Trading and the competitors in the market?

Ross Cameron: One of the nice things for both Warrior Trading and for aspiring traders is that although there are others in the day trade education space, few carry the track record or offer the transparency we provide. Something I’ve felt is important is to provide students with the proof that I’ve been a profitable trader. Those broker statements are posted on our website.

Warrior Trading Profit Report

This isn’t to say that an educator who isn’t profitable couldn’t potentially be a good teacher, but we feel students prefer to learn from a trader who has proven himself (or herself) as profitable. Over the years we have worked with thousands of students in our program, and that has offered us a tremendous amount of data and feedback about how to provide students with the best possible learning experience.

Our goal is to see our students achieve success, and that has been reflected in several of our star students such as Ed and John, who have recently broken 1/4 million in trading profits.

Question: In your personal opinion, what do you see as the most important changes in stock market trading during the last years? What changed into the better and where do you still see an urgent need for action?

Ross Cameron: In the years that I’ve been trading we have seen 1000 point market crashes and we’ve seen 1000% short squeezes.

We have benefited from the high levels of volatility. As traders, we want to see stocks moving. We don’t buy stocks at $3.00 to sell at $3.00. We buy at $3.00 to sell at $3.30-3.60 for a 10-20% return. If we can do that within the course of a few hours, that’s even better! In Oct 2016 we saw the launch of the 5 cent tick pilot program, which has effectively reduced volatility on stocks that are part of this program.

Additionally, we have seem a shift where some traders have moved out of stock trading in favor of the higher risk cryptocurrency trading. These are two events that have reduced some of the volume for active traders.

Having said that, I’m still on track in 2017 to far exceed my profit targets, although most of my gains were earned in the first 1/2 of the year.

Question: If you could look into the future to see where we will be in three years, what will have changed in stock trading then?

Ross Cameron: One of the big questions will be whether the 2 year pilot program for 5 cent tick stocks will get approved. I don’t suspect that it will, but if it does, it could have a significant impact on the ability for retail traders to day trade stocks with small market caps.

As a result I have been focusing on developing strategies that would sustain a chance to the 5 cent tick for a min spread. Beyond that potential change, I don’t foresee any significant regulatory changes that would effect day traders.

I think market conditions will always be a factor, and the next three years could hold strong bull markets, or a bear market. Time will tell, but traders who benefit from volatility will be happy as long as stocks keep moving.

Question: In your personal point of view, what are the three biggest advantages regarding the stock market?

Ross Cameron: The biggest advantage of the stock market for me has been the ability to use small amounts of capital and apply leverage power to greatly grow my initial investment.

In 2017 I started with $583.15 and at the time of writing I’m well over $130,000.00 in profits. This type of return allows me to greatly outperform the market with a small account. I then take those gains and reinvest them into long term positions with the goal of 10-15%/year returns.

What I’m essentially able to do is rapidly grow my savings with day trading, and then benefit from compound interest on the capital that is being saved and reinvested. The stock market gives us the ability to invest in the economy. I see no reason demand for won’t continue to increase over the course of my lifetime for consumer goods, utilities, and other services.

Surely there will be companies that go bankrupt and others that go up 10 fold, but by being invested in ETF’s like the $SPY I am able to diversify across the market and benefit from the overall economic growth. Combining day trading with long term investing is the ultimate wealth creation process.

Ross Cameron, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions. All my very best wishes for your business and for your personal life!

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