Trade Ideas Standard vs. Premium Feature Comparison

Trade Ideas offers two subscription plans, the more expensive premium package and the standard package. It is worth it to compare Trade Ideas Standard vs Trade Ideas Premium because the premium plan costs twice as much as the standard plan.

I’ve been a Trade Ideas user for over 10 years, and I know every feature in detail. This article explains all Trade Ideas platform features and explains which subscription plan includes what type of functionalities.

Once you’ve read the article, you’ll know precisely what subscription plan you need for your trading strategies and style.

We go through every officially listed Trade Ideas feature listed on their pricing page and explain the functionality in detail for comparison purposes.

1. Trade Ideas Standard vs Premium: Costs

Investors can choose between the Premium Plan and Standard Plan and, in addition, decide to either subscribe on a monthly basis, where the subscription can be canceled month by month or the annual subscription, where the investor makes a pre-payment for one full year.

The official pricing structure is as follows:

Plan Annual Subscription Cost Monthly Subscription Costs
Premium $1,999 $228
Standard $999 $118
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2. Channel Bar Curated Workspaces

The Channel Bar includes over 40 channels with pre-configured scanner layouts covering various trading opportunities and styles. Channel Bars are a great starting point for new users. Channels for strategies and techniques like momentum trades, short squeezes, pre-market gappers, fundamental screens or ETFs make it easy for beginners to get started with an existing layout. Every layout can be adjusted and saved with your best Trade Ideas scanner settings. This way, users learn how to use and configure Trade Ideas scans. The next step is to start a layout or scan from scratch.

  • Included in Trade Ideas Standard: Yes
  • Included in Trade Ideas Premium: Yes

3. Real-Time Streaming Trade Ideas and Price Alerts

The real-time streaming trading strategy alerts and stock scanner screens are the core of Trade Ideas and have been implemented since the inception of the tool in 2003. Over 300 alert types and about 500 alert specific filters are available to be used.

Alert Type Examples:

  • New high/low price alerts
  • Retracement alerts
  • VWAP alerts
  • Opening range breakout alerts
  • Candlestick pattern alerts

Trade Alert Filter Examples:

  • Price filters
  • Pattern filters
  • Time filters
  • Moving Average filters
  • Fundamental data filters

Trade Ideas Premium vs Trade Ideas Standard makes no difference here. Both subscription plans include similar access and functionalities for this feature.

  • Included in Trade Ideas Standard: Yes
  • Included in Trade Ideas Premium: Yes

4. Real Time Simulated Trading

The real-time simulated feature allows investors to test the streaming trade ideas and trading strategies without risk by using the integrated trading simulator. The trading simulator fully works with trade alerts generated by Trade Ideas Standard features but also with more advanced trade alerts generated by Trade Ideas AI engine Holly. Based on the trading results, investors quickly see what type of trading leads to profits and where potential mistakes need to be corrected.

  • Included in Trade Ideas Standard: Yes
  • Included in Trade Ideas Premium: Yes

5. Live Trading Room

The live trading room hosted by Barrie Einarson is open every trading day. Barrie shares his Trade Ideas scanner and alert screen with everyone in the room. The room is a great place to learn how to use the Trade Ideas platform, scans and price alerts.

  • Included in Trade Ideas Standard: Yes
  • Included in Trade Ideas Premium: Yes

6. Simultaneous Charts and Visual Trade Assistant

Trade Ideas originally was a stock screener only platform, but about 10 years ago, the charting feature was added. While it was a very basic feature at the beginning, it grew into a powerful charting tool. The time frames range from a one-minute chart up to a monthly chart. Two themes are available, the light and dark theme.

The charting comes with various indicators like VWAP, trendlines, and annotations like arrows and text. In addition, price alerts are visualized on the chart with price targets and stop-loss levels.

Trade Ideas also has an integrated Chart Based Visual Trade Assitant, where Traders can execute trades right from the chart via one-click trading or with order entries.

Trade Ideas Standard vs Premium makes a difference with this feature. While Trade Ideas Standard subscribers can open up to 10 charts simultaneously, Trade Ideas Premium subscribers can open the double amount of up to 20 charts at the same time. The Chart Based Visual Trade Assistant is also available for all subscribers.

  • Included in Trade Ideas Standard: Yes, 10 simultaneous charts
  • Included in Trade Ideas Premium: Yes, 20 simultaneous charts

7. AI Virtual Trading Analyst Holly

The artificial intelligence based functionalities and features are the main differentiatior between the Trade Ideas Standard and Premium package. While all features we previously talked about are included in both plans, the following AI based features are only available to Trade Ideas Premium subscribers.

Suggested Entry and Exit Signals

Trade Ideas Artificial Intelligence engine called AI-Holly provides subscribers with suggested Trade entry and exit signals that are statistically weighted. The entry signals are evaluated based on AI algorithms analyzing price history and patterns concluding the entry signals with the highest chance of success. The AI has beaten the S&P 500 performance for many years.

Here is a picture of the evaluation process Holly uses: (source

  • Included in Trade Ideas Standard: No
  • Included in Trade Ideas Premium: Yes

Chart Based AI Trade Assistance

All A.I.-based trades are visualized on the integrated charts, including the price target and stop loss levels.

Risk Assessment

Three different AI engines are integrated, where the AI windows give a detailed and clear insight into the P&P the AI generates. The windows shows the P&L on the used AI Risk mode.

Risk modes:

  • Aggressive Mode
  • Moderate Mode
  • Conservative Mode

The modes differ in the way how the profit targets, price, and time-based exists are used.

  • Included in Trade Ideas Standard: No
  • Included in Trade Ideas Premium: Yes

8. Build and Backtest any Trade Idea Using the OddsMaker

The Trade Ideas backtest engine is called OddsMaker and backtests trading strategies quickly and easily without any coding. The OddsMaker backtests trading strategies created by using the Trade Ideas alert and filters and can test the buy and sell-side.

Users can adjust time, trade entries and exist with a mouse click. The backtesting engine is fast and provides investors with metrics about:

  • Profit factor
  • Total trades
  • Average winners/losers
  • Strategy return
  • Projected annual return
  • Buying power requirements
  • Starting equity

In addition, users can set variables for commissions, slippage estimates and switch between dollar-based and number of share-based trades.

The OddsMaker unfolds its full power by using the additional functionalities included in the feature. The results can be displayed with a calendar view and the results per day, it is possible to export every single trade as CSV file including entry prices, the P&L and more. In addition, it is possible to visualize in what stock price range, what time of day or for what type of stock symbols a strategy works best.

  • Included in Trade Ideas Standard: No
  • Included in Trade Ideas Premium: Yes

9. Autotrade w/ Brokerage Plus and AI.

The brokerage plus module connects the Trade Ideas platform with the brokerage platform acting as a control center for all orders and positions. Users can place their orders within Trade Ideas, and orders get executed using the integrated API.

Users can use features like one-click trading or order entry from scanners and charts. Something unique is the automated trading functionality where personally developed strategies but also the artificial intelligence based strategies can be executed.

Users can also use the autotrade feature together with the real-time simulated trading, which makes it possible to test automated strategies in real-time.

The supported brokerages currently are the discount direct-access broker Interactive Brokers and the commission-free brokerage E*Trade. In addition, TD Ameritrade will be supported soon.

  • Included in Trade Ideas Standard: No
  • Included in Trade Ideas Premium: Yes

10. Trade Ideas Discounts

A 15% discount is available all year long for new subscribers. Sometimes Trade Ideas increases the discount (e.g. Black Friday Sales). The discount only applies to the first subscription period. That means that those who subscribe to the annual plan get the discount for the first annual payment. Those who subscribe to the monthly plan get a discount for the first monthly payment. A list of all available offers can be found on the Trade Ideas coupon code page.

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