Simply Safe Dividends Review

If you are familiar with dividends investing, then you have most probably heard about Simply Safe Dividends. If you are making your first steps on the financial markets or have decided to switch to a career/hobby of dividends investing, then our Simply Safe Dividends review is for you.

It will walk you through one of the most popular and trusted dividend portfolio management and best stock analysis software services worldwide. Let’s deep dive into the company and its products, and find out how it can help you in achieving your investment goals.

What is Simply Safe Dividends?

Is Simply Safe Dividends worth it?

  • Simply Safe Dividends is an well-known dividend portfolio management service. It provides online tools, research, and analysis features to help individuals manage their portfolios and improve performance. The company is niche-specific and is focused entirely on the needs of dividend investment enthusiasts.

The investment philosophy of the company is simple and clear. Investors should own a diversified portfolio of high-quality instruments that pay continuous and growing dividends. The strategy doesn’t aim for high returns and yield chasing. It encourages minimal trading activity. It also focuses on progressive and safe income stream generation and capital preservation.

About Brian Bollinger

The company was founded in 2015 by Brian Bollinger. He is a former equity research analyst at the investment firm IronBridge Capital Management and a licensed CPA. One of the reasons for establishing the company was the growing popularity of dividend portfolios after the housing bubble when the zero-interest-rate policy was introduced. Bollinger focused on creating dividend portfolios capable of beating the market. His efforts were successful as the portfolios generated returns of 12% – 14%, compared to 11% for the S&P 500.

According to the founder, the platform can be described as a “one-stop-shop for responsible income investing”. Today, the service provider remains faithful to its philosophy. According to the company, more than 40% of the total returns for European and U.S. stocks since the 1970s have come from dividends. That is why the platform offers tools to help investors capitalize on the potential of dividend investing.

The Risks of Dividend Investing

Many consider dividend investments relatively safe opportunities. However, this not always the case. If it would be 100% safe, then every investor would do this only to receive good annual returns. In reality, the stocks that pay the highest dividends are often the riskiest ones. They can miss corporate earnings, or cut their dividends.

Bear in mind that because a company pays dividends doesn’t mean it is a completely safe investment. Many investors forget that and are reminded in the hard way.

To avoid these risks, one should focus on researching the fundamentals of the underlying companies. The platform helps investors by providing well-researched and secure diversified portfolio strategies. The investor gets a personalized recommendation backed by seasoned industry experience. That way, he can be sure that his investments are perfectly researched.

Features and Functionalities

Now let’s focus on the essence of our Simply Safe Dividends review and find out how the platform works on practice. The first thing you will notice when using the platform is how intuitive and simple its design is. This significantly improves usability and makes the software suitable for both – beginners and seasoned professionals.

The first thing you will have to do when you enter the platform is to list your dividend stocks and provide the necessary financial information. Next, the platform will analyze it and generate a summary. The consolidated information includes monthly breakdown, projected annual income, upcoming payments, and more.

Now let’s go through Simply Safe Dividends’ leading tools and features to find out how it can help you with your dividend investments.

Income Calendar

The Income Calendar is an extremely convenient tool. It consolidates the payout information for your portfolio. That way, instead of having to check for each stock, you will have all the needed information on display in your dashboard. The Income Calendar will help you plan your budget. It also ensures a more precise and easier understanding of your projected income.

Dividend Safety Scores

As we mentioned, you shouldn’t take dividend investing income for granted. That is why the platform estimates the safety score of the dividend-paying stocks in your portfolio. The rating reflects important metrics of the underlying company. It informs you about the risk of cuts in dividends. If a particular stock’s score is high, it means it is safer, but probably also has lower yields.

The Dividend Safety Score is particularly helpful when it comes to riskier instruments. Such are stocks carrying high-yield and risk of dividend cuts or even bankruptcy. The platform sends alerts every time there is a change in the company’s dividend policy, be it a raise or a cut. The email alert notifies you how the change will affect your income. That way, you can rebalance your portfolio if the stock doesn’t help you stay in line with your investment goals.


Simply Safe Dividends issues a monthly newsletter called “The Intelligent Income”. It is written by Brian Bollinger, the founder of the company. The newsletter aims to help beginners get familiar with the idea of dividend investing. Aside from general information, the newsletter also provides practical investment ideas. Bollinger also provides three dividend portfolios and tracks the performance over time.

They are named Long-term Dividend Growth, Top 20 Dividend Stocks, and Conservative Retirees. The investments are managed personally by him. He provides regular commentary and updates about their objectives, holdings, and changes. Bollinger invests in them with his own money. Investors are free to steal ideas or even copy his portfolios.


Aside from the newsletter, investors can gather ideas through the platform’s research tool. It covers over 100 dividend-paying stocks. It also includes analysis of the underlying business, dividend safety, growth profile, earnings payout ratio, history, and more. There is also a metric comparing the 5-year history dividend yield range. There is also a comparison with other investment alternatives. The information is structured and easily accessible. Complex topics are broken down into simpler concepts suitable even for newbies.

Dividend Screener

The Dividend Screener is ideal for more experienced investors with clear ideas of what they want to invest in. The feature allows you to select your preferences such as sector and industry, dividend safety score, dividend yield, an annual dividend increase, etc. It then filters out the stocks that suit your goals.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that the Dividend Screener often isn’t enough. You should perform additional research on companies you know less about. The good thing is that the platform helps you with this so that you can jump in right away.

Simply Safe Dividends: Pricing

How Much Does Simply Safe Dividends Cost?

  • An annual subscription will cost you $399. The company describes its pricing as “a fraction of what financial advisors charge”. The solution offers an excellent value-for-money as it includes real-time alerts, unlimited portfolios, research tools, idea lists, screen functionalities, and more. You can connect the platform to your brokerage account and trade directly.

How much does Simply Safe Dividends cost?

The best thing about the platform is that it has a 14-day free trial period. You can test it and personally decide whether it is worth it. And last but not least, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, you can get your money back within the first two months.

Who Should Use Simply Safe Dividends

The straightforward answer is long term investors. The truth is the platform is a perfect choice for a variety of investors. From passive long-term ones, through millennials, to retirees. Or, in other words, individuals seeking steady capital growth.

In terms of experience and level of understanding of financial markets, the platform is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Its methodology relies on capital preservation and continuous growth. That is why investors who seek bigger returns overnight shouldn’t consider the platform.

Simply Safe Dividends Pros and Cons

To conclude our review, let’s summarize the platform’s main pros and cons. That way, we can help you find out whether it is the right choice for your investment goals:


  • A great one-stop solution for individuals, interested in dividend investing
  • A variety of tools to help you with the research and analysis
  • Interesting and valuable monthly newsletter
  • Trading ideas and know-how directly from the founder
  • A convenient tool even for beginners
  • Money-back guarantee and 14-day trial


  • A quite expensive tool
  • Available only as a web version
  • Can expand on functionalities

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