SureTrader Review 2018

If you ever wanted to day trade stocks & options with up to a 6:1 leverage and a minimum deposit of only $500, now you can do it with SureTrader.

SureTrader is a great online broker to consider if you are searching for a low-cost brokerage.

By now they belong to the best and most popular brokerage services for international traders trading U.S.-stocks and options outside the United States.

SureTraders advanced trading software allows the traders to see real-time market data and more for instant transactions, just like a professional institution.

Powerful trading tools offer instant access to multiple charting features and advanced order types, giving the investors the possibility to track and to respond quickly to events and news in the market.

With the pre-market trading and the post-market trading, investors may react immediately to market news or to events all through the day, even when the regular market hours are over.

SureTrader Review

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What is SureTrader?

SureTrader was founded in 2008. As a division of Swiss America Securities Ltd., SureTrader is regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas.

The Corporate Address is Swiss America Securities Ltd., Elizabeth on Bay Plaza Bay Street, Suite 17, P.O. Box N8340, Nassau, Bahamas. With 20,000 clients and more than 8,000 trades per day, SureTrader offers its clients competitive pricing and services.

Most of the online brokers require a minimum deposit of $25,000 to allow their clients intensive day trades.

If you have less than $25,000 on your account and if you do more than four trades within five business days, most of the brokers do not allow you to continue day trading for a certain period of time.

SureTrader allows its clients to day trade without being limited by the pattern day trading rule. The minimum deposit is $500 and securities above $3 may be traded with a 6:1 leverage during the day. Continue reading…

SureTrader trading platforms

SureTrader clients have the choice between 3 different trading platforms:

  • SureTrader Active Web
  • SureTrader Desktop / Pro
  • SureTrader Mobile

SureTrader Active Web may be used completely free of charge

There is no monthly platform fee and free real-time market data is included as well (Level 1 Nasdaq and Level 1 NYSE + AMEX Data).

Since SureTrader Active Web is 100% web-based, the traders are able to use it everywhere. They are provided with streaming real-time data.

That enables the traders to place their orders in an easy way. The web-based platform has been created for day traders who need to place their orders fast and accurately.

With real-time quotes being provided for free, the traders may also use the watch list and the charting feature.

Quite often day trading is based on news having a significant impact on the market movements. That’s the reason why SureTrader provides its customers with live streaming Bloomberg news.

SureTrader Activeweb

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SureTrader Desktop / Pro is designed to meet the needs of professional day traders

Traders who need more functions and who have a higher demand regarding customization options, charting capabilities and market depth may use SureTrader Desktop / SureTrader Pro.

With SureTrader Pro, the traders make use of a state of the art direct access software that enables its users to trade via point-and-click.

This way the traders are able to place their orders even faster. With advanced features, like e.g. advanced charting, window linking, real-time profit and loss information, and with programmable shortcuts the traders enjoy using this professional software for $49 per month (plus exchange fees).

SureTrader Desktop

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Day trading everywhere with SureTrader Mobile

Probably every trader has a mobile device. With SureTrader Mobile SureTrader provides the day traders with a convenient solution to watch their account status.

At the same time this gives the traders the ability to receive the quotes directly on their mobile devices. But that’s not all.

The traders may also place their orders by using the mobile app. At the moment, SureTrader Mobile is available for iOS via AppStore/iTunes. Traders who want to use SureTrader Mobile along with SureTrader active web pay a monthly fee of $35.

Customers who have already subscribed to SureTrader Desktop/Pro may use SureTrader Mobile for free along with their SureTrader Desktop/Pro subscription.

SureTrader Mobile

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SureTrader Fees

  • Trade Rates
  • Software Fees
  • Miscellaneous fees

SureTrader Commissions / Trade Rates

The trade Rates are absolutely competitive and compared with other brokers and banks, SureTrader enables private investors to avoid paying too much for trade fees.

Remember, every dollar you pay for trading fees is a dollar you have to compensate with a better performance.

And for especially active traders SureTrader offers a rate per share traded of 0.4 Penny per share with a minimum of $1.95. The tiered commission rates per volume in detail are:


Rate per Share

Minimum rate per Trade





U.S. Stocks




U.S. Stocks




U.S. Stocks




U.S. Stocks

High volume traders have the opportunity to join the Active Trader Program by sending an e-mail to:

Most of the private investors don’t meet the criteria, so 1 Penny per share is the way to go for them and this is a very good rate if you compare it with other stock brokers.

Software Fees

As already mentioned before, the clients have the choice between 3 different trading platforms: SureTrader ActiveWeb, SureTrader Desktop (also known as SureTrader Pro) and Sure Trader Mobile.

While SureTrader ActiveWeb is free of charge (including Level 1 Nasdaq, NYSE and AMEX Exchange Data), SureTrader Desktop costs $49 per month while additional fees for market-depth – Level 2 data-apply – depending on your individual needs regarding the market data may rise up to $310.

But it is almost impossible that an average private investor needs all these subscriptions.

SureTrader is absolutely transparent and you have access to the complete overview of software fees on their homepage.

For example, SureTrader Desktop (Pro) including Nasdaq Total View (Book Depth) costs $109 per month.

SureTrader Desktop including CME Futures costs $139 per month.

Miscellaneous fees

There are also some miscellaneous fees that may apply. Traders pay $40 for every withdrawal. There is also a quarterly $50 inactivity fee for traders who trade less than 15 trades per quarter.

If the traders use the margin to day trade and also if they hold their positions overnight, additional fees apply.

Top 9 advantages of SureTrader

SureTrade created a great information graphic showing the main benefits. Here you find even more detailed information about their well designed website.

SureTrader Advantages

SureTrader Advantages (source:

SureTrader Review | Final Thoughts

There are not many ways for traders around the world to day trade U.S. stocks intensively while having less than $25,000 of capital.

SureTrader enables the traders to open an account with a $500 minimum deposit to trade with a 6:1 leverage ($500*6=$3,000 buying power).

There are other brokerage companies that offer the traders competitive trading rates, like e.g. 1 Penny per traded share, but here the special strength is based on the fact that other brokerage companies cannot offer that rate combined with a $500 minimum deposit.

That’s SureTraders unique selling statement. This regarding SureTrader ist one of the best online brokers and trading platforms outside the United States.

SureTrader is a leading online stock broker offering a free demo as well as a bonus of up to $50 in free trades for new accounts.

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SureTrader advantages

  • Transparent pricing, 1 Penny per share ($4.95 minimum per trade) without any ENC (routing) fees. Active day traders may trade for 0,4 Penny per share or less ($1.95 minimum per trade) according to the grades of commission rates per volume (details below)
  • Licensed Broker (by The Securities Commission of the Bahamas)
  • Regulated Broker (by The Central Bank of Bahamas)
  • 6:1 leverage intraday and 2:1 leverage overnight for most securities
  • Pattern day trading being possible with a minimum deposit of $500
  • Free 100k demo account being available
  • More than 10,000 Stocks being shortable
  • $500 minimum deposit to open a new account

SureTrader disadvantages

  • Inactivity Fee of $50 for accounts with less than 15 trades per quarter
  • Transaction Fee for outgoing funds $40
  • Not regulated in the U.S. and not perfectly suitable for U.S. residents

​Rating: 8.5/10

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