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The Fly On The Wall is a fantastic stock market news tool with real-time market updates.

Alexander Voigt

By Alexander Voigt | Updated May 18, 2020

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The Fly On The Wall is a popular news feed trading tool providing stock news in real time. It is the perfect addition to a traditional stock screener. As mentioned in the list of the stock news apps, market news trigger the market momentum, and TheFly tracks all the news in a little web-based app.

Since it was founded in 1998, most of all, professional traders and investors use this service as a helpful tool for always being up to date when it comes to serious news and also to some kinds of rumors.

For being successful in the business and for making the right decisions, every serious trader needs all important information on fast moving stocks immediately.

So, no active trader can do the job without any reliable live news feed.

TheFlyOnTheWall Review


The Fly On The Wall’s service includes the most important headlines, M&A, IPO’s, regulatory filings, earnings reports, unusual volume spikes and analyst ratings. In the past the website was, now its Both websites are online but subscriptions are only available at the new website.

The traders have to get all these news in the very moment when they are released as only with their help they are able to make the fast decisions that are needed in the business.

In the past it happened far too often that I missed trades or that I did some without really knowing what was happening and without truly understanding the strange moves at certain times.

From these experiences I learned that always being completely up to date with all kinds of necessary information is essential for successful trading. This is impossible without a service like this that means a significant advantage in the competition. Learn more about the different kinds of subscriptions that The Fly On The Wall offers.

Beside these there is the so-called The Fly Cast audio feature that provides the required news in the very moment of their announcement. The users receive them over their headphones or speakers which gives the traders a big advantage when they are busy with watching the charts and their ongoing trading and when they don’t have the chance to read any news in between.

This makes the trades a lot easier as only the one who has the information all at once is able to make the best possible decisions based on these news. And TheFly is perfect being combined with Trade Ideas because when a price spike happens, you can immediately check for any news on that stock within a fraction of a second. Thats especially important for Day Trading beginners. Furthermore features like Events & Syndicate Calendar are available.

The Fly On The Wall Subscription Rates

When you want to use The Fly On The Wall’s service, you have the choice between the Breaking News, the Syndicate or News and Events subscriptions. Compared with similar offers, the fees are absolutely competitive if you can make use of it the right way.

the fly costs

You can subscribe to the Basic Plan for a monthly charge of $ 44.99 or for $ 449 for the whole year to save a little bit of money. This subscription includes the breaking news feature, On the fly page and one portfolio.

The subscription to the Full Access Package is available for $74.99 per month. If you are a day trader it can help you alot to gain access to all those features and additional information like Street Research Calendar, Syndicate Calendar, Events Calendar and the Fly Cast Audio stream. The yearly rate is $749.

It includes everything I really need for professional decisions being based on the exact information and I am sure that every serious trader will agree. If you have no experience with The Fly On The Wall so far, it is a big advantage that they offer a free trial for 14 days for you can find out if this is really worth it before you will have to spend money for it.

I can tell that being able to trust these real time news has already helped me in many cases even to make money in slow times. However, its kind of frustrating, that in most situations market movments already happened when news come in. Depending on your trading strategie, it is a big advantage to know about the reason for the move to be at the right time at the right place to buy or sell stocks.

It can be perfect for countertrend trades as well as trades along the trends when news have a realy heavy impact on price movements. But be carefull, news make the stock markets realy volatile! Being on the wrong side, can make you loose all your money!

And please, never forget that it is not professional and always a mistake only to make trading decisions being based on the breaking news. It still needs more than this to make the right decisions for not losing lots of money.

The Fly On The Wall Review Summary

The Fly On The Wall may be an essential tool for all trading activities and it will help you to get the general market overview you need in the morning as well as it will help you with the fast decisions you have to make later.

Just check it out with the free trial for 14 days. If it doesn’t meet your personal needs, you can still get out of it without losing any money. But there are good chances for you will be satisfied already during the free trial period.

Once you are ready to go, it may be the best choice first to use the monthly plan. Once you are 100% sure that you will go on using the service for all your trading, it may be worth it to subscribe using the yearly rate.

Taking it step by step is always a good idea. However, regarding stock news, my personal experiences have shown me more than clearly that on one side TheFly is worth the price when I was trading breaking news, but the Trading Tool Trade Ideas tracks movements in real-time and many times the price movement happened before the news came in with TheFly.

In these cases TheFly can be the perfect source to find the reason for the price move once the price move happened. But most of the time you are not able to read the news to place your orders participating in the firstprice movement. So, it may be a good idea to focus on Trade Ideas Pro and to see The Fly On The Wall as a useful addition.

Alternatively check out my review to learn more about a news-service founded in 1993.


  • FREE trial for 14 days and different subcription levels available
  • Really reliable products and services


  • Price movements already happened when news come in
  • Not perfectly suitable for beginners

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