Simpler Trading Review

Statistics reveal that 80% of traders lose money, while 10% manage to break even. Just 10% of all are consistently profitable. If you want to be at the top-end of the spectrum, you need a proper understanding of market mechanics and trading strategies. Simpler Trading is focused on delivering just that - real know-how from active professional traders that deep-dives in all the relevant detail by offering various trading courses and memberships. This Simpler Trading review will go through all the advantages the platform offers to help you find out whether it can make you a better performing trader.

Simpler Trading Review

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About Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading is a platform that distills over 100+ years of professional trading experience and summarizes it in a series of practical lessons. The site brings you access to real-time trading ideas and alerts from top-performing industry professionals, trading with their own money.

That way, you are fed only relevant actionable insights and trading ideas that cut the theoretical concepts and excessive hype. The platform's goal is to make you profitable by trading together with seasoned veterans and engaging in an active trading community.

The Simpler Trading team is hand-picked by John Carter, a 7-figure trader and best-selling author of the "Mastering the Trade" book.


You probably wonder what does Simpler Trading cost? The best thing is that each membership plan is custom crafted to appeal to the goals and skill levels of the trading community. Whether you have $5,000 or a $1m account, Simpler Trading has a tailored membership plan to make you a better trader.

All-in-all, Simpler Trading has eight different groups of trading membership options, all led by leading experts. Let's review all the offerings to help you determine which of the trading courses is the best fit for your needs.

Simpler Trading Mastery ($597 per quarter / $1,997 per year)

The most popular and comprehensive trading plan is separated into four smaller memberships groups.

All trading programs are charged on a quarterly basis and are led by different traders.

Small Account Mastery

The Small Account Mastery course is led by the founder of Simpler Trading, John Carter. The program aims to allow traders to start with a small account and learn the skills and strategies to become a more consistent trader. The members can follow John Carter's proven education plan and take advantage of ongoing guidance from one of the top experts.

The program includes benefits like monthly live trading daily videos, interactive Q&A chat room sessions, and real-time trade alerts.

Stacked Profits Mastery

In this program, Danielle Shay, the Director of Options, reveals the secrets behind his directional butterflies and other Simpler Trading indicators, which are said to bring him between 300% and 1200% gains.

Another goal of the program is to teach people with smaller accounts strategies to maximize profits.

The program includes live trading strategies, weekly watchlists, real-time text alerts, a five-star trader newsletter, and an updated trades spreadsheet.

Moxie Trader Mastery

The program is Led by TG Watkins, Director of Stocks, designed to teach you strategies to master your entry and exit points. The package unlocks actionable stock picks and trades, real-time push alerts, interactive Q&A education sessions, and more.

Sector Secrets Mastery

The program is led by Raghee Horner, the Managing Director of Futures Trading. According to the site's information, she had never had a losing year in her 30+ career.

Sector Secrets Mastery reveals interesting insights about specific sectors and high-potential performers in various industries.

The membership brings you an updated trade spreadsheet, real-time trade setups, a trading room, and monthly live trading sessions.

Simpler Options ($247 per month / $679 per quarter)

The Simpler Options plan is designed for traders interested in mastering options trading. The goal is to teach you about options pricing and how to find high probability setups on a swing trade and intraday basis when making options trades.

The membership gets you to trade alongside some of the key members of Simpler Trading and top options traders, including John Carter, Danielle Shay and Henry Gambell.

Among the options trading services' features are a live trading chat room, trade alert setups, a premium newsletter, trading room archives, member webinars, and regular trades of the week.

To determine whether the options market is the right for you, you can take advantage of the Simpler Trading Options trial that costs $7.

If you want to continue, you can choose a monthly Options Gold membership for $247 per month or a quarterly one for $679 per quarter, or $2,470 per year.

Simpler Futures ($197 per month / $547 per quarter)

For those interested in futures trading courses, this Simpler Futures membership might be the best option. The program is led by a rockstar team, including Raghee Horner, Neil Yeager, Joe Rokop, and David Starr.

Purchasing the membership will unlock various perks, including trade alerts, Elliot Wave Dispatch, position spreadsheets, a live trading room, and trading room archives.

The plan is also available as a $7 one-week trial or two longer-term options for $197 per month and $547 per quarter.

Simpler Fibonacci ($197 per month / $547 per quarter)

The program is focused on the Fibonacci number series' potential to identify the perfect entry and exit points.

Traders can get a taste of the program for just $7 for a one-week trial or choose between the monthly ($197 per month) and the quarterly ($547 per quarter) options.

The membership brings you live chart updates, daily portfolio ideas, a live trading chat room, trade alerts, and trading room archives.

The program is led by Carolyn Boroden, author of the Fibonacci Trading: How to Master the Time and Price Advantage book.

Simpler Trading Scanner ($79 per month)

Traders who want to receive the best weekly, daily and intraday picks can take advantage of the Proprietary Scans that Simpler Trading's founder uses every day.

The membership brings various perks and tools, including intraday scans, top-rated picks under $10, 10x scans (stocks with strong momentum), multi-timeframe analysis, and more.

The program filters thousands of stocks, ETFs, and even indexes to bring you the best setups.

Simpler Trading Foundation ($47 per month)

The education course is for those looking to start from scratch and build a solid foundation.

It will guide you through the basics of how to be successful, no matter whether you are just starting or you want to refresh your knowledge.

The program includes perks like simpler tech, training room, and learning center.

Simpler Edge ($97 per month)

If you wonder what edge this membership will give you, the answer is - the real-time data that institutional investors use. This type of data costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, so if you need it and can get access for $97 per month, the course indeed has to be on your list.

According to Simpler Edge's team, such an opportunity wasn't available to retail traders until recently.

The membership unlocks access to an Edge Watch List, weekly updates, and short interest data and market analysis features.

Bruce'S Income Accumulation System (B.I.A.S.) ($197 per month)

The program is led by Bruce Marshall, an Income Expert with nearly 30 years of professional money management experience.

It aims to help traders build a mix of income positions that generate consistent low-risk returns in all market environments.

The plan has a one-week trial that costs $7.

Joining the program will unlock trade alerts, a live trading room to ask questions, daily email updates, position spreadsheets, and other perks.

Simpler Trading Discount

Simpler Trading offers exclusive discounts to members in addition to a wide variety of promotions throughout the year, so there are always opportunities to save.

To make sure you don't miss out, keep an eye on Simpler Trading's social media.

Who is Simpler Trading Best For?

Simpler Trading is best for beginners at the beginning of their learning curve who want to be guided by real professionals with daily videos or on-the-go webinars.

It is suitable for all trading styles, including stocks, options traders, and other professionals who need a structured refresh program.

Even experienced stock traders can take advantage of Simpler Trading's membership options to further enhance their skillset, participate in trading rooms, or discover a new trading strategy.


  • Offers education for all type of investment and trading styles
  • Reasonable pricing structure
  • Trial period with full access available
  • Contact details are visible on their website with address, phone and email


  • Retail quarterly costs for Simpler Trading Mastery are on the higher end. The linked discounted rates can be used instead.


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